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4 Great Ways to Soften Your Apples

4 Great Ways to Soften Your Apples

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Apples are one fruit that many people like to keep around as much as they can. Not only are they delicious, but they’re also great when you’re trying to find a snack that isn’t going to be too bad for you.

You can use apples as a method to keep yourself from eating other foods because they’re sweet and satiate your cravings.

One potential problem that you will encounter with apples is that they aren’t always going to be as soft as you would like them to be. When apples are not completely ripened, they’re going to be a lot harder than you’d want them to be, but there are some methods that you can utilize to soften them up.

This is especially important if you want to give them to your baby since they’re absolutely not going to be able to eat hard apples and will need them to be quite soft.

Read on to learn about the most effective ways to get apples to soften up. This is good information whether you want to soften them for yourself or if you’re softening them for your baby.

It isn’t really hard to do or anything, but you will definitely benefit from knowing your options.

1 – Microwave the Apples

Opening The Microwave

Microwaving the apples is the most common method for softening them up for babies. If you’re trying to make sliced apples as soft as they can be, then you should just put them in a microwave for a few minutes on the high setting.

What you have to do to get the best results is to keep checking them to see if the apples are at the desired level of softness.

It can take a bit of time to soften the apples up and the exact amount of time isn’t really possible to give you. It’ll depend on factors such as how hard the apple is and how your particular microwave works. It shouldn’t take much longer than a few minutes, though.

Of course, you won’t be serving hot apples to your baby and you’ll need to let things sit for a while after getting them softened up. One popular option is to sprinkle some cinnamon over them before microwaving them as well as some white sugar.

It’ll turn out to be a rather tasty treat that your kids will love and you’re going to wind up liking it a lot, too.

2 – Sautee the Apples on Your Stove

Frying Sliced Apples In A Pan

People also soften apples up by just cooking them on the stove and making something out of them. It isn’t unusual at all to place sliced apples in a skillet on your stovetop so that they can be sauteed.

There are quite a few sauteed apple recipes that you could try out if you’re so inclined and all of them will soften the apples up so that you can enjoy them.

Just sautee your apples with a little bit of butter, some brown sugar, and some cinnamon for a tasty breakfast treat. Many people like to do this to go along with pancakes in the morning.

If you’d like to cook everyone in your house a special breakfast, then you can soften apples up by doing this and make something great out of them.

There are lots of methods for sauteing apples and you’ll surely be able to find one that will work great for you.

For example, some people like to make stewed apples and they can be quite delicious. Just take a bit of time to look around for an apple recipe that you can use to make a tasty dish.

3 – Boil Apples

Boiling Apple Chunks In A Pot

Boiling apples will make them a lot softer as well and some recipes are going to call for you to boil them.

This is mostly something that you’re going to do when you’re cooking a specific dish, but it’s good to know that apples can be boiled. Boiling an apple is possible without taking off the skin, but it’s best to peel it first to make sure that you get rid of imperfections.

Now you know your options when it comes to cooking apples for the most part. Some people also fry them and there are quite a few delicious fried apple recipes out there for you to enjoy.

You just need to decide what type of apple dish you’re interested in so that you can use the method that will work best for you.

4 – Allow the Apples to Ripen

Bowl Of Apples On The Counter

Have you considered that your apples might not be completely ripened yet? You see, apples are going to continue to become softer as they ripen and this can take several days. Just letting them sit out in a bowl on your kitchen table will make them go through a natural ripening process.

Apples are a great fruit when it comes to ripening because they can actually help other fruits to ripen. They release ethylene, which is a chemical that causes fruits to ripen.

This is why you’ll see so many people put them near other fruits that need to ripen because they’re trying to get them to become sweeter as well.

Essentially, you’re going to be able to just wait a while and your apples will reach the desired level of softness. You should just check on them after a day or two to see where they’re at in the ripening process.

If you don’t refrigerate apples, then they won’t keep as long, so you’ll want to store them in your crisper once they’re soft enough to eat.

You get a lot more time to eat them when you refrigerate them, but they will ripen a bit faster when exposed to oxygen. Just don’t forget about your apples that you left on your kitchen table or you could discover that they’re too ripe and have started to rot.

As long as you’re paying attention and checking on the apples to see how they’re ripening, this is going to be a very practical way to get them to become soft.

Eat Your Soft Apples

Taking A Bite Of An Apple

Eating soft apples is something that will be very enjoyable and you will never have to eat a hard one again if you’re just patient. Typically, just letting an apple ripen some more is a good way to take some of the hardness away from it.

However, there are certain types that will be unusually hard and this might make you want to microwave them and then freeze them to try to take some of the hardness away.

Regardless, you’re going to be able to enjoy nice apples that will be easy enough for you to eat if you use the methods above. You can decide to cook them in various ways if you so choose, and there are methods for making many tasty things out of them.

Whatever you’re looking to do with your apples, it should be easier to accomplish now that you know your options.

If you currently have a lot of apples in your house, then you might want to consider sauteing some of them and making a scrumptious side dish for breakfast.

They also work perfectly for helping you to bake amazing dessert dishes. Just think about what sounds good and it should be easy to use up any excess you have before they go bad.

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