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Which Bread is the Best Choice for French Toast?

Which Bread is the Best Choice for French Toast?

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One of the most important aspects of making French toast is the bread. If you don’t use the right type, the whole meal isn’t going to turn out the way you want it to.

Which bread is best for French toast? Are there types that you should avoid using for this breakfast staple?

Read on to learn about the various options that you have, so you can get the best results.

Can You Make French Toast with Sourdough Bread?

Sourdough bread might not be your first thought when thinking of bread options for French toast. Even so, it’s something that can work out rather nicely.

This is a type of bread that you’ll want to consider for a few different reasons. It’s easy to slice this bread thick, and it has a very satisfying texture.

As long as you’re someone who enjoys sourdough bread, it’s going to be good to give this a shot. There are many sourdough French toast recipes out there that you can try.

It’s a popular type of bread that is a hit with many people. Of course, not everyone is going to love it.

Does Sourdough Make Good French Toast?

Yes, many people think that sourdough bread is one of the best options for French toast. It can be used to make satisfying French toast that has a great crust and a satisfying texture.

The sourdough bread is easy to cut into thick slices, too. This makes it a perfect candidate for soaking up the custard.

You should have a pretty easy time making French toast if you choose to go with this type of bread. It’s appealing in certain ways and might be right up your alley.

Just keep in mind that not everyone loves the taste of it. Depending on who you’re making the French toast for, it might be better to consider other options before moving forward.

Can You Make French Toast with Wheat Bread?

Yes, it’s possible to make French toast using wheat bread. Many people love wheat bread, and it might be the type that you like to keep around the house for sandwiches and toast.

Using wheat bread is going to be a bit different than using thicker types of bread. Wheat bread is fairly thin, and it’ll get far too soggy if you soak it in the custard.

Instead of soaking it in the custard for several minutes as you normally would, you want to dunk it in the mixture briefly. The goal is to make the bread a bit wet without going overboard.

As long as you do things right, the French toast will turn out well. Wheat bread isn’t considered to be the best option for French toast, but it can certainly work out okay.

Can You Use White Bread?

White bread is not the best type of bread to use when making French toast. This is because a standard slice of white bread is going to be rather thin.

You’d be better off using something like Texas toast than a normal slice of white bread. The thicker the bread is, the easier it’ll be for the mixture to soak into the bread without making it too soggy.

It’s possible to use normal white bread to make French toast if you treat it like wheat bread. Earlier, you learned that wheat bread can be dunked in the mixture briefly instead of soaked.

You can apply the same principle to the white bread and use it for French toast. Just know that this bread type isn’t ideal for French toast.

Can You Use Frozen Bread?

It is indeed possible to make French toast with frozen bread. This is something that many people like to do.

You can buy frozen bread and then just thaw it out when you’re ready. Leave the bread on the counter overnight, and then prepare the mixture to soak the bread in the morning.

Using frozen bread shouldn’t be any more difficult than making French toast with other types of bread. The process is pretty much the same, except you need to allow the bread to thaw before soaking it.

For many, using frozen bread is a convenient way to keep it from going bad. If you want to use frozen bread for French toast, it’ll be very simple to give it a shot.

You can even find specific recipes that call for frozen bread. Use this option if you’re interested.

Can You Make French Toast with Regular Bread?

Regular bread is a term that can mean different things to different people. In the United States, such a term usually refers to white bread.

However, you could take the term to mean bread that is sliced with the same thickness as standard slices of white bread or wheat bread. You can use these types of bread to make French toast if you want to.

These bread types are a bit on the thin side, though. They won’t be as good for making French toast as some of the thicker options that you’ll learn about later.

Even so, it’s good to know that you can get decent results. Just don’t soak the bread too much, or it’ll get way too soggy.

Can You Use French Bread?

It makes sense that using French bread would work well to make French toast. This is considered to be one of the best options when you’re picking out bread types for this meal.

Buying French bread will help you to make French toast that will turn out excellently. This bread is thick and very tasty overall.

To have the best experience, wait until the French bread is a day old. Slightly stale bread works perfectly for absorbing the mixture and making French toast.

This might be the best choice for bread that you can make. Some people might prefer some of the other options, but many say that French bread is the optimal choice.

Is Potato Bread a Good Choice?

Potato bread is another great choice when you’re looking for bread that works well for French toast. This one is such a good option because of how thick it is.

You’ll find that potato bread is thick, and it has a thick texture as well. It does a good job soaking up the custard, and it can easily be used to make French toast.

The potato starch is helpful when it comes to absorbing the liquid. Your bread won’t be soggy, but the French toast will be incredibly creamy and flavorful.

If you want to buy bread specifically for French toast, it’s well worth considering this option. Potato bread just might become one of your new favorites.

Can You Use Whole Grain Bread?

Whole grain bread can be used for French toast. There are even a bunch of recipes out there that are specifically for this type of French toast.

You might find that whole grain bread is among your favorites. Perhaps you just like the flavor, or maybe you think it’s a healthier type of bread.

Either way, it’s fine to use this option to consider. Just be sure to avoid soaking the bread too much since it’s not the thickest type.

You don’t want the bread to get overly soggy. It’s better to briefly dip this bread in the custard mixture.

What About Brioche Bread?

Brioche bread is one of the most popular types of bread to use for French toast. When you order French toast at a restaurant, there’s a good chance that they’ll use brioche bread.

It’ll at least be one of the options that you can choose when ordering it at many locations. Why is this bread so good for French toast?

Well, it’s a thick type of bread that has the right texture that works well for this breakfast meal. It does a great job of soaking up the custard, and it cooks nicely.

You’ll have a simple time working with brioche bread if you choose to buy some. This is right at the top of the list when it comes to the best bread choices to use for French toast.

Can You Use Challah Bread?

Challah bread is another top-tier pick when you’re looking for French toast bread options. For many, it will be the best choice.

For those who might not be familiar with this bread, challah bread is a type of kosher bread that is used in many Jewish communities. This bread is delicious, and it’s thick enough to be used for French toast.

When you compare challah bread and brioche bread, you’ll see that they’re quite similar. Similar ingredients are used to make the two types of bread.

The taste of both types of bread winds up being close as well. So you can’t go wrong with either challah bread or brioche bread.

Thick Bread Is Best

Using thick bread is much better than using thin bread. You want it to be at least three-fourths of an inch thick when you’re making French toast.

It’s fine to use thinner bread if you must, but it will get soggy if you try to soak it in the custard. Therefore, it’s easier to just use thick slices of bread.

Brioche, challah bread, potato bread, and French bread will be great options. Don’t use slices of bread that are more than one inch thick.

Bread that is too thick will have a hard time frying up properly. You don’t want that because it can make the French toast get burnt, or it might lead to other complications.

Final Thoughts

Now you know more about making French toast and what types of bread will work out the best. You can use many different types, but some will be better than others.

Technically, it’s possible to make French toast with standard white bread that you buy from the store. It’s so thin that it’ll be hard to get the best results, though.

To have the best experience, you want to go with a thick type of bread. You want the bread to be between three-fourths of an inch and one inch thick.

This means that bread such as brioche, challah, and potato bread will work out nicely. You can also use French bread or even Texas toast.

You can still use wheat bread and other types of bread to make this breakfast dish if you want to. Just avoid soaking the bread in the custard too much since it’ll get overly soggy.

Knowing how to approach things will make it so much simpler to make French toast turn out well. Don’t hesitate to buy the best bread options and make some French toast for your family soon.

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Sunday 30th of July 2023

These other options sound good. I think I will try some. What do you think of Texas toast?

Sarah Bridenstine

Tuesday 1st of August 2023

Hi John!

As silly as this sounds, I don't think I've ever tried Texas toast for French toast! It sounds pretty amazing though. It definitely has the thickness going for it. You should definitely give it a try! I might have to myself!