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Wondering What to Serve With Scones? Here Are 16 Delicious Ideas!

Wondering What to Serve With Scones? Here Are 16 Delicious Ideas!

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Whether scones are your all-time favorite snacks or a new addition to your menu, knowing what to serve with scones can surely spice things up. It’s easy to become quickly bored with classic plain scones, and we’re here to solve that issue.

In this guide, we’ll list the tastiest food items that you can have with your scones whether you like them sweet or savory.

So, let the fun begin!

8 Foods to Serve With Sweet Scones

For many people, scones can satisfy cravings for something sweet but not too sugary like chocolate, muffins, or cake. If you belong to this group, you’ll find out that the balanced sweetness of scones can be complemented by a wide assortment of foods.

The following list includes eight foods that bring out the slightly sugary flavor in scones without being overwhelming. Sounds yummy!

1 – Jam or Honey

Fresh Berry Jam

Without a doubt, jam is your go-to option for a fulfilling breakfast where scones and a mug of coffee are the lead actors.

Instead of eating your scones dry and washing them down with tea or coffee, why not spread some strawberry, mango, or peach jam over them for an extra kick of sweetness?

You can also serve honey or curd in small bowls next to your jam and take turns spreading each one on your scones. What a perfect way to start your day!

Besides breakfast, serving jam with scones works for afternoon tea, which is how many people across the U.K. and Europe prefer to take their scones.

2 – Whipped Cream and Diced Fruits

Another delicious combo that you can serve with scones is whipped cream and diced fruits. Spread your fruit slices on top of your scones, and then top them off with whipped cream for the ultimate dessert.

You may also want to try each food item separately if you don’t like things too sweet, or switch back and forth. It’s your call!

The best fruit options to try with scones and whipped cream include blueberries, strawberries, peaches, grapefruit, apples, etc. Whatever type of fruit you can get your hands on, it’s always worth trying with a scone.

3 – Chocolate Chips, Spread, or Ganache

You knew this one was coming, right? Chocolate simply makes everything better, whether you use chocolate spread on toast or chocolate chips in cookies. The same applies to scones, and there are many ways that you can add chocolate to them to enhance their taste.

For example, just like you would a jelly or jam, you could drizzle some chocolate spread or chocolate ganache on your scones and munch on them until your taste buds are satisfied!

Or, you may want to try grating your favorite chocolate bar over your scones.

Some people include chocolate chips or cocoa powder into their scone recipes, which you can always give a shot if you’ll be making scones from scratch.

4 – Lemon Curd

Jar Of Lemon Curd

Want to add some zesty flavor to your scone-eating experience and take a little break from all the sweetness that chocolate or jelly can give you? Well, lemon curd is here to offer you just that!

You can get the store-bought variety or make lemon curd at home, which is far superior if you ask us. Chances are, you already have its five main ingredients at home, and those are lemons, sugar, butter, egg yolks, and salt.

The rest should be a piece of cake!

5 – Butter

If you like the mild sweet taste of scones and want to pair them with something that won’t make them too sugary when served with tea, your best shot is to spread butter over them.

Since scones already have a subtle buttery flavor, adding unsalted butter on top of them will bring out their creamy taste even further. To spice things up a notch, you can drizzle some jelly over the buttered scone.

6 – Clotted Cream

As the name suggests, clotted cream is surely high in fat and calories, but its thick consistency and full-bodied flavor make it one of the best guilty-pleasure foods to serve with scones!

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of clotted cream, imagine a crossbreed between butter and whipped cream.

Thankfully, it’s a breeze to prepare clotted cream at home to enjoy its richness whenever you like. Simply, you’ll have to heat full-cream cow’s milk in a water bath until its cream separates and rises to the top of the pot, creating a thick layer.

A lot of people prefer spreading clotted cream over scones solo, while others like to pair it with jam or honey. We highly suggest you try both scenarios, because, why not?

7 – Powdered Sugar

Powdered Sugar On Apple Pie Scones

Leading a minimalist lifestyle? Well, you’ll likely not be wowed by all the relatively fancy scone toppings like chocolate or whipped cream.

Powdered sugar might just be the perfect thing to serve with your scones because of its simplicity and subtle sugary taste that’s by no means overpowering.

All you’ll have to do is grab a packet of powdered sugar and pour it over your warm scones through a sieve to end up with a fine dusting of sugar particles. That’s just incredibly yummy without too much effort!

8 – Cake Icings or Glazes

Don’t underestimate the delicious taste of different cake icings and glazes combined with your pretty little scones. If you have some leftover strawberry, vanilla, or buttercream icing, grab your butter knife and spread some over your scones for an unforgettable dessert.

Even if you don’t already have icing within reach, it’s worth making from scratch to pair it with scones.

8 Foods to Serve With Savory Scones

Scones taste wonderful as a savory treat, making them a suitable appetizer or just something to munch on while reading a book or watching your favorite Netflix show.

If you’re wondering what to serve with salty scones, here are eight picks that will enhance their flavor to unimaginable heights!

1 – Cheese and Scrambled Eggs

Making Scrambled Eggs

There’s no doubt that scrambled eggs and cheese are two staple breakfast foods, often paired with bagels or toast. But if you haven’t tried those with scones, you’re definitely missing out!

The slightly buttery taste in scones perfectly suits the cheese and scrambled eggs combo. Better still, you’ll have countless types of cheese to try here, ranging from mild and creamy to zesty and edgy.

Some cheeses to serve with scrambled eggs on top of scones include swiss, parmesan, mozzarella, and, of course, cheddar.

2 – Herbed Butter

Want a scone equivalent of garlic bread where you get to control the herbs that you add? Well, herbed butter on scones should fit that role seamlessly, giving you a new idea for an appetizer that’s hard to resist.

To prepare herbed butter, simply let a generous amount of butter melt over low heat. Then, add your favorite herbs and spices to the melted butter and let it solidify before using it as a spread over your scones.

Here, you’re free to use anything from oregano and thyme to cilantro, rosemary, dill, and parsley. For the ultimate appetizer, why not add some minced garlic to the mix, too?

3 – Cured Meats

Cured meats are an instant go-to addition to your scones for brunch or a late-night snack. The smoky and salty flavor combined with the delicious crumbliness of your scones is a mix that you must try.

To step up your foodie game, consider adding cheese to the equation, serving it with salami, pastrami, or pepperoni on top of your scones. Just. Yum!

4 – Smoked Salmon

Scones also taste awesome with smoked salmon, just like they do with cured meats. They can make for a delicious brunch, appetizer, or snack.

You may serve salmon alone or top it off with lemon sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, sour cream, or cream cheese and jalapenos. Black pepper, onions, radishes, or lemon slices work here, too, transforming a simple scone into a delicious meal for lunch.

5 – Mashed Potatoes

Bowl Of Mashed Potatoes

You know that mashed potatoes work with almost anything, right? Just like you’d serve them with chicken, beef, fish, and other vegetables, they can upgrade your scone game, too.

Better still, one of the coolest things about mashed potatoes is that this side dish is highly customizable. You can serve it plain with just a pinch of salt and pepper, or add herbs, garlic, and green onions to it, then eat it with your scones.

We promise that, soon, scones and mashed potatoes will turn into a healthy addiction!

6 – Guacamole

Guacamole is another dip that you have to try with scones, especially if you have fresh avocados and are ready to prepare it at home.

What’s so fascinating about guacamole is that there are countless variations out there to match your specific taste. You can choose from classic guacamole, grilled guacamole with basil and parmesan, guacamole hummus, and so many more!

Just take a look in your pantry or refrigerator, and you’re bound to find a few foods that you can use to give your guacamole a little twist.

7 – Steamed Vegetables

People who pursue a healthier diet won’t be very excited about mashed potatoes or cheese with scones, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy those delicious treats their own way. If this applies to you, why don’t you try to serve steamed vegetables with scones?

You don’t even have to stick to classic scones if you’re conscious about your calorie count. Simply, pick a low-fat scone recipe to take your fat intake down several notches.

This, paired with your veggies, makes for a tasty as well as a healthy snack to add to your weekly menu.

As for the vegetables you can steam, you’ve got broccoli, green beans, zucchini, carrots, cauliflower, artichokes, and asparagus.

8 – Sautéed Mushrooms

Sauteing Sliced Mushrooms In A Skillet

Mushrooms don’t just belong in an alfredo pasta or beef stroganoff. They have a suitable place on top of your savory scones as a sautéed variety, offering you a yummy snack or brunch that’s high in fiber and vitamins and low in calories.

Even better, sautéed mushrooms can be prepared with a wide variety of spices to add a flavorful twist to your side dish. For example, you can add anything from garlic, thyme, and olive oil to soy sauce and vinegar.

There’s simply a recipe out there for every craving that you have, and wouldn’t it be fun to try them all with your mouthwatering scones?

What Do You Eat With Cheese Scones? Our Top Picks

One of the most delectable scone recipes out there, cheese scones are a must-try for every hardcore scone lover. Sure, they’re a bit high in calorie count, but you can always indulge in them every now and then without feeling guilty!

If you’d rather not, you may want to try a low-calorie cheese scone recipe instead.

Either way, when it’s time to dig in, it’s important to know what to eat with cheese scones, right? Well, here are our top recommendations for a hard-to-beat appetizer:

  • Salads: Caesar salad, leafy greens salad, Greek salad, etc.
  • Soups: French onion soup, tomato soup, creamy mushroom soup, etc.
  • Tomato or onion chutney
  • Sun-dried tomatoes with your favorite assortment of herbs
  • Caramelized onions
  • Sweet chili sauce or guacamole
  • Butter
  • Steamed veggies and mushrooms
  • Cold-cut meats

Final Thoughts

Knowing what to serve with scones ensures you make the most of plain sweet or savory scones.

Earlier, we listed our favorite 16 options that you can give a try. Yet, there’s always room for creativity with scones, so you can use your imagination to come up with more ideas!

Some of the best foods to pair with scones include chocolate, fresh fruits, whipped cream, and your classic jams. You can also go for honey, clotted cream, lemon curd, or butter.

If you’re all about savory scones, you might as well serve them with cheese, guacamole, salmon, or steamed veggies. Cured meats and mashed potatoes are perfect candidates here, too, especially if you’re aiming for a comfort-food-type meal.

With so many ideas up your sleeve, your taste buds will surely be satisfied by the end of the day!

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