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How to Make Large Scones

How to Make Large Scones
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Scones are a delectable treat that so many people can’t live without. You might love scones because you feel it’s traditional to enjoy them with tea or coffee.

In some places, it’s unthinkable to enjoy tea time without scones. You might be more focused on enjoying scones because they’re tasty, though.

Can you make scones that are a bit larger than normal? Or are scones meant to be somewhat small?

Continue reading to learn how to make large scones. This will show you how to get the job done right so you can enjoy the best possible scones.

Find an Appropriate Recipe

The first thing to do is to find an appropriate recipe. Some recipes are going to make smaller scones while others will make larger scones.

You want to find a recipe that specifically says it makes large scones. There are many recipes that you can find online, and there are also large scone recipes in popular cookbooks.

Once you find a recipe to follow, you can simply follow the directions to make what you desire. You’ll be able to enjoy big and tasty scones soon enough.

Honestly, making large scones isn’t really different than making small scones. You’ll simply use more ingredients and you’ll cut the scones into larger shapes.

The process of cooking the scones remains the same no matter what you’re doing. You’ll be baking the scones for whatever the recommended time is on the recipe that you’ve chosen.

For example, a typical large fruit scone recipe might ask you to bake the scones for fifteen minutes at 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

Simply find a recipe that suits you and then make the scones. You can also find griddle scone recipes that will allow you to make scones that are larger than usual.

When making scones on the top of the stove or on a griddle, you’ll be cooking them over medium-low heat to be safe. Generally, it’ll take between five and eight minutes to make the scones golden brown.

Once the scones are golden brown and puffy on the bottom, you’re supposed to flip them over. You then cook the other side for six to eight minutes until everything is done.

How Long Do Large Scones Take to Cook?

How long large scones take to cook will depend on the recipe that you’re using. It might take fifteen to twenty minutes of baking time in the oven.

Some recipes call for a lower baking temperature than others. It’s best to always follow the advice of the recipe so you can enjoy consistent results.

When making scones on the stove or on a griddle, it’s best to cook them until they’re golden brown. This usually takes between five and eight minutes on each side.

You’ll have obvious visual cues to pay attention to when making scones this way. It makes it easy to get good results without burning the scones or otherwise making mistakes.

Just remember that you want to cook each side. Also, you can’t let the scones touch each other.

Each scone should be one inch apart to avoid any issues. It’s fine to have the scones further apart than this, too, but you simply want to have enough space between scones.

There Are Many Different Types of Scones

There are many different types of scones out there that you can look into. It’s simple enough to make larger versions of whatever scones you want.

Even if you can’t find a recipe for larger scones, you can simply make a bigger batch. Cut the scones into larger pieces and then go from there.

The scones might need to be baked a little longer if they’re larger. Simply check the scones every so often to ensure that they turn out golden brown.

You don’t want to burn the scones, and that’s why it’s best to check them. It shouldn’t be difficult to enjoy whatever your favorite types of scones are in a larger form.

Avoid Making Mistakes

Avoid making mistakes when making scones. Always pay close attention to the ingredients that you’re using.

Using the wrong ingredients or not using enough of a certain ingredient can make things turn out wrong. This is true whether you’re making large scones or standard scones.

It’s also imperative to add the ingredients at the right time. You generally want to follow a recipe and add ingredients exactly when the recipe says you should.

You can follow a step-by-step guide that makes sure you will get consistent results. This is the best way to make scones when you don’t have a lot of experience under your belt.

For instance, adding butter at the wrong time can cause things to turn out wrong. Instead of making the scones moist, you might wind up having the scones turn out dry since you didn’t do things right.

Pay attention and try to get everything right when mixing the dough. Don’t mix the dough more than you’re supposed to either.

Too much kneading or mixing can cause scones to turn out rather dry. You should always mix the dough manually using a spatula instead of using electric mixers to be on the safe side.

So long as you’re doing things right, your scones will turn out well. Simply be careful to avoid common mistakes and you’ll enjoy some delicious homemade scones.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that making large scones isn’t difficult at all. The best thing to do is to find a recipe for large scones.

It should be simple enough to find a large scone recipe that appeals to you. There are many different scone recipes online and you can also look in cookbooks.

Even if you don’t find a large scone recipe, you can simply make a larger batch of scones. Then you cut the scones into larger pieces than usual.

You might need to bake or cook the scones for slightly longer when they’re larger. Even so, you’re still going to be cooking large scones until they’re golden brown.

Keep an eye on the scones so you don’t burn them. Pay attention and do your best to avoid common mistakes.

You shouldn’t have any trouble making satisfying large scones for your family and friends. Now that you know what to do, this will be something that you can do regularly.