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8 Tasty Things You Can Do with Crumbled Cookies

8 Tasty Things You Can Do with Crumbled Cookies

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Sometimes it’s hard to get cookies right.

Whenever I try a new recipe, I find it takes plenty of trial and error to get the correct timing. Unfortunately, overbaking cookies even for a few minutes can turn them hard and dry.

So, what can you do with crumbled cookies that are too dry to eat as-is? Today, I’m sharing eight tasty ways to repurpose crumbled cookies!

Prepping Your Cookies

Did you make too many cookies, or did your dough turn out too crumbly to hold its shape? Maybe the cookies spread too thin and fell apart in the oven.

Not to worry. As annoying as it might be, running into a few poor turnouts is a standard part of baking. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles!

If you are stuck with a tray of cookies that aren’t quite suitable for eating, don’t throw them out. Let your failed cookies dehydrate a bit further in the oven. After this, allow them to cool completely.

Doing this will turn them nice and crunchy – perfect for crushing.

Once you have crushed cookies, you can store them in ziplock bags. Use them for any of the creative ideas below.

8 Crumbled Cookie Ideas to Try

There are plenty of ways to make use of crumbled cookies. In fact, countless recipes rely on crumbled cookies as a component.

Here are a few ideas for turning crumbled cookies into something you can enjoy.

1. Mix It Into Oatmeal

Mixing crumbled cookies into something else is a great way to use your leftovers. This is because it can add texture and flavor to the new dish.

For instance, you may mix chocolate chip cookie crumbles into a bowl of oatmeal for a unique spin!

To do this, all you need is about a quarter cup of crushed cookies for each half cup of oatmeal.

Cook the oatmeal as usual, then pour the crushed cookies in. If you want to turn your breakfast into a dessert in disguise, mix optional ingredients like nuts, Nutella, or chocolate chips.

Of course, you can add more cookies to the mix if you want a higher concentration of the crumble!

2. Use It as Ice Cream Topping

1 Thing You Can Use Leftover Cookie Crumbs For Is A Topping For Ice Cream

Many desserts can benefit from a sprinkling of crunchy cookie crumbs. An example of this is ice cream.

Cookie crumble can elevate plain ice cream through its crunchiness.

Here, you don’t have to do much in terms of a recipe. Simply buy your favorite ice cream flavor from the store and top it with as much crumble as you desire. The more of a texture difference you want, the more crumbs you add.

Use cookie crumble for creating beautiful parfaits and even cookie ala modes!

3. Get Inventive With Cookie Truffles

You only need two ingredients to make cookie truffles – cookies and cream cheese.

First, blend your cookies in a food processor. Add room-temperature cream cheese and pulse until well combined. The consistency of your mixture should be like dough.

Form the truffles into small balls and chill.

As an added option, you can roll them in sprinkles or dip them in melted chocolate. You may also hide marshmallows or nuts at the center of these truffles for an added surprise!

4. Bake It Into Cake

Cakes are another dessert that can have cookie crumbs as a topping. I believe streusel exists because crumbs and cakes make such a good combination!

When adding cookie crumbs to your cake, you may have to experiment to get the perfect blend of cake and cookie crumbs.

If you want a variety of crumb sizes, break some of the larger cookie crumbs down into smaller ones. Meanwhile, leave a few large ones for the sake of texture.

A great tip is to add a pinch of flour, some cinnamon, or other spices to the cookie crumbs. Next, boost the flavor with crushed nuts and powdered sugar.

Finally, if your cookie crumbs are too fine, you can incorporate a little butter to get them to form delicious clumps.

5. Blend It Into Cookie Butter

Cookie butter is like peanut butter. The only difference is you use delicious cookies instead of nuts! You can blend old cookies in a food processor to create this spread in no time.

Start by adding the cookies into a processor and blending it. Add some sugar and spices, then drizzle heavy cream into the mix.

Keep pulverizing the cookies until you get the desired consistency. For a chunky cookie butter, mix more crushed cookies into the final product.

Pour the cookie butter into a clean jar and store it in the fridge.

6. Create Chocolate Cookie Bark

I love chocolate bark because you can go crazy with the toppings. It’s also one of the easiest presents you can make for your loved ones!

To make cookie bark, melt chocolate on low in the microwave. Heat it in 20-second intervals and stir the chocolate between each.

Once the chocolate melts, spread it over a parchment-lined sheet, then top it with crumbled cookies. Do this while it’s warm to allow the crumble to stick to the chocolate.

Add pretzels, flaky sea salt, sprinkles, or any topping you desire. You can follow a theme to make your chocolate bark cohesive. For example, use red and green candies for a Christmas-themed bark.

Chill the cookie bark in the fridge. When it’s set, break the chocolate into chunks and divide the pieces into cute packaging!

7. Mix It Into a Milkshake

Turning your stale cookies into milkshakes is one of the quickest ways to repurpose them. Your kids will love this rendition of milk and cookies!

In a blender, add two parts crushed ice, one part milk, a little sugar, and your crushed cookies. Blend the mixture until homogenous. After this, top it off with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and chocolate syrup.

8. Make Pie Crust

Last but not least, you can use a plethora of cookie crumbs, finely crushed, to create crusts. Cookie crusts are common on pies and cheesecakes. Cookies pair perfectly with cream cheese and fruits in most dessert pies.

To start, crush the cookie crumbs into fine pieces. You may use a food processor, rolling pin, or mortar. Getting the right particle size is important if you want the crust to stay together.

For those who prefer a sweeter crust, you can add about a quarter cup of sugar to it. Remember to taste your cookies before adding sugar to avoid making your dessert too sweet.

Finally, combine the crushed cookies with melted butter. The butter is your binding agent for this crust. Press it firmly along your mold to ensure it’s structurally sound. Your cookie crust is now ready!

Final Thoughts

What can you do with crumbled cookies? Simply put, you can add it to any dessert for extra crunch.

Some ideas are to mix your cookies into oatmeal or milkshakes. Using it as a topping in ice cream, cake, or chocolate bark is also great.

Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild. With these tasty creations, you may realize that overbaking cookies aren’t so bad after all!

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