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3 Tasty Things You Can Do with Crumbled Cookies

3 Tasty Things You Can Do with Crumbled Cookies

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People all around the world appreciate cookies. After all, there are so many different variants on cookies that you can try, with some types of cookies being crispy and crunchy and others being thick and chewy. Not to mention that there are hundreds of different flavors that you can incorporate into the cookie.

With as many different kinds of cookies as there are, it should come as no surprise that people all around the world enjoy baking and eating cookies.

However, especially when it comes to a process that is as complex and fickle as baking, there are going to be times when you don’t get the recipe quite right. It could be that your cookie dough turned out to be too crumbly to hold its shape properly, or it could be that the cookie seemingly fell apart in the oven.

As annoying as it might be, this is a standard part of the baking process to run into a few poor turnouts every now and then.

If you are stuck with a tray of cookies that aren’t quite suitable to be eaten because the texture isn’t right, or you aren’t entirely sure what to do with a full bowl of faulty cookie dough, you might be tempted to throw it all out.

If you can’t eat what you made as it is, then there’s really no reason to keep it around, right?

While this may be true for some foods, there are actually quite a few ways that you can make use out of cookies that have turned into a crumble. In fact, there are countless recipes out there that rely on crumbled cookies, meaning that there are countless ways that you can turn yours into something that you can enjoy.

1 – Mixing the Cookie Crumbs Into Another Meal

This is going to be the most common usage of crumbled cookies, as mixing the food into something else will not only make use of the crumbled remains of your cookie, but if there is a problem with the texture, the other food you will be mixing it into will help to obfuscate that.

Take, for example, adding your chocolate chip cookie crumbles into a bowl of oatmeal to put a spin on a standard breakfast meal.

For this, all you will really need is about a quarter cup of crushed cookies for each half cup of oatmeal. Of course, you can choose to add more cookie crumbles to the mix if you want a higher concentration of the cookie bits, but this ratio is good to start out with so that you can get a feel and taste for what you are making.

From here, you will want to make your oatmeal as you normally would. Once the oats and water have been properly heated up and are ready to go, you will want to dump the cookie crumble into the mix and stir it all together.

If you really want to turn your breakfast into a dessert in disguise, adding a chocolate syrup or Nutella can make things taste significantly better.

This kind of recipe is best used if your cookie crumbs have a taste that isn’t that good, but isn’t so bad that it would ruin a dish. By cooking your cookie crumbs into the bulk of another food, you can also change the texture into something more favorable.

This is going to be the best use of your cookie crumbs when their texture is not suitable for making a dish completely from the crumbs themselves.

2 – Using the Cookie Crumbs as a Topping

1 Thing You Can Use Leftover Cookie Crumbs For Is A Topping For Ice Cream

If your cookie crumbs taste exactly like a cookie should, but are simply unable to hold their shape and you do not want to go through the effort of trying to wrestle the cookie dough back into a malleable form, you may want to consider using your cookie crumbs as a topping for something else.

There are quite a few desserts out there that can benefit from the addition of tasteful cookie crumbs sprinkled on top.

A common example of this is ice cream. Just as there are many variations of cookie flavoring and additions that you can make, there are many ways that you can drastically improve your ice cream with toppings of your choosing.

Here, you don’t really have to do much in terms of a recipe, as you will usually be working with ice cream that you purchased or ice cream that you have made yourself.

To add the cookie crumbs as a topping, all you will really have to do is sprinkle as many of the cookie crumbs on top of the ice cream as you want. The more of a texture difference you want, the more crumbs you add. This also applies when you are looking to add an undertone of cookie taste to your food.

Cakes are also a dessert that commonly use cookie crumbs as a topping. In fact, streusel, crumb cake, and similar variants exist because crumbs and cakes make such a good combination with each other.

When you are adding cookie crumbs to your cake, you may have to work in a few extra steps to make the perfect blend of cake and cookie crumb.

For instance, if you want a variety of crumb sizes, you may have to break some of the larger cookie crumbs down into smaller ones, while leaving a few large ones for the sake of texture. You will also regularly add a pinch of flour, some cinnamon, and any other applicable spices to the cookie crumbs.

Once these have been added to the finest of the crumbs, you may also want to add some crushed nuts and/or powdered sugar for a boost in flavor.

3 – Using the Cookie Crumbs to Form a Crust

Last, but most certainly not least, you can use a plethora of cookie crumbs, finely crushed, to create crusts. You will usually see these crusts on pies and cheesecakes, as they can mix well with either the cheese of the cheesecake or the fruit innards of most dessert pies.

Here, you will want to try and crush the cookie crumbs into as fine pieces as you can get. This is going to be important if you want the crust to have a chance at staying together. You can use a rolling pin or you can use a food processor for this as needed.

Next, all you will need to do is mix in some butter so that you can get the cookie crumbs to stick together and then you can begin molding the crust into the shape of whatever you are planning to make.

If you want the crust to be on the sweeter side, you can add about a quarter cup of sugar to it, although the flavor of the cookies should be sweet enough that you don’t have to do this. It should go without saying that you are going to want to make sure that your cookie crumbs still taste good before turning them into a crust for another meal.

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