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Can You Indulge in Classic Scones if You’re Vegan?

Can You Indulge in Classic Scones if You’re Vegan?

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It’s always great to have a delicious and moist scone as a treat. Even if these pastries aren’t super healthy, they’re very enjoyable.

If you’ve become a vegan recently, you might be wondering if you can still enjoy these delicious treats. Are scones vegan, or do you need to alter a recipe to make them work with your diet?

Let’s jump in!

Traditional Scones Aren’t Vegan

The traditional scone recipes that you’ll find aren’t vegan in any way. It’s normal to use dairy products when making them.

So the scones that you likely had growing up weren’t vegan. They probably contained milk and butter.

Milk and butter are both important ingredients for scones. Without milk and butter, they would turn out quite a bit different.

If you know much about vegan cooking, you know that there are substitute options. Later, you’ll learn more about making vegan scones.

For now, you should know that standard scones aren’t vegan. If you want a vegan version, you’ll have to use a modified recipe that is specifically meant for vegans.

Do Scones Have Dairy?

Normal scones do indeed contain dairy. It’s typical for them to use milk and butter as ingredients.

Of course, there are many different recipes out there, and not all recipes are going to be the same.

Even so, it’s common for scones to contain dairy. Unless you look up vegan recipes, you’re likely not going to find scones that are vegan.

You should think of any scone recipe that doesn’t contain the word vegan to be unusable if you’re on a strict vegan diet. It’s very likely that they’ll contain some sort of dairy product.

Do Potato Scones Contain Dairy?

Potato scones may or may not contain dairy. It depends on the type of scone that you’re buying.

Some companies make potato scones that are meant for vegans. However, there are also potato scones out there that contain dairy.

So you’ll need to look at the specific ingredients that are being used for each product. Otherwise, you might accidentally consume dairy products.

It’s always best to look at the ingredients before eating something when you’re a vegan. You need to confirm what was used to make the scones before moving forward.

Potato scones are rather tasty and it’s good to know that you can make them without using dairy. You just need to find an appropriate recipe and go from there.

How to Make Vegan Scones

Making vegan scones is all about finding the right ingredients. You need to use ingredients that are okay for you to consume as a vegan.

This means you won’t be using dairy milk or normal butter. There are a number of different vegan scone recipes out there that you can follow.

Generally, you’re going to be using soy milk and vegan butter to replace the dairy ingredients that you’d find in other recipes. This should allow you to make satisfying scones that will be safe for vegans to eat.

You can make vegan scones with ingredients such as vegan butter, soy milk, caster sugar, fine sea salt, baking powder, self-raising flour, vanilla extract, and lemon juice. Some might want to utilize maple syrup and jam as well.

There are many variations of vegan scone recipes that you can try out. Depending on your preferences, you might want to look for a specific vegan scone recipe that uses flavors that you enjoy.

Vegan Scones Are Very Tasty

If you’re worried about vegan scones being lacking in some way, you shouldn’t be. Vegan scones taste just as good as standard scones.

You can enjoy vegan scones in the same way that you enjoy the traditional scones that you grew up with. Whether you’re vegan or not, they’ll still taste delicious.

Many people like eating vegan scones when they’re trying to cut dairy out of their diets. People who are lactose intolerant will likely find them to be very pleasing.

It’s easy to eat these delicious scones while drinking a nice cup of tea. Some like to enjoy eating them in the morning with coffee, too.

They’re tasty, a bit flaky, and they go well with various toppings. You can put various types of jam or jelly on them if you want to.

Don’t think of vegan scones as a thing that limits you. You have the same potential to make scones that are incredibly tasty even when adhering to vegan principles.

Don’t Eat Too Much at Once

Be sure not to go overboard when eating your vegan scones. As tasty as they are, they aren’t the healthiest food to eat.

Even vegan scones are high in calories. They also contain saturated fat, and this means that it’s best to eat them in moderation.

Enjoying scones is perfectly fine, but you need to make sure that you’re only eating a few of them. It’s also not likely a good idea to eat scones all the time.

Make scones more of an occasional treat rather than something you eat every single day. If you do eat them often, just be mindful and try to enjoy them in moderation.

How to Store Scones

Scones aren’t going to stay good forever. When you make them, you might sometimes make more than you’ll want to eat in one sitting.

This is normal, but you need to be sure to store them right if you want to eat them while they’re still fresh. If you store the scones wrong, they’ll dry out and go stale rather fast.

To get the best results, you should store them in by wrapping them in foil or plastic. Or you can put them in an airtight plastic container or a sealed plastic bag.

Scones should always be stored at room temperature. This is important because they’ll go bad faster if it’s too hot.

Ideally, you should put your scones in your pantry cupboard or a breadbox. If you do this, they should stay good for one or two days if wrapped or put in an airtight container.

You will need to make an effort to eat them before they go bad. Since they only stay good for a few days, it’s not wise to make huge batches if you’re the only person eating them.

Final Thoughts

You should have a much better understanding of how to make vegan scones now. Scones aren’t traditionally vegan, but you can make vegan versions by following appropriate recipes.

Traditionally, scones utilize ingredients such as milk and butter. You’ll need to use non-dairy replacement ingredients to make them vegan.

Commonly, people utilize ingredients such as soy milk and vegan butter when making vegan scones. If you love scones, you can still enjoy them even if you’ve started adhering to a vegan diet.

Making delicious scones isn’t difficult, but you will want to approach things the right way. Do your best to follow whatever recipe you choose to follow closely.

Remember not to make too many at once. These pastries only stay good for a few days, and they won’t even last that long unless you store them properly.

It’s wise not to eat scones too often either. They contain too many calories to be something you should eat casually.

Enjoy them in moderation and be sure to share them with others.

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