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Can You Make Pizza Dough with Self-Rising Flour and Yeast?

Can You Make Pizza Dough with Self-Rising Flour and Yeast?

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Homemade pizza can be a great thing to have for dinner. It’s very likely that your entire family enjoys it quite a bit, after all.

There are different ways to go about making homemade pizza. Some people simply buy ready-made pizza dough from the store that they can utilize.

Others will go so far as to make their own dough from scratch. You might be wondering whether you can use self-rising flour and yeast to make pizza dough.

Keep reading to learn about whether self-rising flour and yeast are appropriate. You’ll also get some important tips for making your pizza dough turn out just right.

You Can Use Self-Rising Flour and Yeast

Scoop of Dried Yeast

It is indeed possible to use self-rising flour and yeast to make pizza dough. You’ll be able to create a reliable, simple pizza dough, like this one from Domestically Blissful, using one and a half cups of self-rising flour and one and a half tablespoons of yeast.

Once you activate the yeast and mix the ingredients together, you’ll get a dough that you’ll have to knead on a floured surface until you’ve incorporated enough flour for it to no longer be sticky.

Using this recipe will allow you to have some control over the thickness of your pizza crust. After rolling the dough out using a rolling pin (or a substitute), you’ll let it rise for 10-25 minutes, depending on how thick you want it.

What Is Self-Rising Flour?

Bag of Self-Rising Flour

Some might be wondering whether it’s truly necessary to buy self-rising flour when you’re making pizza dough. Honestly, self-rising flour isn’t special since you can turn standard flour into exactly what you need.

The self-rising flour that you can purchase from the store is actually just all-purpose flour that has an ingredient or two added to it. When you add specific things to flour, it’s going to activate the flour so that it will have self-rising properties.

Often, people will use self-rising flour to bake bread without having to use yeast. It can be useful for other purposes, too, but you don’t need to go buy self-rising flour to get the job done.

If you have all-purpose flour at home, you’ll most likely have everything that you need. You can turn all-purpose flour into self-rising flour by adding one and a half teaspoons of baking powder and a quarter teaspoon of salt.

You whisk all-purpose flour, baking powder, and salt together until they’re combined. Then you’re able to use the flour as intended in any recipe that calls for self-rising flour.

Self-rising flour isn’t going to be able to take the place of yeast to make a quick pizza dough, though. You’d want to use both self-rising flour and yeast as described above.

This is because the flour takes time to hydrate, and you need to allow the gluten protein to develop. When you don’t have the pockets of air from a yeast-risen dough, it’s not going to go as you want it to.

Essentially, the chemical leavening used in self-rising flour would be insufficient for making good pizza dough. You’d have a hard time creating a crust that is light and airy.

There would be a difference in flavor if you were to create a pizza using self-rising dough and no yeast, too. It would likely not taste the best, and no one wants to be disappointed after spending time in the kitchen making a homemade pizza.

It’s Also Possible to Buy Pizza Dough

Pizza Section at a Grocery Store

What if you don’t want to have to go to the trouble of making your own pizza dough? Not everyone has a lot of time to spend preparing pizza, and it might be more convenient to be able to get the job done quickly.

In this situation, it’d be good to go out to the grocery store and buy pizza dough. There are ready-made options that you can purchase and use whenever you want.

You’ll have many options to consider when you go out to buy pizza dough at the store, too. It should be pretty simple to find a dough type that will make sense for you.

It’s easy to use this frozen dough to make a pizza, but you’ll have to thaw it out before you’re ready to get started. Regardless, it’s going to save you time when compared to making your own pizza dough from scratch, and it might also be less stressful in certain ways.

You Have Sauce Options

Putting Pizza Sauce on Dough

One of the best aspects of making your own pizza is that you get to choose the type of pizza that you wish to make. Aside from adding different toppings, it’s possible to alter the pizza quite a bit by choosing a unique pizza sauce.

Most people stick with standard “red sauce” pizza sauce. This is a tomato-based sauce that you’ll typically see on pizzas that you order or buy from the store.

You don’t have to stick with standard pizza sauce if you’re feeling adventurous, though. It might be fun to try something a bit more exotic so that you can mix things up.

Some people have made interesting homemade pizzas using pesto sauce. You could even try to use barbecue sauce if you’d like to have a very unique flavor.

When you want something more traditional, you’ll be able to go with the tried-and-true pizza sauce that you know you enjoy. Experimenting with different sauces will help you to come up with new flavor combinations that might become favorites in your family.

Get the Whole Family Involved

Family Making Pizza Together

Making homemade pizza can turn into a bit of a family bonding moment if you want it to. If you have kids, you can teach them a bit about getting involved in the kitchen.

Kids will have fun helping you to make homemade pizza. They’ll think that it’s neat to choose the toppings and get everything ready.

You don’t have to let the kids help out with the more complex parts of baking a pizza. After all, most parents won’t want their kids using the oven or doing other things that have the potential to be dangerous.

It’s simply good to let your children feel as though they’re part of the process. Everyone will look forward to homemade pizza night since it’s a fun activity.

Some families wind up making homemade pizza night a monthly occurrence. Even simply spending time making pizzas with your significant other can be quite enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

You can make pizza dough using self-rising flour and yeast if you’d like to. It isn’t generally a good idea to try to make it using only self-rising flour, though.

The yeast is important when you’re trying to make a pizza crust that tastes good. It helps it to turn out light and airy.

It won’t be hard to make a simple pizza crust using self-rising flour and yeast. If you follow the advice above, you’re going to have a good experience every time you decide to make a pizza.

You can make your own self-rising flour if you only have all-purpose flour in your pantry. Adding baking powder and salt to all-purpose flour will allow you to activate the flour and turn it into what you need.

For some, taking the time to make pizza dough from scratch will be too time-consuming. You have the option of buying pizza dough from the store if you think that would be more convenient.

Whatever route you decide to take, it’s going to be good to have fun with the process. Experiment a bit and don’t be afraid to try new toppings or sauces.

This is a great way to discover new favorite pizza flavor combinations. It’s something that the whole family will enjoy, and you just might want to turn homemade pizza night into a regular thing.

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Monday 2nd of January 2023

Interested in using self-rising flour to make pizza dough never done that before.