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Skip the Store: Here’s What to Use When You’re Out of Cake Pop Sticks

Skip the Store: Here’s What to Use When You’re Out of Cake Pop Sticks

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Who doesn’t like to munch on some delicious cake pops while they’re celebrating a happy occasion?

Cake pops are popular and also easy to prepare. But without cake pop sticks, these bite-size cake balls become challenging to grab and eat.

If you want to enjoy cake pops without getting your hands messy, you should use sticks that allow you to indulge in their delicious taste without squishing them. They also help keep the coating and frosting in perfect shape while you’re creating a cake pop display.

I will suggest several cool alternatives if you want to know what to use for cake pop sticks. I’ll also answer a few questions about these kitchen accessories.

Cake Pop Sticks Alternatives

When you prepare a batch of cake pops, dip them in your favorite coating, and let them chill, you’ll be left with a challenge. How do you present them without having them squished?

You can arrange them on a tray, but people might touch several ones before picking the one they like. You also want to create an attractive display to show them off.

Cake pop sticks are available at craft stores and online.

Want something different? Luckily, there are several alternatives to choose from if you want to know how to make cake pops without sticks.

1- Lollipop Sticks

Lollipop sticks are close to cake pop sticks and arrive in big packages.

These sticks are either made of wood or plastic, but the plastic ones are more common because they’re cheaper and more durable.

You can buy these sticks from any craft store or online.

They have a pointed end, so you can easily insert them into the cake balls without breaking them.

When shopping for lollipop sticks, go for ones that measure between 4 and 6 inches. You can also pick taller ones, depending on the display you want to create.

2- Plastic Straws

Colored plastic straws will add a pop of color to your display when you use them as cake pop sticks.

Cut the straight ones into half or use the ones with spiral ends for more fun.

Plastic straws are budget-friendly and can be reusable. You can pick thick smoothie straws if you’re using them for a display where you want to ensure they will withstand the weight of the cake pops.

3- Paper Straws

Looking for a more environmentally-friendly option? Paper straws will work for you.

These straws usually have a decent sturdiness to hold cake pops in place, and they come in colorful patterns and designs to add more fun to your dessert display.

But if your cake balls are too moist, I wouldn’t recommend using them. They quickly absorb the moisture and can look soggy and unpleasant.

They’re also not as sturdy as wood and plastic sticks, so you want to keep them for small, rather dry cake pops.

4- Candy Canes

Want an edible stick for the festivals? Get some candy canes from the candy store and insert them into your cake pops.

This is an excellent idea if you’re serving cake pops to children because you won’t risk them poking each other with sticks. They’re also a delicious addition to your party.

The hooked side will facilitate grabbing the pops, and the other end will slightly melt, adding a new flavor to your cake pops.

I recommend using candy canes in the cold season because they can’t withstand the heat. Keep your cake pops chilled before serving for the best results.

5- Chopsticks

If you’re looking for longer sticks, you can always use wooden chopsticks. You might use the extra ones that arrive with your Chinese takeout or buy some from the grocery store.

Chopsticks have a pointed end that you insert into your cake balls, and the other end will allow you to create an attractive display for your dessert.

6- Skewers

Skewers are suitable for those who prepare cake pops regularly because they usually come in big packages. All you have to do is insert the pointed end into your cake balls and attach the other to your cake pop display.

These sticks are quite sturdy and won’t break under the weight of your cake pops.

7 – Plastic Spoons

Disposable plastic spoons can be a good alternative if you don’t want to use sticks. Get them from the grocery store, and gently insert them into your cake pops.

The handles of these plastic spoons aren’t sharp, so they’re safe for children. Just arrange them on a tray, and they’ll be ready.

8 – Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle sticks will work fine if you want an alternative to cake pop sticks. They work best for smaller cake pops because they can easily snap under the weight of the bigger ones.

Since they’re usually shorter than regular sticks, they will work for a tiered display where you can arrange them in front of taller cake pop sticks.

It’s important not to leave these popsicles in the fridge for too long to maintain their shape.

9 – Pretzel Sticks

Want to add a salty crunch to your cake pops? Use pretzel sticks.

Short pretzel sticks can be easily inserted into your cake pops after dipping them in the coating. They’re perfect for those who enjoy the salty and sweet combo and complement flavors like salted caramel.

They might be a little tricky to insert into the pops if they’re too hard. Moreover, you shouldn’t leave them in the fridge for long because they absorb moisture and can become soft.

10 – Toothpicks

Toothpicks are easy to buy and allow you to arrange your cake pops in multiple ways.

Because they’re shorter than other options, you can use them if you want to use your cake balls to decorate a cake or a cone made of fondant.

You can combine them with longer skewers or wooden straws to create an appealing display.

Can Cake Pop Sticks Go in the Oven?

No, they shouldn’t go in the oven.

Whether made of plastic or wood, you should use sticks after your cake pops are out of the oven.

Wooden sticks and skewers can catch fire in the oven because wood is flammable. Even at a low temperature, they will look scorched and might make your cake pops taste bitter.

The high heat in the oven will melt any sticks or straws made of plastic as it has a low melting point. The plastic will then drip on your cake pops and ruin them.

Even if you’re using edible sticks, they shouldn’t go in the oven. Pretzel sticks will become too hard and bitter if you keep them in high heat, altering the pops’ taste.

Candy sticks will quickly melt in the oven, dripping all over your cake balls, and should be kept in the fridge.

How Long Should Cake Pop Sticks Be?

Cake pop sticks come in different lengths, mostly measuring 4, 6, 8, or 10 inches long.

All the alternatives mentioned above fall within this range, with toothpicks being the shortest and chopsticks being the longest.

However, most people go for 6 to 8-inch sticks because they’re easy to grab.

Nevertheless, you can always look for longer options if you’re building a specific display.

How to Dip Cake Pops Without Sticks

Sticks can make your life so much easier when dipping cake pops into your favorite coating, but they aren’t the only option out there.

  • Fill tiny paper cups with your coating and submerge your cake pops into it. Insert a small plastic spoon into each one to pick it up.
  • Insert the twines of a dessert fork into your cake ball and dip it into your coating, then remove the fork and let your cake pops chill.
  • Let melted chocolate harden over wax paper and insert one of the shards into your cake ball. Use this shard to hold your cake pop while dipping it into the coating.

Final Thoughts

Although cake pop sticks are easy to find, there are several cool alternatives if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time for last-minute grocery shopping.

Some of these alternatives work for specific display ideas, and some are even edible. Luckily, you can try several ones to see which works for your party theme.

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