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9 Simple Egg Substitutes You Can Use in Cake Mixes

9 Simple Egg Substitutes You Can Use in Cake Mixes

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Boxed cake mixes are incredibly convenient. They are quick to put together, fast to bake, and give you a fresh, delicious cake that would make anyone’s mouth water. And with a few minor tweaks, you can make them truly unique and delicious!

However, most cake mixes require the addition of eggs in order to make the batter. But what if you do not have eggs on hand? Or perhaps you are following a vegan diet and would like to avoid eggs. Or, maybe you’re just looking for healthy ingredient substitutes.

Don’t worry! You can still make amazing cakes using a box mix even without the eggs. Here are a few perfect ways to replace eggs in a cake mix.

Why We Use Eggs in Cake Mixes

To choose the right substitute for eggs, you have to first understand why we use it (make sure to learn about the purpose of other ingredients in the cake as well). 

What exactly do the eggs do when mixed into the batter?

Eggs actually play a lot of important roles in cake, the first being that they add structure. When the eggs bake inside the cake batter, the proteins in the cake coagulate, helping to create the cake’s structure.

If you don’t add enough eggs, the cake may be too soft and flat (use these tips to make your cake rise higher). On the contrary, too many eggs will make the cake tough and chewy—I did that more times than I can count!

Aside from the structure, eggs also add to the overall flavor of the cake. The yolk has a good amount of fat which makes the batter taste rich and smooth.

Additionally, eggs add moisture since they are made primarily of water. This keeps the cake tender, preventing it from becoming too dry.Finally, eggs are responsible for adding nutrients to your cake mix. They are full of protein and healthy fats along with iron, vitamins, and minerals.

How to Substitute Eggs in a Cake Mix

1 – Vinegar and Baking Soda

One of the easiest replacements for eggs in a cake mix is a combination of vinegar and baking soda. 

Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of vinegar together in a separate bowl to replace one egg.

This substitute will give your cake batter the volume that eggs usually provide as the chemical reaction of the ingredients will cause the mix to rise. 

It’s my favorite egg substitute because the ingredients are always in my kitchen. However, it’s worth noting that vinegar and baking soda won’t add to the flavor of your cake like eggs do.

2 – Applesauce

Large Jar Of Applesauce

To replace one egg in a cake mix, you can simply use ¼ cup unsweetened applesauce. 

Applesauce will add a nice, smooth flavor to your cake as well as provide moisture to the batter, keeping your cake from drying out as it bakes.

The sauce may make your cake batter a little more dense, but this can be a good thing! 

Here’s a tip from personal experience: when using applesauce as an egg replacement in cake mix, never use more than 1 cup of applesauce, or your cake may have a rubbery texture.

That’s unless you need to substitute for more than 4 eggs.

3 – Plain Yogurt

You can use plain yogurt instead of eggs because it’s packed with healthy protein and has a nice smooth texture. 

Yogurt will not act as a leavener, however, and may cause your cake to be a little denser. That’s why it’s not my first choice.

Make sure to use plain yogurt (or even plain soy yogurt, if you are on a vegan diet), so as not to add more sugar to the cake. A ¼ of a cup of yogurt can be used to replace one egg in your box cake mix recipe.

4 – Tofu

Silken tofu has been a favorite egg replacer for years, especially for vegans. It has the protein needed to help stabilize the cake as it bakes. Plus, it has a very subtle taste.

The trick to using tofu as an egg replacement is to blend it first in a blender in order to break it up, making it nice and creamy.

However, it’s worth noting that tofu should only be used to replace a maximum of two eggs per recipe.Using more than that will cause your cake to be too dense. ¼ cup pureed, smooth tofu is a perfect substitution for 1 egg.

One more little tip when using tofu is to keep an eye on your cake as it bakes—it will not be as golden brown as a cake made with eggs.

So, you should definitely use a knife or toothpick to test when the cake is done.

5 – Ripe Banana

Ripe Bananas

Just like applesauce, bananas can be used to replace eggs in a cake mix.

Bananas will not only help the cake brown, but they’ll also add a nice flavor to your mix in addition to a little bonus nutrition (bananas are full of potassium and vitamin C and can aid in digestion).

A ¼ cup mashed banana (about half a small banana) will replace one egg in your boxed cake mix recipe.

6 – Protein Powder

Protein Powder Egg Substitute

The protein in eggs is what helps them make the structure of a cake. In order to get protein without using eggs, you can simply use your favorite protein powder.

Mix one tablespoon of protein powder with 3 tablespoons of water to substitute one egg. Add this mix to your cake batter, and you will get a delicious, fluffy, and golden brown cake!

While unflavored protein powder (like this Isopure Protein on Amazon) is the best option, you can definitely use vanilla, chocolate, or any of your favorite powders.

I personally don’t recommend that because it adds flavor to the cake, but you can always try it.

7 – Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are an excellent egg substitute because they thicken the batter as eggs do. However, they’re not my top choice because they add a strong nutty flavor to the mix.

Combine 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseeds with 3 tablespoons of water and let the mixture sit and thicken. Then, mix it into your cake batter as a replacement for one egg.On the plus side, flaxseeds are super nutritious, full of fiber and protein that will definitely put your cake into the ‘healthy’ category!

8 – Buttermilk

Similarly to yogurt, buttermilk is highly acidic, which helps your cake mix rise and get the moist, fluffy structure you’re seeking. It also leaves a slightly tangy flavor that you may love to have in your cake.

You can use it as an egg substitute for cake mixes, brownies, or even pancakes. For each egg in your recipe, add ¼ a cup of buttermilk.

A tip for using buttermilk as an egg substitute: It’s better to use buttermilk in tangy-flavored cakes like lemon cake because it leaves a strong flavor behind.

9 – Aquafaba

If you’re a vegan, you’re probably familiar with aquafaba, or chickpea water. This ingredient is often used to substitute for eggs and egg whites because it’s an excellent binding agent.

The chickpea water is packed with starch, so it gives your cake a fluffy texture and helps it rise.

To use it instead of eggs, add 3 tablespoons for every egg in the recipe. If your recipe uses egg whites only, add 2 tablespoons for each egg white.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you definitely do not need eggs when you want to make a boxed cake mix. There are many other substitutions you can use!

Use buttermilk for lemon cakes, plain yogurt for sugary cakes, and tofu for vegan cakes. My personal favorite is vinegar and baking soda because they work for all cakes.And if you’re feeling adventurous, try out these 16 ways of baking a cake without other common ingredients!

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Tuesday 27th of June 2023

I tried the vinegar and baked soda for a cake and never worked out the way I wanted it to 😑


Monday 23rd of January 2023

Really new to vegan cake making , so use 1tablespoon of white vinegar , or is it white vinegar and water ? And 1teaspoon of baking soda , level or heaped , this is for one egg ?

Terri Street

Monday 9th of January 2023

I have often used a 12-oz. can of soda mixed with a cake mix to make a cake with excellent results. If I figure correctly, we should be able to stir 2 T. plus 1/2 t. of soda into one of these mixes to create all kinds of successful flavors chocolate cake mix + cherry cola = Black Forest cake; white cake mix + orange soda = orange; etc). The carbonation in the soda helps the cake to rise a little more, too!

Terri Street

Orion Hubbard

Sunday 25th of September 2022

I couldn't find Any of the substitutes in my kitchen but I did have some frozen mangos and figured apple sauce is just blended fruit so I blended the mangos and used that as the substitute (1/4 cup per egg) and it came out pretty well! And the cake was even yummier than expected! Would recommend.


Friday 5th of August 2022

Thank you so much for these tips. This is my first time being in this situation so I was a bit panicky. And I have no way of getting to the store on time today to bake this cake🤦‍♀️ out of eggs BUT thanks to you, I know I can use the bananas that I luckily DO have🙃