Cool Whip has long been a favorite topping for desserts. It is light and fluffy and just sweet enough to add flavor. The problem with Cool Whip is that it doesn’t always last after it has been added. When you make frosting, it needs to be able to sit out at room temperature and last.

If you want to use Cool Whip to make frosting and make it thick enough to last, you can do this. There are different ways to stabilize it, and the way you choose will depend on what texture and taste you are trying to achieve. Take a look at how versatile Cool Whip frosting is and how to make it thicker.

How to Flavor Your Cool Whip Frosting

Cool Whip has a light and sweet taste. Most people find it delicious on its own, but you can add flavor to create the perfect complement for your cake. Cool Whip goes well with a number of flavors, including vanilla, cocoa, strawberry, lemon, cinnamon, and so much more.

You can add various spices or fruits to your Cool Whip to mix it up. The problem is that you will still need to thicken it if you want to put it on your cake and serve it at room temperature.

Why Is it Important to Make Cool Whip Thicker?

Cool Whip is light and fluffy, and it doesn’t hold its shape well at room temperature. You do not normally store your cake in the refrigerator, so it will drip and droop all over the cake. Part of presenting a delicious cake is having it look the part, and the consistency of the frosting goes a long way toward making the cake look good.

If the frosting is too soft, it makes the cake look droopy. When you add an ingredient to stabilize it, the consistency is just right, and you can alter the flavor to get exactly the taste you need to go with your cake. Whether you want it to be extra sweet or tangy, any of the following choices will work to thicken your Cool Whip.

How to Make Cool Whip Frosting Thicker

1 – Add Cream Cheese to Cool Whip

You can add cream cheese to your Cool Whip to make it thicker and stabilize it. It will change the taste of your frosting by adding a creamy, tangy flavor. If you are trying to move away from a sweet sugary taste, this is a really great option.

You can stir together the cream cheese and the Cool Whip, and you can add vanilla extract, sugar, and powdered vanilla pudding for a flavorful and thicker frosting. It will be delicious, and you can use it to frost your cake. It will hold up and taste delicious.

2 – Add Cream of Tartar to Cool Whip

Another option is to add cream of tartar to your Cool Whip. It has small grains in it that help to stabilize the frosting. These little grains encourage the forming of large air bubbles that help frosting to become thick and creamy. You need to watch how much you use because it can make the Cool Whip frosting become acidic.

3 – Add Powdered Sugar and Cornstarch to Cool Whip

Not only will adding powdered sugar and cornstarch to your Cool Whip make your frosting thicker, but it will also make it sweeter. If you don’t want all the sweetness, you can use cornstarch alone.

Powdered sugar actually has cornstarch in it, which is why it works as a stabilizer. You can use as little as a tablespoon or two of cornstarch to thicken your Cool Whip, and this is definitely the easiest way to thicken your Cool Whip.

4 – Add Powdered Pudding to Cool Whip

You can also add instant pudding alone to your Cool Whip, and it will thicken it. You can choose an unflavored variety, or you can select vanilla or another kind. Powdered pudding will also add thickness to the Cool Whip and stabilize it so that it will last at room temperature.

Final Thoughts

Cool Whip is a favorite for many people, and its sweet lightness is delicious as frosting on a cake. Once you select a stabilizing agent to mix with it, Cool Whip will have the consistency you need so that you can frost your cake.

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