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Can You Eat Scones for Breakfast? (Or Are They a Dessert?)

Can You Eat Scones for Breakfast? (Or Are They a Dessert?)

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It’s pretty common for people to eat scones when they’re enjoying tea, and they’ve also become rather common snacks that are enjoyed alongside coffee.

With that being said, is it normal for people to eat scones for breakfast? Or, are they not meant to be enjoyed in this way?

Keep reading to find out whether you can work them into your morning meal rotation.

Are Scones Good for Breakfast?

You can choose to eat scones for breakfast if you want to. It’s not too uncommon for people to eat these pastries for breakfast.

Many coffee shops and bakeries sell them. It’s typical for people to buy coffee in the morning and get a scone to eat as breakfast.

It’s easy to eat a scone quickly and they don’t cost a lot of money. Perhaps most importantly, they go very well with a morning cup of coffee.

However, it should be noted that scones aren’t specifically considered to be a type of breakfast food. They’re more of a treat that people like to eat when drinking tea or coffee.

The traditional way to enjoy them involves drinking tea. It’s common for people to enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon while eating them.

In recent times, it’s become more common for people to eat scones as a breakfast food. Technically, you can eat anything you want for breakfast.

There isn’t anyone stopping you from eating certain things in the morning and calling it breakfast. The same can be said for scones.

Scones Should Be Enjoyed in Moderation

Remember that scones should be enjoyed in moderation. While scones are certainly delicious, they’re also not healthy.

You see, scones contain saturated fat and they’re high in calories. If you eat too many of them, it’s not going to be good for your overall health.

This doesn’t mean that you need to shy away from eating scones. It simply means that you need to exercise caution.

Eating them for breakfast every single morning isn’t likely a good idea. If you eat them every day, it might cause you to gain weight.

Therefore, it’s likely better to eat scones for breakfast occasionally. It’s fine to eat one alongside your morning coffee sometimes, but you shouldn’t eat them all the time.

What to Serve with Scones for Breakfast

If you want to enjoy them for breakfast, you might not want to eat them plain. What can you serve with scones for breakfast to make them even better?

There are actually quite a few options to consider. Continue reading to learn about some popular options that people like to serve with scones.


Jam is one of the most traditional scone toppings that you’ll find. You can easily put some jam on top of your scone to make it even more delectable.

Whether you’re eating them for breakfast or not, it’ll likely be even more enjoyable if you have jam. Don’t be afraid to use whatever your favorite flavor of jam is.


Honey is another fantastic option that is worth your consideration. Slathering a bit of honey on the scone will make it tastier.

It’s easy to drizzle a bit of honey on your scone in the morning. You won’t have to go to much effort if you have a bit of honey that you can use.

Whipped Cream

Of course, whipped cream is going to taste great when paired with scones. There are a few different ways you can use whipped cream.

You could top the scone with whipped cream and eat it with a fork. Some prefer to have whipped cream on the side and dip bites of the scone into the cream.


Butter is a common thing to put on top of scones. You can spread butter onto it to make it moist and delicious.

If you don’t want to use normal butter, you can also turn to alternatives. For example, you can use margarine or vegan butter depending on your preference.


Chocolate is going to taste amazing when paired with scones. There are a few ways you can enjoy chocolate with scones, too.

You could use melted chocolate and slather it on the scone. It’s also possible to use chocolate chips as a topping.


Various types of fruit will go well with scones. You might want to eat berries such as strawberries or blueberries alongside the scones.

Some people like to cut up bananas and eat them with the scones. Whatever your favorite fruit is, it should go well with them.


Eggs can be excellent when eaten alongside scones for breakfast. You might want to make some delicious scrambled eggs to eat for breakfast.

It’d also be fine to pair scones with an omelet. It should make your breakfast much more filling.


Fish could be very good as well. Smoked salmon is a popular choice that works well with scones.

Other types of smoked meats could work fine, too. The advantage of smoked salmon is that it works nicely with either sweet or savory scones.

Tomatoes and Mushrooms

Tomatoes and mushrooms might sound like a weird choice at first. However, sauteing them and eating them on the side will yield great results.

This is a solid choice when you’re looking to make your breakfast more balanced. If you love mushrooms and tomatoes, you should give this a shot.

Final Thoughts

Now you have some good ideas about what to serve with scones for breakfast. Scones can indeed be eaten for breakfast, but it might not be the healthiest choice.

Scones will be tasty and easy to eat for breakfast, though. You just need to remember to enjoy them in moderation to keep yourself safe.

If you wish to eat scones for breakfast occasionally, it might be wise to serve other things on the side. Smoked salmon, eggs, and sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes will make for a fantastic meal.

Top the scones with things such as honey, fruit, or whipped cream. You can even use melted chocolate or chocolate chips if you’re not concerned about calories.

Just be careful not to go overboard when eating scones. They’re so tasty that it’d be easy to eat a bit more than you should.

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