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Cocoa Crisis? Try This Irresistible Fudge Brownie Recipe Without It!

Cocoa Crisis? Try This Irresistible Fudge Brownie Recipe Without It!

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Brownies are one of the tastiest desserts on the planet and many people love to make them as weekend treats. You might be thinking about baking some sometime soon, but you could be thrown for a loop if you don’t have any cocoa powder to use.

Most of the popular brownie recipes that you will find contain cocoa powder and this will make you worry that you won’t be able to bake them without running to the store.

Don’t grab your keys and start heading out the door just yet. If you really don’t feel like running out to get the missing ingredient, then you do have some options that are well worth considering.

There are actually methods that will make it possible to make delicious brownies even when you do not have any cocoa powder in your pantry.

Would you like to bake scrumptious fudgy brownies that don’t require cocoa powder? Simply read on to get all of the details about how your next dessert can be a big hit.

These brownies are great and you will want to remember this little recipe moving forward for when you run out of cocoa powder again.

The Necessary Ingredients

Before going any further, you’re going to want to make sure that you have the right ingredients to make these fudge brownies.

This recipe doesn’t require cocoa powder, but it is going to require a lot of other standard ingredients that you would expect to find in brownies. You’re going to need some all-purpose flour, granulated sugar, butter, eggs, chocolate, and vanilla.

The chocolate that you will be using for this recipe can come in many forms. It’s going to be pretty easy to just use some cooking chocolate from the store that you can dice up, though. You can chop the chocolate up and then melt it with some butter.

In many ways, doing the chocolate like this will actually make the brownies much richer than they would otherwise be. As long as you have some type of chocolate source to use, it should be possible to melt it down and make these brownies.

It’s just easiest to use some type of chocolate cooking stock bar that is designed to be chopped and melted in this fashion.

The First Step

The first step when making your brownies is going to be to get all of your flour and place it in a small bowl.

It’s recommended to use just a pinch of salt and to go ahead and mix it in with the flour. This is a preservative and it’s good to do this in case you won’t be eating all of your brownies promptly after finishing the baking process.

With how tasty these brownies are, you just might be tempted to devour them right away. Salt is optional, but it certainly isn’t going to hurt anything if you go ahead and use it. Remember that just a pinch of salt is enough to accomplish what you’re trying to do here.

You don’t need to use a ton of flour in this recipe either. What you want to do is go ahead and use just a little bit so that the brownies will be fudgier than usual.

The amount of flour that you’re using is mostly to provide structure to the brownies and to hold things together nicely.

Don’t skimp on the flour, but try to be mindful that you don’t need a lot of it. Use good judgment on this and you will be ready to move on to the next step. You’re a bit closer to having your dessert in the oven now.

Chopping Your Chocolate

The next step involves chopping your chocolate up into small pieces so that you can get it ready. Grab a chef’s knife and start cutting the chocolate up into tiny pieces. Chop up about six ounces of this chocolate into the small pieces that you can use.

After this, you’re going to chop up about five ounces of chocolate for another step in this recipe. These chocolate pieces don’t have to be quite as small as the ones from before. Cut these so that they are about half-inch pieces and then move on.

Take the tiny chocolate pieces from earlier and start melting them. You’re going to melt butter using medium heat in a saucepan for this. Stir the butter with a spoon to make sure that it melts properly. Mix in your chopped chocolate when the butter is warm but not too hot.

Stir in that six ounces of chocolate and know that it might take around 30 seconds until your chocolate melts. Just keep stirring until everything has combined properly. Remove the pan from the heat and keep stirring until you are satisfied.

If you had any issues with the chocolate not melting properly, then it could be that you didn’t chop things up small enough. This can be remedied by just putting the pan over very low heat and continuing to stir everything.

Once you’re done mixing things up, it’s time to move on.

Finishing up the Mix

Finishing up the brownie mix requires you to move on and grab your eggs. Get your eggs as well as your sugar and place them in a large bowl. You want to stir your eggs with the sugar until they’re combined and this process should take about a minute.

After you’ve mixed things up well, go ahead and put your vanilla into this mixture. You’re going to need to pour in your butter and chocolate mixture after the vanilla.

Mix things up until they have been properly combined, but try not to go overboard with the mixing.

This recipe turns out better if you don’t overmix things and you want to try to just combine things well without doing too much. Get your flour and then add that to this mixture before stirring everything together with a big spatula.

After that, you can get the half-inch chocolate chunks from earlier and fold those into your mix.

Time to Bake

With your mixture finished up, it’s going to be time to bake everything to perfection. You need to place your mixture in a baking pan and then bake it for around 35 minutes.

This might not be exact depending on how big you’re trying to make this pan of brownies, so you might just wish to use the toothpick method to determine when the brownies are done.

Poke the middle of the brownies with a toothpick to see if they are finished. If your toothpick has some wet crumbs on it, then that’s a sign that it’s done.

It’s probably wise to check on your brownies after 30 minutes to see how things are going and then to keep a close eye on things from there.

Another sign that your brownies are about done and turning out right will be the top of the brownies. The brownies should have a crinkly top when everything is set up right.

Once things are done, you should remove the brownies from the oven and then let them cool for approximately one hour.

Cut and Serve

With your brownies cooled off, it’s going to be time to go ahead and cut the brownies into pieces.

Depending on the size of the batch that you made, you might have a larger number of pieces. It’s likely that you will be able to cut your brownies into at least 12 pieces, but it depends on the size of your brownie pan as well as how much brownie mix you made up.

Once things have been cut up, you’re going to have options when it comes to serving these. Some people like to just eat the brownies as they are and they don’t do anything else to them. Others will like to add a type of chocolate drizzle to the top or some other type of extra ingredient.

One popular thing to do is to get some vanilla ice cream and serve it on top of the brownies. That makes these fudge brownies even better than usual and it’s a highly recommended option if you happen to have vanilla ice cream to use.

Otherwise, just go ahead and eat the brownies whenever you’re satisfied.

Having No Cocoa Powder Doesn’t Have to Be a Big Problem

Now that you have seen how to make delicious fudge brownies without cocoa powder, it should be easier to see that not having this ingredient isn’t a huge deal. Sure, cocoa powder is great and is useful to keep around for baking various treats, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a requirement.

The brownies that you have learned how to bake without cocoa powder are going to be just as delectable as anything that you would make using that ingredient.

The next time you find yourself wanting a tasty treat, it won’t be necessary to worry if you don’t have any cocoa powder to work with. You’ll know a fantastic recipe that will be sure to please everyone in your house.

Try these brownies out if you have a craving for something sweet this weekend and you will surely be pleased with the results.

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