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4 Tasty Things to Do with Your Leftover Lobster

4 Tasty Things to Do with Your Leftover Lobster

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Getting the chance to enjoy a nice lobster dinner is something that many people look forward to. If you get a good deal on lobsters, then you might choose to buy a few at a time to have a big dinner.

Cooking lobsters and enjoying them with friends or family members can be a good time. The meat is very tender and delicious, and you don’t really have to do anything fancy to make a good dinner.

If you finish your meal and you have quite a bit leftover, then you might be wondering what you can do with it. Are there any good options that will allow you to utilize it to make something else?

Keep reading to learn about what you can do with leftover lobster. It’ll help you to figure out how to use up the rest so that it doesn’t go to waste.

1 – Enjoy the Lobster with Special Seafood Sauces

Enjoy Lobster With Special Seafood Sauces Such As Tarter Sauce

This first option is going to be a winner since it isn’t really all that complicated. You can make the lobster seem different by enjoying it alongside some special seafood sauces.

Most standard seafood sauces are going to taste really good when used on lobster meat. This means that you could simply choose whatever your favorite seafood sauce happens to be.

Take some lobster meat and dip it in the seafood sauce before taking a bite. It’ll make the lobster taste even better than usual and it’ll be different than the standard lobster dinner that you recently had.

There are quite a few popular options that people like to go with when eating lobster this way. Tartar sauce is going to be one of the best options that most people will want to consider.

You can easily get high-quality tartar sauce from the grocery store, but you could also choose to make your own if you’re so inclined. It’ll add something to the overall meal and it’s simple enough to make.

Seafood cocktail sauce is another good thing to consider when you’re trying to go for something different. This is a savory sauce that adds a lot of flavor to the lobster meat.

Just take the time to pick your favorite seafood sauce and prepare dipping bowls for everyone. If you have different family members with different preferences, then you can prepare multiple sauces to give people options.

Since the sauce isn’t being placed directly on the lobster, it’s easy for people to just dip the meat into the sauce as they’re eating. It’s a fun meal and a good way to use up the leftover lobster.

2 – Melted Butter and Garlic

Melted Butter And Garlic For Lobster Meat

Another idea is to create a sort of marinade to add some flavor to the lobster meat. You can’t cook the lobster again or it’s going to make the meat dry, but you can change things up to make it more interesting.

Creating a simple melted butter and garlic marinade will allow you to enjoy your lobster to the fullest. You can just melt a bit of butter in a pan along with some diced garlic to get good results.

Some people will want to add a bit more to the mix to spice things up. A little bit of lemon juice might go nicely with your lobster and using parsley could add something to the overall presentation.

You have options when it comes to serving the lobster. Some people will just pour this marinade over it and then serve slices on a plate.

It’s also easy enough to just put your melted butter and garlic mixture into little bowls. Everyone can get a bowl and then dunk the lobster meat into the dipping bowl whenever they want to.

The idea winds up being very similar to the one above if you go with the dipping bowls. Whatever route you decide to take should be delicious.

3 – Make Lobster Rolls

Delicious Lobster Rolls

Are you looking to enjoy lobster in a completely different way? You might want to look into making lobster rolls using the leftover meat that you have.

Lobster rolls are a type of sandwich that has become very popular in New England. It utilizes shredded lobster, mayo, and celery to make a truly tantalizing meal.

You can easily follow a popular recipe to make this for yourself at home. All you’ll need to do is dice up or shred the lobster meat to get it ready for the sandwich.

Generally, lobster rolls are served on steamed hot dog buns, so it might not seem like a sandwich to you. Regardless, this is very tasty and it’s something that many people wind up falling in love with.

You just might want to enjoy lobster rolls quite a bit moving forward. It could even become your favorite way to enjoy the meat.

4 – Salsa Verde is Great with Lobster

Salsa Verde For Lobster

Finally, you might want to try out salsa verde with your leftover lobster if you’re looking for something with a kick. This green sauce is made with olive oil, garlic, and fresh herbs.

It’s actually pretty common for people to enjoy salsa verde along with many seafood dishes. It tastes particularly good with lobster, though, and it’s definitely something that could help you to finish your leftovers.

The easiest way to enjoy salsa verde with your lobster is on the side. You could give people a helping of salsa verde on a plate that they can mix with their lobster.

Some people might prefer to keep the salsa verde in a bowl for dipping, though. In this sense, it could be used the same way as many of the other ideas mentioned above.

This is a simple but satisfying way to enjoy leftover lobster meat. It adds flavor to the meat and makes it seem like a different meal entirely.

Just Eat it

Eating Left Over Lobster

Of course, you don’t have to do anything fancy with your leftover lobster. It’s also possible to just heat it back up and eat the leftovers the next day.

Your lobster doesn’t have to go to waste even if you don’t feel like doing anything special. The ideas presented above are great if you need to make the meal seem special, though.

Just enjoy your lobster and do your best to eat the leftovers in a timely fashion. You aren’t going to want to wait too long to eat leftover lobster, but it’ll be more than fine to have it for dinner the next day so long as you store it properly.

The next time you decide to buy lobsters from the store, it might be good to look into different recipes. The ideas to help you eat your leftovers in this article were based on using cooked lobster, but there’s a lot more that you can do if you have raw lobster.

You could make a fantastic lobster dish alongside pasta if you’re looking for something substantial. There are so many different recipes that can utilize lobster meat out there.

It’s possible to buy lobster semi-regularly and to have a completely different meal each time. You can do a lot of amazing things with it if you look into it.

It should be easy to finish your leftovers as well. You can just eat them as normal or you can prepare a special sauce to give it a little something extra.

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