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What to Do with Leftover Whipped Cream (8 Tasty Ideas)

What to Do with Leftover Whipped Cream (8 Tasty Ideas)

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Whipped cream is so tasty, and you probably make it fairly often to use in certain desserts. It’s good to be able to make your own whipped cream that will turn out deliciously instead of having to buy the store-bought stuff.

Sometimes you might make a little bit too much, though. If you wound up making more whipped cream than you can use at once, what are you going to do with all of the leftovers?

You definitely don’t want to throw it out since you know how tasty it is. You’re also not going to want to eat it by itself because that just wouldn’t be ideal.

Read on to learn what to do with leftover whipped cream. This should give you some strong ideas that you can use to ensure that all of the leftovers gets used up.

1 – Use Some of the Whipped Cream to Make Breakfast Special

You Can Use Leftover Whipped Cream On Pancakes

Some of your whipped cream could easily be used to make your breakfast more special than usual. Whipped cream is something that is going to go particularly well with many types of breakfast foods that you enjoy.

For example, you could add some to your pancakes or waffles that you eat in the morning. Whipped cream will also add some pizzazz to your French toast if you like to have that for breakfast.

There are all sorts of options that you could consider if you wish to use up some of your whipped cream during breakfast. Even crepes will taste that much better when you’re able to put a bit on them.

If you like having sweet foods for breakfast, then this might be an ideal use for your leftovers. Make a big breakfast for your family and use up all of the whipped cream that you have left.

2 – Adding Some Whipped Cream to Your Coffee

You Can Use Leftover Whipped Cream On Coffee

If you’re one of the millions of people who needs a hot cup of coffee in the morning, then you might be able to use your whipped cream to make your morning ritual even better. Coffee is going to taste that much more decadent when you put some whipped cream in it.

Many types of coffee will taste absolutely brilliant when you add a little bit of whipped cream. It even has the potential to turn a mundane cup of coffee into something very memorable.

You’ll often find people ordering fancy coffee at large chain stores that utilize whipped cream. It’s not hard at all to do the same thing from home if you have some leftover that you can use.

Making a bit of extra whipped cream now and again just to have it with your coffee might not be a bad idea. If you love coffee, then this might just be the right choice for you to make.

3 – It Tastes Great in Hot Chocolate Too

You Can Use Leftover Whipped Cream On Hot Chocolate

Whipped cream is going to go nicely in hot chocolate as well. If you are someone who enjoys a nice cup of hot chocolate on a cold day, then adding some to it will just make it even more appealing.

When it’s really cold outside, it’s great to be able to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate. The whipped cream really does add something to the overall taste of the hot chocolate.

It complements the hot chocolate perfectly, and it could be a good use for your leftover whipped cream if the season is right. You can certainly enjoy hot chocolate no matter what time of year it is, but most people will be more likely to want it during the winter months.

4 – Chocolate Mousse

You Can Use Leftover Whipped Cream On Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse is a delectable dessert that many consider to be a favorite. One of the coolest things about this dessert is that it doesn’t actually require you to bake anything.

You could make a delicious type of chocolate mousse where you’ll be using leftover whipped cream and folding it into melted chocolate. This is going to turn out amazingly well, and you’ll love the dessert so much that you might want to make it fairly often.

There are a lot of desserts like this that you could use your leftover whipped cream on. If you love chocolate mousse, consider making some so your extra cream won’t go to waste.

5 – Bake a Pie

You Can Use Leftover Whipped Cream On Pie

There are a large number of different pies that taste amazing when you add some whipped cream on top. Many people love to have it on top of pumpkin pies during the holiday season, but it goes well with so many other pies, too.

You could bake a delicious apple pie and place the whipped cream on top of that. It would also be fantastic on a cherry pie or some type of chocolate pie.

With so many different pies that you could choose to bake, it’ll just be up to you to choose a favorite. Pick a pie that you think would go well with whipped cream so that you can use it up.

6 – Use it as an Ice Cream Topping

You Can Use Leftover Whipped Cream On Ice Cream

Ice cream is something that you might enjoy pretty often during the summer months. Many people like to keep ice cream in the freezer during the hottest parts of the year.

It’s true that ice cream is delicious by itself, but it can be that much better when you use toppings. If you want your ice cream to be as tasty as it can be, then it might be good to add a bit of whipped cream to the top of your ice cream bowl.

It’s good to know that whipped cream is going to be tasty on pretty much any type of ice cream. Whether you have vanilla ice cream or some type of ice cream with multiple flavors, your whipped cream will make it even better.

You could even add other toppings that you have around the house. Chocolate syrup and caramel would go nicely with your leftover whipped cream, but you might need to add some minutes to your exercise routine if you go overboard with the toppings.

If you’re not too concerned about calories, then you’ll be very happy with the whipped cream and ice cream combination. You might have to stop yourself from making more to enjoy this taste combination more often.

7 – No-Bake Cheesecakes

You Can Use Leftover Whipped Cream On No Bake Cheesecakes

There are actually quite a few no-bake cheesecake recipes that call for whipped cream. If you’re in the mood for a different dessert, then you might want to give it a shot.

One of the neat things about no-bake cheesecakes is that they’re a lot easier to make than standard cheesecakes. They give you the same type of taste without it being a hassle to throw things together.

You could make a dessert like this very fast so that your family can enjoy a weekend snack. That’s why it’s become a popular dessert option in many households.

Anyone who loves cheesecake and has some leftover whipped cream will find this idea to be appealing. Consider it if you think that it’d be a good treat to enjoy over the weekend.

8 – You Could Freeze it

Maybe you just aren’t in the mood for anything sweet right now and can’t think of what to do with the leftover whipped cream. You don’t have to throw it out when you don’t have any good ideas for what to do with it.

The best course of action to take might be to freeze it. Whipped cream can be frozen so that you can decide what to do with it later.

You’ll just want to place the leftover whipped cream in some type of airtight container. Once you’ve sealed it, you can place it in the freezer for safekeeping.

Your whipped cream will stay good for quite a long time when placed in the freezer like this. If you want to make things easy for yourself, then write the date on the container so that you’ll know when you froze it.

Eventually, you’ll be in the mood for something sweet, and your whipped cream will come in handy. When in doubt, freezing it is the recommended option.

Final Thoughts

Being able to find ways to use your leftover whipped cream is important. No one wants to feel like they’re wasting food, and it’s just too good to waste anyway.

One of the ideas above should work perfectly for you no matter what your tastes are. You have many different ways that you can use your leftovers to the fullest.

Whether you want to make a big breakfast for your family or if you want to use it to complement a special dessert, you’ll love the results. Whipped cream adds flavor to many different dishes, and you might even come up with some unique ideas of your own.

Don’t hesitate to make whipped cream when you feel like having it. If you wind up having some leftover, it’s really not going to be that hard to use it up.

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