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What Apples Are Good for Apple Crisp? (7 Delicious Options)

What Apples Are Good for Apple Crisp? (7 Delicious Options)

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During the cold months of the year, many people look forward to enjoying hot desserts, and there are few hot desserts better than apple crisp.

Making your own apple crisp has the potential to be very satisfying. You can enjoy it with your family on a chilly weekend or whenever else you might get a craving.

Of course, to make sure it turns out the best that it can, it’s going to be crucial to use the right ingredients. This might lead you to wonder which specific apples are good for apple crisp.

Read on to learn about the best apples to consider. This should help you to pick out exactly what you need at the store.

You Want to Give the Apple Crisp a Sweet and Tart Flavor

Generally, people like apple crisp to taste both sweet and tart. This can be accomplished in a few different ways.

One idea is to pick out a type of apple that naturally has a sweet flavor. This will allow you to use just one kind of apple and have everything turn out exactly how you want it to.

In some ways, this is probably going to be the easiest route to take. However, you could also use multiple kinds of apples if you’re so inclined.

Some choose to pick out one apple that is sweet and another that is a bit tart. Then they use both kinds in the apple crisp to get the sweet and tart flavor that’s desired.

Below, you’ll learn a bit about the options that you have available to you. This should make it simpler to pick out apples that you can easily use to make the best apple crisp you’ve ever had.

1 – Fuji Apples

Fuji Apples Are Good For Apple Crisp

Fuji apples are going to be perfect to use for both baking and snacking. These are sweet, crunchy apples that are absolutely delightful to share with friends and family members.

Using Fuji apples in apple crisp will be very satisfying. Since the apples are satisfyingly sweet, you’re going to want to pair them with a tart apple.

You should be able to make a stellar dessert if you choose to buy these. With the apples being so good, you might want to keep them around as normal snacks even when you don’t want to make a dessert dish.

2 – Granny Smith Apples

Granny Smith Apples Are Good For Apple Crisp

Granny Smith apples are among the most popular to use for baking. These are fantastic apples that have a tart quality that you’ll love.

Of course, you’ll be blending these apples with a sweet apple to get the right taste for the apple crisp. You could use these apples by themselves to make the apple crisp if you’d like as well.

Those who only use Granny Smith apples wind up putting some type of sweet topping on the dessert. It can make for a really satisfying dessert if you’d like to try it out.

3 – Crispin Apples

Crispin Apples Are Good For Apple Crisp

Crispin apples look similar to Granny Smith apples since they’re pale green. The taste of these apples will be closer to Golden Delicious, though.

These are popular apples to use in apple crisp desserts because they have great texture. The texture of the apples happens to be perfect for baking.

It’s also notable that these apples have a slightly tart flavor that gets balanced out well by a juicy sweetness. This should be an apple type that you can use by itself to make the apple crisp.

4 – Jonagold Apples

Jonagold Apples Are Good For Apple Crisp

Jonagold apples are going to be a good choice for anyone who likes to enjoy apple desserts that are sweet. If you prefer your apple desserts to have a greater sweetness, this should be an apple type that you’ll want to look into.

Many people who like eating sweet apples buy these to eat as snacks. They’re really good for baking purposes when you want the apples to be as sweet as possible in the dessert that you’re baking.

These apples were created by crossing the popular Golden Delicious apples with an apple called Jonathan. Jonagold apples are probably more popularly used in apple pie than in apple crisp desserts, but they’ll be great nonetheless.

5 – Winesap Apples

Winesap Apples Are Good For Apple Crisp

Winesap is considered by many to be one of the best options when you’re making apple crisp. These apples are both green and red, and they have a good balance of sweet and tart flavors.

The reason why the apples are called Winesap has to do with the taste. They taste a little bit like spiced wine or apple cider.

Since the apples are so juicy, they’re popularly used to make apple cider. You’ll be thrilled with how good these apples are for making apple crisp as well.

6 – Gravenstein Apples

Gravenstein Apples Are Good For Apple Crisp

Gravenstein apples might be the best bet if you don’t want to have to blend apples. This is a perfect choice because it has both the sweet and tart qualities that you’re looking for.

These apples are tart, but they have a honeyed finish that gives them a satisfying sweet-tart balance. It’s truly an easy choice to make when you want to make apple crisp for dessert.

You could use these apples to make many different types of apple desserts. They’ll be perfect for pies and cobblers if you’d like to mix things up.

7 – Braeburn Apples

Braeburn Apples Are Good For Apple Crisp

Braeburn apples will be another good one to consider. These apples are quite juicy, but they aren’t mushy like some other juicy apples.

This makes them very good to use for baking purposes. You might find yourself drawn to these apples since they have a very intense sweet-tart flavor.

If you plan to use fall spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg in the apple crisp dessert, then this will be an excellent apple choice. Braeburn apples blend very nicely with fall spices, and you’ll surely be satisfied with the apple crisp.

Special Tips

Now that you’ve learned about which apples work best for making apple crisp, it’ll be good to get a few other tips. This should make it so that you can make apple crisp even better than before.

When you’re cutting the apples, you’re going to have an easier time if you have a sharp paring knife. If you don’t have a paring knife that you can use, stick to using an apple peeler.

The paring knife will be better since it’ll make it easier to make even cuts. You want to try to cut the apples into quarters and then divide the quarters into four even pieces.

You’ll be able to get the apples to cook better if they’re the same size. If some apple pieces are way bigger than others, everything might not cook at the same rate, and this can throw off the results.

Also, you should know that it’s fine to use apples that are a bit too ripe. This is a good way to use up apples that are about to be too ripe to eat.

So long as you keep all of this information in mind, you’ll have fun making apple crisp. You’ll be able to make as much as you need so that the whole family can be satisfied.

This is a stellar fall treat that your family will fall in love with. Get the apples that you need from the store and try making this dessert sometime soon.

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