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DIY Galaxy Frosting Recipe

DIY Galaxy Frosting Recipe

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Have you seen all of the super cool galaxy frosted or glazed treats on Pinterest and wondered how they do that? We used our Buttercream Frosting Recipe to try making our own and I gotta say, it turned out pretty cool!

Diy Galaxy Frosting Recipe

Once you have your frosting made, color the frosting with Wilton Icing Colors or a similar product. These gel colors mix really nicely into the frosting.

For our galaxy frosting, we separated the frosting into four bowls to make four different colors – black, blue, pink, and purple. We would suggest making the batch of black frosting smaller than the brighter colors.

Put a small amount of color into each bowl of frosting and stir it in until you get your desired color. Start with a very small amount of color and add more if needed. It doesn’t take much.

When you have your four frosting colors mixed, start filling the piping bag by taking heaping teaspoons of one color at a time, making sure that the colors are mixed in side by side, not just one on top of the other.

Don’t have piping bags? Learn about alternative piping methods.

Twist the end of the bag and squeeze the frosting down towards the tip. Pipe to your desired style and voila! Galaxy frosting! Top with colored sugar or stars for the finishing touch.

In our next recipe, we’re going to create another unique treat – Halloween truffles.

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