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How to Get Fondant Out of Silicone Molds (Step By Step)

How to Get Fondant Out of Silicone Molds (Step By Step)

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Silicone molds can help you create intricate shapes out of fondant, taking your decorations to a whole new level of beauty.

Using fondant molds can also save you loads of time and effort compared to shaping by hand, especially if you regularly need to make a lot of decorations.

Today’s guide shows you how to get fondant out of silicone molds and how to prevent it from sticking using simple techniques.

Step 1: Understand the Stickiness

Figuring out what makes fondant stick to silicone molds helps you take measures to prevent it from happening.

Moisture content is the main culprit behind fondant sticking to silicone molds. With too high moisture content, the fondant is too sticky and flexible to readily remove from the mold.

To make the fondant firmer and less sticky, you can add cornstarch, tylose, or gum tragacanth to your fondant. (the next section tell you how)

Step 2: Minimize Moisture in Fondant

Cornstarch, tylose, or gum tragacanth will help decrease the moisture content of your fondant. The best ingredient out of the three is cornstarch because it’s easier to work with.

Start with a small amount and knead it into the fondant until it feels dry to the touch while still being malleable.

Add a little cornstarch at a time until you don’t feel any moisture on the outside of the fondant; that’s when the fondant doesn’t stick to your fingers when you hold/touch it.

However, be careful not to add too much cornstarch to keep the fondant from drying up too much and turning crumbly.

  • If you opt for tylose or gum tragacanth, start with a tiny amount as they act fast and continue their hardening effect over time.

Step 3: Load it Right

To reduce the likelihood of your fondant sticking to silicone molds, make sure you’re putting it in the mold correctly.

  1. After adding a drying agent to the fondant, knead it until its consistency is even all over.
  2. Roll the fondant to smooth out any creases. It’s also easier and faster to fill the mold with flattened fondant.
  3. Transfer the fondant onto the mold and use a rolling pin over it to press the fondant into the gaps.
  4. With your fondant filling up the mold, roll it again to push excess fondant to the sides.
  5. Remove the excess with a knife or your hands and then smooth the edges.
  6. If you notice any gaps or unevenness, pinch a bit of fondant to fill them up.
  7. You’re now ready to take the molded fondant out of the mold.

Step 4: Treat the Silicone Mold

You can take a couple of extra measures to decrease the chances of fondant sticking to silicone molds.

Dust with Cornstarch

Cornstarch can work as a mold release, especially for highly detailed silicone molds.

Sprinkle a little cornstarch onto the surface of the mold or use a puffy paintbrush to apply it. Tap the mold on the counter to remove excess powder before adding your fondant.

Rub with Shortening

Shortening can also serve as a mold release to help you get fondant out of silicone molds.

Simply rub a small amount of shortening onto the surface of the mold before pressing the fondant into it. Don’t use too much shortening to avoid changes in color/petal dust uptake.

Step 5: Troubleshoot Stuck Fondant

If you’re having trouble popping your fondant decorations out of the silicone molds, don’t lose hope yet!

Ending up with fondant stuck in your silicone mold can happen for many reasons such as putting the fondant in the molds while still moist or forgetting to dust the molds.

You can try the following solutions to get fondant out of silicone molds:


  • Transfer the silicone mold with the stubborn fondant to the freezer.
  • Wait until it hardens (the thicker the silicone of the mold, the longer the fondant will take to harden because its inside is extra insulated).
  • After the fondant has cooled off, it should be firm enough to de-mold with a little more force as you push it out.

Using gravity to your advantage is key when you’re trying to remove frozen fondant from silicone molds.

Make sure to turn the mold over with the fondant still inside so the fondant sits directly on the counter.

From there, bend the sides of the mold gently away from the fondant. Gravity will work its magic and the fondant should fall out without much hassle.


Grab a straight, long pin or a sewing needle and push it through the mold at the back of the molded fondant piece.

The resulting hole is too tiny to affect the quality of the mold or the shape of the design. It’ll create a bit of room behind the stuck fondant to give you some leverage for getting it out.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, a complete guide on how to get fondant out of silicone molds.

Adding cornstarch to the fondant and the mold puts you on the right track. But if your fondant still gets stuck, then freezing it or pushing it out with a pin/needle should help pop it out.

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