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What to Do With Leftover Toffee (9 Toffee-licious Ideas)

What to Do With Leftover Toffee (9 Toffee-licious Ideas)

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As much as I love toffee, I always seem to have an excess of it.

I usually melt it down and use it as a topping, but sometimes I have so much that I end up discarding it for weeks at a time.

Not anymore, though; not since I’ve discovered a ton of tempting toffee recipes to try out!

If you’re not sure what to do with leftover toffee, I’m here to help you out! In this article, I’ve compiled some of the best recipes that make use of leftover toffee.

Spoiler alert: they’re all delicious!

1 – Toffee Pots

Toffee Pot

Let’s start off with Toffee Pots, a super easy recipe that you can do with your kids!

You only need three ingredients: leftover toffee, milk, and cream.

Put the leftover toffee in a pan and add in your milk. For every 200 grams of toffee, pour in 50 milliliters of milk.

Let the toffee and milk simmer on the stove, continuously stirring until the toffee has completely melted.

Remove the toffee-milk mix from the stove and let it cool for five minutes. Then, add in 100 milliliters of double cream and mix thoroughly.

Pour the mixture into individual cups or glasses, and leave it in the fridge for at least four hours before serving.

Top it off with some whipping cream or melted chocolate and voalá—you’ve made yourself some delicious Toffee Pots with leftover toffee!

2 – Toffee Chip Brownies

Toffee Chip Brownies

Make your favorite brownie recipe and mix it with some leftover toffee! Just make sure to chop the toffee into small bits so the toffee is well established in the batter.

You’ll turn your regular chocolate brownies into delectable toffee chip brownies worthy of special occasions.

If you really want to go all out, add in some chocolate chips alongside the toffee chips! It’ll be super sweet but absolutely bursting with flavor.

You can also melt down the toffee and add it on top of the brownies!

3 – Toffee Ganache

Toffee Ganache

You’ve heard of caramel ganache, but let me introduce you to its (superior) cousin: toffee ganache!

Toffee ganache is rich, luscious, and versatile.

When it’s warm, it is suitable for glazes, fillings, droppings, and sauce thanks to its pliant and pourable nature.

When it’s cool, it’s spreadable; perfect for toast spreads and toppings!

To make toffee ganache, you’ll need about 220 grams of leftover toffee (8 ounces) and half a cup of heavy cream.

Chop the toffee into small bits and pour hot cream over the candies. Let it sit for three to four minutes and stir until the toffee has melted.

That’s it, you’re ready to use it on your cakes, donuts, pies, and hot drinks.

4 – Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding is a restaurant-quality dessert that takes no longer than 30 minutes to make.

It’s made with plump dates and creamy toffee sauce, topped with unsweetened whipped cream to balance out the sweetness.

To make this recipe, you need dates, flour, baking powder, baking soda, butter, egg, and leftover toffee.

Make the pudding according to the instructions and pour some of the leftover toffee sauce onto the finished product.

5 – Honeycomb Toffee Icecream

Instead of just pouring toffee sauce over ice cream, why not go all-out and make honeycomb toffee ice cream?

It’s one of my favorite ice cream flavors of all time, and best of all, it’s easy to make!

First, whip up 570 ml of heavy cream and 250 ml of condensed milk in a large bowl.

Whip until thick but pourable; just until the mixture holds its form.

Then, sprinkle some chopped toffee into the mixture and fold in with a spatula.

Pour the mixture into a container and leave it in the fridge for at least 24 hours.

If you have more of that leftover toffee, melt it down with heavy cream and pour it over the honeycomb toffee ice cream.


6 – Toffee Mocha Milkshakes

Toffee Mocha Milkshakes

Yes, Toffee Mocha Milkshakes are just as delicious as they sound!

For this recipe, you’ll need chocolate ice cream, mocha iced coffee, coffee creamer, whip cream, and leftover toffee.

Mix the ice cream, iced coffee, coffee creamer, and half of the chopped leftover toffee in a high-speed blender.

Pour the mixture into a glass and top it up with some whipped cream and the rest of the chopped toffee.

Stick in a straw and serve cold!

7 – Toffee Waffles

Toffee Waffles

Craving for delicious breakfast treats to start the day? Make yourself some Toffee Waffles!

Sift the flour, baking powder, and salt together, and mix it with milk, egg yolks, and melted butter until smooth. Add in some toffee chips and fold them into the batter.

Pour in the batter into a preheated waffle machine and cook until lightly golden.

Serve with berries and chocolate syrup or toffee ganache.

8 – English Toffee

If in doubt, make Traditional English Toffee! It’s rich, buttery, and crunchy with a sprinkling of nuts and dark chocolate chips.

Melt down your leftover toffee and mix it with butter, vanilla, sugar, and a bit of salt. Then, pour the toffee mixture into a baking sheet and set it aside to harden for 20 minutes.

In another pad, melt the chocolate and spread thinly on top of the hardened coffee. Top it off with dark choco chips, almonds, and pecans.

Put the finished product in the refrigerator for one hour and break it into pieces to serve.

9 – Chocolate-Glazed Toffee Bars

If heaven was a place, they’d serve Chocolate-Glazed Toffee Bars.

Layers of chocolate and toffee, topped with a buttery crust and honeyed, chopped nuts…is there anything more drool-worthy?

This is the perfect recipe if you have a ton of leftover toffee you don’t know what to do with.

After you’ve prepared and baked the dough (which is literally just flour, butter, milk, sugar, and salt), make a chocolate layer and a toffee later with heavy cream.

Pour the layers on the dough, add in some honey-covered nuts, and refrigerate until firm. Yes, it’s as easy as that!

Final Thoughts

I hope this article gave you some ideas on what to do with leftover toffee! There are hundreds of recipes that call for leftover toffee, so don’t throw your toffee out even if it’s hardened in your fridge!

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