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What to Eat with Artichoke (10 Delicious Pairings)

What to Eat with Artichoke (10 Delicious Pairings)

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Artichokes aren’t necessarily the most common or popular things to eat, but many people do like them a lot. If you’ve purchased some recently, you might be wondering what types of food you can pair them with.

You actually have more options than you might think that will work out well. Keep reading to learn about what to eat with artichokes so that you can have a good dining experience.

1 – Various Dipping Sauces

Artichokes Go Great With A Dipping Sauce

One of the most popular ways to eat artichokes is to dip artichoke petals in dipping sauces. There are many different flavorful dipping sauces that you will want to try out.

Honey-mustard sauce is certainly one of the go-to choices for many artichoke lovers. It seems to taste perfect with fresh artichokes, and it can make for a very good snack when you’re in the mood to munch on something.

A simple butter and garlic dipping sauce can also be delicious when paired with artichokes. Honestly, any dip that you find to be tasty should work pretty well with them.

2 – Make Artichoke Into Part of a Dip

Artichoke Dip

Of course, lots of people use artichoke as an ingredient in dipping sauces as well. You could make a scrumptious dipping sauce using artichokes along with ingredients such as spinach, cream cheese, sour cream, and Parmesan cheese.

This is a great type of dip that will go well with various types of bread. If you’re looking for a good treat, try making a dip with those ingredients and then eating it with flatbread.

3 – Using Artichokes in Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Have you ever considered using artichokes to make your grilled cheese sandwiches even tastier than usual? Many people are adding artichoke hearts to grilled cheese sandwiches to give them more flavor.

It turns a grilled cheese sandwich into something a bit more substantial than usual. If you like the idea of adding more flavor complexity to a grilled cheese sandwich, then is something that you should try.

4 – Artichokes as Pizza Toppings

Artichokes Go Great On Pizzas

If you’re the type of person who likes to use vegetables as pizza toppings, you should try artichokes. Artichokes go very well on pizzas, and you just might discover that it’s one of your new favorites.

Artichokes can balance out the meat on your pizza to create a better pizza pie. If you’re trying to avoid eating meat, you’ll get plenty of flavor from the artichokes even if it’s the only topping on the pie.

5 – Creamy Sauces

Artichokes Go Well In Pasta Sauces

Sometimes you might want to eat artichoke as a meal along with some type of sauce. Artichokes pair very well with creamy sauces and cheese.

If you want to make a good lunch or dinner with artichokes as the main ingredient, use your favorite cream sauce with feta cheese. You can bake artichokes in the oven and stuff them with garlic, parsley, and feta cheese.

Serving the stuffed artichokes with a nice cream sauce will definitely be a tasty treat. It’s not a hard meal to make, and it’s certainly going to be a hit.

6 – Lamb

Artichokes Are Commonly Used With Lamb

Those who want a good meat to pair with artichoke hearts should consider using lamb. Artichokes actually taste great when paired with lamb, and you can prepare the lamb in many ways.

Simply serving steamed or baked lamb along with artichoke hearts should make for a very satisfying meal. The sweetness and saltiness of the lamb is a perfect fit to use with artichokes.

7 – Chicken

Artichokes Pair Well With Chicken

Chicken is another standard type of meat that you can add some pizzazz to by using artichoke hearts. The next time you decide to make baked chicken, it’s going to be good to try pairing it with artichoke hearts to see how you like it.

A little bit of garlic seasoning and some properly steamed artichoke hearts will go perfectly with chicken dishes. It’ll give you the protein that you need, and it’ll be incredibly tasty as well.

8 – Eggs

Artichokes Go Well With Eggs

Eggs are pretty good when served alongside steamed artichoke hearts. You can actually use artichoke hearts with most animal proteins and it’s going to taste really great.

Some people choose to add artichoke hearts to a scrambled egg mix to make a tasty dish that you can serve in a bowl. Others will simply serve artichoke hearts on the side with fried eggs.

Whichever choice you decide to make should be good. It’s just nice to know that artichokes can go very well with such a staple breakfast food.

9 – Mushrooms

One of the most popular ways to eat artichokes is alongside mushrooms. Many artichoke enthusiasts choose to cook artichokes and mushrooms together in a pan along with garlic, vegetable oil, and parsley.

It makes one of the tastiest snacks that you can enjoy as an artichoke fan. The mushrooms and artichokes seem to bring out the best in each other, and this is one you need to try if you haven’t already.

10 – Shellfish

Artichokes Go Well With Shellfish

There are some more outside the box ideas that you might not consider immediately. For example, shellfish can be incredible when paired with artichokes.

You might not have thought to use something like shellfish along with artichokes, but they do a good job of hiding the bitter side of artichokes. It makes the sweetness better and it’s a truly unique type of meal that many people will love.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Don’t be afraid to experiment with other types of foods when you’re using artichokes. You might be surprised by just how many great dishes you can create using artichokes as an ingredient.

It’s also very easy to serve steamed artichoke hearts alongside various meals that you would want to eat with some type of vegetable. The advice above is all very good if you’re looking for ideas, but that doesn’t mean that the information above needs to be followed to a tee.

You can think outside the box and choose to pair artichokes with other types of food to see how you like it. You just might wind up finding a new meal idea that will become a part of the regular rotation in your household.

Try out your favorite ideas from the choices above to see just how amazing artichokes can be. It’s a versatile food that works well with more things than most people realize.

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