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2 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Make Crispy Apples Chips – No Dehydrator Needed

2 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Make Crispy Apples Chips – No Dehydrator Needed

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Apples are a delicious source of nutrients although they can be incorporated into lots of different foods, and are just as tasty on their own. In fact, apples are such a delicious snack that when dehydrated, they make a great alternative to potato chips.

Although a dehydrator is ideal for making apple chips, you might not have one handy. But don’t let that stop you! The good news is, you can dehydrate apples without the help of a dehydrator so that you can have apple chips to your heart’s content.

The Best Way to Preserve Apples

Dehydrating apples is a great way to preserve them, especially if you have some that have been sitting around for a while and are desperate to get some use out of them. The best part is, they are easy to make and won’t take up a lot of your time.

Although any apples work, the best type of apples to use are Honey Crisp and Golden Delicious. Fuji apples and Granny Smith also make great alternatives.

To get started, you will need a few items: a baking sheet, parchment paper, a bowl, a drying rack, paper towels, and an apple peeler or a knife if you prefer your apples without the peel. You will also need water, lemon juice, and your apples.

If you don’t have a dehydrator, then the next best thing would be to use your oven. Preheat it to 200 degrees and place your rack in the oven. You will then want to take your baking sheet and line it with the parchment paper.

Next up, start slicing your apples into thin slices and place them in a bowl of water mixed with lemon juice to keep them from browning while you continue to prep.

If you want, you can peel your apples to get rid of the skin, or use an apple corer to get rid of the core if you prefer. Make sure your apple slices are about one-eighth of an inch thick. When you are done prepping, take the apple slices out of the water and use a paper towel to dry them.

All that’s left now is to place them on top of the baking sheet that you lined with parchment paper. Be sure to do only one layer and to spread out the slices as much as you can.

Leave the apple slices in the oven for about an hour before you take them out and flip them over to the other side. Then, you will want to cook them for another hour, depending on how crisp you want them to be.

The amount of time you leave your apples in the oven also depends on how thick your apple slices are, so be sure to keep checking on them as often as you can to make sure they are getting to the consistency that you want them.

Soft dried apples will have a chewy texture, while apples that have been left in the oven for longer will be much crispier.

Be sure to also leave your apple slices to cool once you’ve taken them out of the oven as this is when they start to crisp up.

Using a Microwave

Believe it or not, you can also dehydrate apples in the microwave. This is a great alternative for those who want a quicker result or who don’t have an oven at their disposal. To get started, slice off the ends of your apple and core out the middle.

Then, you can start slicing up your apples, either with a Mandolin slicer or by using a knife. Keep in mind that your slices will need to be about one-eighth of an inch thick for best results.

Then, take a microwave safe plate and line it with parchment paper. This is what you will be putting your apple slices on. Again, you will want to put your apples on the plate in just one single layer. Put the apples in the microwave for about five minutes.

If the edges of your apples haven’t started to curl up yet, leave them in the microwave until they do. Then you will want to flip the sides and microwave again in 30-second intervals this time. Keep doing this until your apples are the desired crispiness.

Once they are done, you can take them out of the microwave and let them sit for about 10 minutes so that they continue to get crisp and are entirely dried out. Then, you can enjoy!

Keep in mind that cooking times may vary depending on how thick you have sliced your apples or on the type of microwave that you have. If you have particularly thin apple slices, you may want to cut down on the microwave time, and vice versa.

Storing Apple Chips

As delicious as apple chips may be, you may want to save some for later. To do this, store your apple chips in a resealable plastic bag being careful to take as much air out of it as possible. If you have one, use a vacuum seal bag or container to keep your apple chips fresh for longer.

Making Use Out of Your Apple Chips

Apple chips are great on their own but can also be used in other foods. Use them as a topping for your salad or even as a garnish for your favorite cocktail. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you can coat your apples in sugar and cinnamon for an added kick.

To do this all you need to do is combine one-and-a-half teaspoons of white sugar and a half of a teaspoon of ground cinnamon into a bowl and then sprinkle the mixture over the apple slices before cooking them. During the baking process, be sure to flip your apples and then sprinkle them again on the other side.

Apple chips that have been coated in cinnamon and sugar are also great for sticking in your cup of tea. In fact, you can even use the apple chips on their own and simply leave them sitting in hot water and a cinnamon stick for a delicious beverage that’s not too sweet.

If you are a fan of oatmeal, apple chips can also be incorporated into your breakfast. They can even be mixed in with your cereal! Many people also enjoy eating apples with a dip on the side. A yogurt dip made with maple syrup and vanilla is the perfect addition to your apple chips.

To make the dip, all you need to do is stir in three tablespoons of maple syrup, half a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt to one-and-a-half cups of plain Greek yogurt. Blend all of the ingredients and then cover the dip and chill until you are ready to enjoy it.

Final Thoughts

Although traditional apple chips are made with a dehydrator, you do not need one to make them. All you need is either an oven or a microwave and before you know it, you and your family will be snacking on apple chips on a regular basis.

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