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Transform Your Frozen Pizza Dough Into Over 15 Totally Delicious Dishes

Transform Your Frozen Pizza Dough Into Over 15 Totally Delicious Dishes

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Frozen pizza dough is great for making homemade pizzas, but sometimes you may want something else, but you still need to use the pizza dough as it’s been in the freezer for long enough.

Or you could have taken the frozen pizza dough out to defrost, but now you do not have the time to make pizza, so you need something quick and straightforward.

Here is what you can do with frozen pizza dough.

Here are some recipes you can make with frozen pizza dough that are quick and easy:

  1. Focaccia bread
  2. Soft breadsticks
  3. Make crackers
  4. Italian grissini breadsticks
  5. Spinach and egg breakfast pizzas
  6. Donuts
  7. Make cinnamon rolls
  8. Dinner rolls

There are many more.

Making other things using frozen pizza dough can be an enjoyable experience, and it can open your eyes to many other possibilities.

Keep reading to find out what other delicious recipes you can make using simple frozen pizza dough.

What To Make With Pizza Dough

Pizza is incredible as is, but sometimes you have had the pizza dough in the freezer for a bit too long, and it needs to be used by any means necessary. Luckily, there are several different recipes where you can use frozen pizza dough.

These recipes can be quick and easy to make a delicious meal at any time of the week. So, let us look at some mouth-watering pizza dough recipes.

Make Cinnamon Rolls

Yes, that is right, you can use pizza dough to make sweet things, not only savory. Making cinnamon rolls with your frozen pizza dough ensures that your rolls are soft inside with a slightly crispy outside.

Using pizza dough with these sweet treats will also cut down the time you need to make them, as you do not need to make a lovely, light dough from scratch. If you do not like cinnamon, you do not need to use it in this recipe, and you can very easily make some sweet rolls instead.

Focaccia Bread

Focaccia bread is kind of like pizzas, but they are slightly different, and you do not need as many ingredients to make them taste delicious. These are a great option to make with frozen pizza dough, as you will treat it like you are making pizza.

Focaccia bread is a great entertaining food as a lovely snack or starter, so if you have frozen pizza dough and do not know what to make for an upcoming party, then focaccia is a great choice that everyone will love. You can even customize them to people’s tastes; for example, you can make focaccia bread without cheese for your lactose-intolerant friends.

Pita Bread

Frozen pizza dough may be the best dough to make pita bread from, as they take the humble pita to a whole different level, especially when they are served warm.

When you make pita bread from frozen pizza dough, the pita comes out fluffy, soft, and deliciously warm, which is far more mouth-watering than just a dry pita from your local store.

If you want to, you can even bake the pita bread for slightly longer to get a little crisp on the outside.

Soft Bread Sticks

You can easily make some soft breadsticks out of frozen pizza dough, and it is a lot easier than you think it might be. These breadsticks are just like the warm breadsticks that you will find in a certain Italian restaurant chain, and they are amazing.

Making these breadsticks with pizza dough is an effortless task, and they can be ready within 15 minutes, meaning that you can make them at short notice if you need to create a lovely, warm snack for people.

Soft Pretzels

On some days, there is nothing better than having a lovely, soft, warm pretzel to eat, especially on a cold winter morning. But making them can seem like a lot of work and like it is time-consuming, well, not anymore.

This is where frozen pizza dough can step in and save your tastes buds from going without. You can make soft pretzels at home with ease, using frozen pizza dough, and it will take less time, meaning you can have them ready in 35 minutes.


A calzone is technically a pizza, but it is far easier to make as you do not need to worry about your toppings flying around your kitchen while trying to place it in the oven. This is because calzones are just folded over pizzas, like a pizza pocket but bigger.

These are easy to make, and you can use almost any topping that you enjoy on a regular pizza in your calzone. A benefit of a calzone is that the ingredients you place inside it generally stays hotter for longer, so you do not need to worry much about a cold calzone.

Make Crackers

Making crackers out of frozen pizza dough is an excellent use of this dough, and you can even make them out of any pizza dough scraps you have after making regular pizza, so nothing will go to waste.

These crackers are a great snack and can be served with your favorite dips on your next movie night or dinner party with your friends and family.

You will not regret making crackers out of your frozen pizza dough; you may even get some requests for the recipe from people who try them at your home.


Okay, so this is not technically a true baguette, but they are long loaf dinner rolls, so they kind of look the part. These are great ways to use up frozen pizza dough without making a traditional pizza with it.

These can take a bit of time to make, but for most of this time, you leave the pizza dough to rise, and you are only required for a small portion of the task. These baguettes can be made in about one hour in total, and they are a lovely alternative to store brought dinner rolls.

Dinner Rolls

So, baguettes are not the only bread option that you can make with frozen pizza dough; you can make traditional dinner rolls too. These are easy homemade dinner rolls that will undoubtedly impress your family and guests.

You can make traditional dinner rolls or give them a delicious twist by adding some cheese and herbs either on top or inside the rolls before you bake them. These dinner rolls are addictive, so beware; you may get many requests to make them.

Italian Grissini Breadsticks

Italian Grissini breadsticks are thin and crispy breadsticks that are probably the easiest thing you can make from frozen pizza dough. These breadsticks are perfect for people who prefer a little bit more crunch in their snacks.

You can make these breadsticks in about 15 minutes, making them the perfect fast snack. If you do not want them to be plain, you can add some cheese to them, some herbs and salt and pepper, or even all of these to make the perfect combination of cheesy, salty, and crunchy.


It has been an ongoing discussion whether or not pizza is a breakfast food, but one thing is for certain, it does not matter which side of the argument you are on; you can use the frozen pizza dough to make something considered a breakfast food.

Making donuts from frozen pizza dough is easy, but the donuts will be a bit denser than a regular donut; however, they will be just as tasty. You can make donut balls or even cut them into proper donuts; the choice is yours!

Muffin-Tin Pizzas

If you cannot go through the hassle of making some big pizzas, but you still want the taste of pizza, then you can make these smaller and easier muffin-tin pizzas. These muffin-tin pizzas are great if you are entertaining a crowd of people as you can make large batches of mini pizzas with little effort and fewer ingredients.

You can even customize these mini pizzas to accommodate different people and make different flavors of pizza.

Spinach And Egg Breakfast Pizzas

Who says pizza is only dinner food? You can defiantly make an incredible breakfast pizza to enjoy in the morning, too.

This is where this lovely spinach and egg breakfast pizza comes in, and it will blow you away. Not only is this breakfast pizza tasty, but it is also a treat for the eyes.

This is a perfect use of frozen pizza dough, and it takes minimal ingredients to make, which makes this the best breakfast food. If you make it right and the egg yolk is runny, you will not waste the crust to dip it into the egg yolk.

Scrambled Egg Pockets

Scrambled egg pockets are the best on-the-go handheld breakfast items. They have lovely fluffy eggs as the filling, with a golden and crispy dough on the outside.

You can make your own dough to use in this recipe, but you can use frozen pizza dough too. This will defiantly make the recipe easier and quicker to make, especially if you have a time constraint. You can serve these pockets plain or with your favorite sauces to level up their favor.

Buffalo Wing Bites

This one is for all the buffalo wings fans out there, as they combine the delicious flavors of buffalo wings with a dinner roll that is soft on the inside with lovely crispiness on the outside. These are the perfect zingy snacks for a game night or even a dinner party.

These bites can be a bit time-consuming to make if you are going to make the buffalo wings from scratch, but if you buy them ready-made, these are some of the fastest snacks you can make using frozen pizza dough.

Pull-Apart Pizza

Pull apart pizza is more of pizza bread, which is incredibly delicious and can be served cold, meaning it can be made ahead of time if needed. This recipe is perfect for making for picnics or tailgates and will be loved by both the children and the adults.

With pull apart pizza, you can add just about any pizza ingredient to it, and it will always taste good, but a lot of people stick with the original recipe as they think of it as being a good luck charm for their team.

Here Are Some Recipes To Follow

Many different recipes call for frozen pizza dough, and that are easy to make but are absolutely mouth-watering. You will not regret making these recipes, and even though they are simple, you will still impress your guests.

Let us look at some of the dishes we have mentioned above and give you the recipes for them to get started with making these delicious foods.

Soft Bread Sticks

The recipe for these breadsticks will make a large batch of about 45 breadsticks, so feel free to cut down the recipe if needed.

The ingredients you will need to make these are:

  • Your frozen pizza dough
  • Two teaspoons of salt
  • ¼ teaspoon of pepper
  • Two teaspoons of fennel seeds (plus another topping if you wish)
  • An egg for an egg wash with two teaspoons of water

Grease a baking sheet and also preheat your oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Ensure that your pizza dough is defrosted fully, then roll out the dough into a long loaf.

Once this is done, you then cut off sections of the dough into golf-ball-size pieces and roll them into your desired size for breadsticks.

Place the rolled breadsticks onto your greased baking tray and cover them lightly with the egg wash.

Now, you can sprinkle over the fennel seeds and the other topping you wish to add. Place them into the preheated oven for 15 minutes or until golden brown.

Make Crackers

These crackers are thin and crispy; they are a perfect snack to have yourself or share with your family and friends. These crackers add a different taste to your snack table, and they will most likely be the first things to be finished, as they are that tasty.

The ingredients you need to make these crackers are:

  • Your frozen pizza dough – defrosted completely
  • Three teaspoons of olive oil
  • Salt and pepper

The first thing to do is that you should preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, roll out your pizza dough, and dock it with a fork to help it not burn. Place the rolled-out dough onto a flat baking tray and brush it with olive oil.

Sprinkle the salt and pepper over the oiled dough and bake in the oven for 10 minutes or until golden brown. Allow the crackers to cool down, and then break them into little bite-sized crackers and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

Pizza dough, including frozen pizza dough, can be surprisingly versatile and used in many different recipes. You can use your pizza dough for all meals of the day, including snacks, making your meal prep easier and faster. You will always have a use for frozen pizza dough.

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