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Why Is Fudge So Expensive? (Factors That Affect the Cost)

Why Is Fudge So Expensive? (Factors That Affect the Cost)

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Fudge is something that a lot of people are enthusiastic about. It’s a dessert that you might enjoy having from time to time, but some people adore it so much that they love trying out many different kinds.

Whether you’re a fudge fanatic or if you’re just a casual fan of it, it’s easy to see why it’s so appealing. You might not be able to buy it all the time simply because of how expensive it can be, though.

As far as snacks and desserts go, fudge is usually on the costlier side of the fence. Why is fudge so expensive, though?

Examine the information below to get a better idea of why this delicious treat costs a lot of money sometimes. It might help you to appreciate it more while also understanding why it can’t be sold at a super low price in most instances.

The Cost of Fudge Depends on the Quality

Flavored Fudge

The first thing to understand is that not all fudge is going to cost the same amount of money. Some fudge is going to be significantly more expensive because it’s of particularly high quality.

When you go out to buy fudge, it’s going to cost more money if it’s from a well-known baker who serves great fudge. You’ll often find high-quality fudge in tourist towns and big cities with popular bakeries.

Fudge that uses the best ingredients will also be a bit more expensive because the bakers need to recuperate some of the cost that goes into making it. Different fudge makers might choose to import special types of chocolate or other ingredients that will make the fudge special.

Generally speaking, fudge is going to cost between $1 and $2 per ounce. That price can vary a bit, but that’s a good average figure for the price of it.

You’ll often find people buying fudge by the pound, though. At the low end, you might be able to buy a pound of it for $7, but some fudge will cost as much as $20 per pound.

The quality of the fudge is going to play a big role in determining how much someone can charge for it. If someone has the best fudge in town, then they’re going to be able to get more money for their fudge.

Fudge Sometimes Becomes a Tourist Attraction

Shopping In A Tourist Area

As briefly touched upon earlier, you’ll find fudge in many tourist towns in the United States. There are certain locations that are well-known for producing some of the best fudge in the world.

People will travel to these fun little towns and they often go there with the express purpose of buying fudge. Since the fudge is helping to attract people to the area, it makes sense that it’s going to cost some cash to try it out.

In popular tourist towns such as Mackinac Island, MI, you’re going to find delicious fudge that is also a bit pricey. You’ll also find great fudge in places such as Gettysburg and Niagara Falls.

It’s not unusual for towns like this to charge a premium for their fudge because of how renowned it is. Don’t expect to pay bottom dollar for it when you travel to a location that is known for producing top-notch fudge.

Special Flavors Might Cost More Money

Various Flavors Of Fudge

It’s also understandable that special fudge is going to cost more money than standard fudge. If you just want to buy some normal chocolate fudge or vanilla fudge, then you’ll be able to get some at a lower price.

However, the premium fudge that has special toppings or has candy in it will cost a lot more. Sometimes special fudge like this can cost as much as 50% more than standard fudge, but it depends on the company that’s selling it.

You’ll be able to find some companies selling special types of fudge at only a slight markup. Others will charge a lot more for more complicated types of fudge with special ingredients.

It’s really common to find special types of fudge that contain various nuts. You might find expensive types that contain walnuts.

Even people who can’t consume sugar might be able to find an option that will work for them. Some companies make fudge made with sugar-free chocolate, and this is good for people who need to eat low sugar diets for health reasons.

Online Fudge Might Cost More

Shopping Online

Finally, you should know that fudge might cost a bit more online due to the cost of having to ship it out to you. Many of the popular fudge brands sell their products online now through popular online marketplaces.

You’re generally going to find that fudge will cost $14 per pound at a minimum on the most popular websites where fudge is sold. Some of the fudge that you’ll find will be a lot pricier than that, too.

Usually, only the best fudge-makers will want to try to sell their fudge online. If your fudge isn’t particularly great, then no one is going to want to bother to order from you.

This means that these respected fudge-makers are able to charge a premium for their fudge online. You should expect to pay a fair bit of money to buy it if you’re planning to purchase it online.

Final Thoughts

The topic of fudge cost is a bit more complex than you might have thought. It has to do with the quality of the fudge, where you’re purchasing it, and the ingredients that are being used to make it.

If you go to a place that is well-known for its fudge, then it’s likely going to be a bit on the expensive side. Regardless, it’s likely going to be worth it to buy some and try it out if you consider yourself to be a fudge aficionado.

If you wish to have some fudge without having to break the bank, then it might be best to learn how to make it yourself. There are many great fudge recipes online that you could try out.

Making fudge can be a bit complex in some ways, but you will get better at it if you choose to practice. Enjoy some delicious fudge with your family sometime soon whether you’re buying some from a local expert or if you’re going to try your hand at making some yourself.

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