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37 Unique Gifts for Bakers Who Have It All

37 Unique Gifts for Bakers Who Have It All

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It’s that time of year again when everyone is frantically thinking of the best gifts to get for everyone in their lives. Maybe you know a few people who love to bake and want to get them a gift that will go well with their passion for the kitchen.

But what to get a baker? You don’t want to get them a gift that they may already have (they most likely already own a measuring cup…).

Don’t worry! This guide will give you a bunch of great, unique ideas for those special bakers in your life. Maybe they will even bake you some cookies in return…

1 – Digital Measuring Cup

We bakers like things to be precise and our perfectly crafted recipes often rely on exact measurements.

A digital measuring cup ensures that all of our ingredients are measured to the exact quantity which we need.

Functioning as both a scale and a volume measurer, a digital measuring cup is two tools combined into one! Bakers also like dual functionality of tools…but don’t we all!

2 – Cake Flavored Chapstick

Long after the cake has been baked and eaten, a baker may still be craving cake. Cake flavored chapstick will satisfy that craving without any calories!

The sweet smell of cake is perfectly encapsulated in this practical gift and is the perfect stocking stuffer for any baker. Soft lips that taste like cake are even more kissable than ever!

3 – Cake in a Mug

For the baker on the go, a mug cake is about as good as it gets. Simply mix the cake mixture in a mug with a beverage of your choice, throw it in the microwave, and you’re done!

When giving this as a gift, don’t forget the mug itself. For a baking-themed mug, check out our custom baking designs on or

4 – Edible Paper and Ink Printer

This might just be the ultimate gift for a baker. While somewhat costly, a printer that can print using edible paper and ink opens up all sorts of ways to decorate your baked goods.

Whether you want to put a family photo on a cake or “It’s a boy!” on a batch of cookies, an edible printer does it all. These printers provide the perfect way to quickly and easily decorate cakes for birthday parties and other events.

Your kids will especially appreciate how good your baked goods look!

5 – Flexible Baking Mold

One of the hottest new baking items available these days is a flexible baking mold, which allows you to create a mold in just about any shape you can imagine.

These molds are made of short, flexible strips of silicone that snap together to create unique shapes.

The silicone strips are FDA approved, non-stick, and leak free (most of the time). Best of all, they’re quite inexpensive!

Get this for the creative baker in your life.

6 – Cookie Press

While the average cookie tastes great, its appearance often leaves something to be desired. That’s where a cookie press comes in.

With a cookie press, you can bake cookies that not only taste great, but look great too. Not only that, but you can create beautiful and intricately-shaped cookies without the time and skill required by a professional baker.

Cookie presses are a perfect way to add some variety and originality to your cookies when you want to get results fast.

7 – Baking T-Shirts

When I am getting ready to bake, I make sure to put on my favorite baking t-shirt to get me in the mood. Grab a funny t-shirt with a saying that only a baker could love.

A “Baking is my Superpower” shirt is perfect for those superhero cookie makers while an “I Kneed You” Shirt is fantastic for bread bakers.

So many cute saying that you are sure to find the perfect gift. Take a look at some of our best designs for some ideas.

8 – ApronsIr?T=Bakingknead03 20&Amp;L=Li2&Amp;O=1&Amp;A=B00Fw49H3K

While you may think that every baker already has an apron, there are so many fun designs that a baker would love to have in their collection.

From practical aprons which also show measurement conversions, to fun aprons that have festive patterns and pictures, an apron can brighten up a kitchen and really put a baker in the mood to cook.

Oh, and they also protect your clothes from getting dirty- very necessary when you are working with flour!

9 – Butane Torch

While it’s uses aren’t limited to baking, a butane torch is a nice, relatively inexpensive gift for anyone that spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

Whether you use it to caramelize sugar or roast vegetables, there are a multitude of uses for a butane torch for a home baker.

10 – Cake Decorating Airbrush Kit

Once you’ve mastered the basics of cake decorating, it’s time to move on to using an airbrush.

While using an airbrush can take some getting used to, you don’t have to be an expert to create some nice-looking cakes with it.

I suggest watching a few videos to get an idea of the basic techniques, then experiment and have some fun. Once you get the hang of it, you can create some truly amazing looking cakes with an airbrush.

11 – Giant Cupcake Mold

What’s better than a cupcake? A giant cupcake!

Giant cupcakes are close in size to a small cake and are great attention getters at birthday parties, weddings, and other social gatherings.

This is another gift that’s great for the creative baker in your life, as it allows you to approach your decorating in a new way to create something that most people have never seen.

12 – Baking Mat

While baking mats might not seem super unique to you, you’d be surprised by how many bakers either have never heard of them or have never given them a chance.

Any tool that makes baking easier should be consider a great tool, and baking mats definitely fall into this category. Gone are the days where you put in all that effort in making the perfect cookies to later find that they’re stuck to the pan.

Not only do these silicone mats provide a smooth non-stick surface, but the mesh design promotes consistent heat distribution, resulting in a more-evenly baked product.

13 – Adjustable Cake Slicer

Anyone who makes cakes can tell you that cutting the cake into layers can be a very tricky task. You don’t want to end up with some layers bigger than others and you also do not want to cut the cake layers crooked.

So what is a baker to do? Well, use an adjustable cake slicer of course!

This tool guides the knife as it slices through the cake, ensuring each layer is the same size and is cut perfectly straight.

Any cake baker will love such a useful gift!

14 – Personalized Rolling Pin

A rolling pin that imprints the bakers name right into the dough is such a cool and personal gift. This is a gift that many bakers would never buy for themselves but will be obsessed with once they have it.

Make the rolling pin say anything you want or simply stick to the bakers name. Now, everyone will know who made those amazing cookies!

15 – Marble Rolling Pin

Only those who have made many, many pie crusts will appreciate the weight of a marble rolling pin. The heavy marble presses down on whatever it is rolling, allowing the user to push less and roll out dough easier and faster.

Plus, a marble rolling pin just looks really nice in a kitchen and sounds cool- I’d be impressed if someone told me they made a pie crust made with a marble rolling pin!

16 – Silicone Whisk

While many bakers will already have a good set of silicone spatulas, a silicone whisk is something new that they will love.

Not only does it work great as a whisk for whipping up egg whites or mixing ingredients, with the silicone wrapped prongs, it will also scrape the bowl as you mix.

As the whisk is completely coated, it will never scrape your bowl or get tiny metal flakes in your batter from the metal on metal whisking action.

This tool is not only unique but necessary for any serious baker.

17 – Fun Oven MittsIr?T=Bakingknead03 20&Amp;L=Li2&Amp;O=1&Amp;A=B00I0Vulxc

Oven mitts are a necessity for any baker but a fun whimsical pair is even better! Grab a pair of bear paw or shark head oven mitts for a baker who loves animals (and has a great sense of humor).

You can also find many mitts with pretty floral patterns for a more basic yet still amusing approach. With so many types of oven mitts, you are sure to find the perfect pair for the baker in your life.

18 – Unicorn Sprinkle Shaker

What better way to put sprinkles on cupcakes than with a unicorn sprinkle shaker? This amazing shaker is cute, whimsical and as rare as unicorns themselves!

Get this gift to help make sprinkles even more fun than they already are.

19 – Cookie Shot Glass Mold

After a long day of baking, one may need a drink to relax and calm down. But at the end of the day, I still want a tasty cookie.

How to combine a cookie with hard alcohol…. Cookie shot glasses!

This awesome cookie mold will bake the cookies into shot glasses which you can then fill, drink from and eat- it really doesn’t get any better than that.

20 – Copper Mixing Bowl

Copper is like the pinnacle of baking materials. Using a cooper bowl for something like whipping egg whites yields significantly better results (lighter, fluffier egg whites that are more stable when whipped) than when using a plastic or aluminum bowl.

However, copper kitchenware can be expensive, yet this also makes it a great gift. A nice sized copper bowl is something any baker would love and treasure for many years to come.

21 – Maple Sugar Cube

Fancy sugars is a new trend in baking so keep your baker friends on point with a maple sugar cube. A quick pass over a grater and delicious maple sugar is ready to garnish any recipe.

Buy a full bag of maple sugar to give a different version of the sweet ingredient. Usable in any recipe that calls for regular sugar, this is a gift that will get every baker excited to turn on the oven and try out their new ingredient.

22 – Edible Gold

Adding gold flakes to any baked good instantly makes it look fancy and professional. Help your baker friends reach this level of baking by giving them edible gold flakes.

While gold isn’t the cheapest ingredient to buy, it sure adds eye appeal to anything you put it on (just don’t eat the whole jar or your stomach may regret it…it doesn’t have much flavor anyway!).

23 – Flour Grinder

Quality flour is not taken for granted by any baker and maybe the chef in your life wants to take their flour game up a notch.

With this gift, your baker can now grind their own flour out of dried wheat berries, nuts or other grains. The types of flour they can create with a flour grinder are endless and fresh flours add a whole new dimension to baking.

Grab a bag of imported Italian wheat berries to go with the flour grinder for a complete gift.

24 – Tool Box

While the kitchen drawers may work for an amateur baker, those who bake a lot will quickly run out of kitchen space for all of their baking tools. A fun metal tool box if an awesome gift to give any baker.

Find one with a top shelf or some nice small storage places- that little square in a tool box where the nails usually go would be perfect for pastry tips!

25 – Fancy Spices

Quality ingredients are always key in baking as well as general cooking. Bakers on a budget may not always splurge on good spices like vanilla sugar or high quality cinnamon however they are sure to appreciate and be excited to use some fancy spices.

Find a nice baker’s spice set (we like this one), to gift any baker who will appreciate the subtleties of higher end spices (if you’re lucky, maybe they will bake you a cake using their new luxury spices).

26 – Homemade Cookies

Once you are declared a baker, everyone always expects you to be baking all the desserts from there on out. Sometimes, you just want someone to make you cookies or cakes.

Give the gift of homemade cookies this year to treat the usual baker to a night off. If you aren’t very kitchen savvy, buy some cookies that are ‘homemade’ by someone else!

27 – Recipe Books

Old fashioned recipe books are still a great place to record any recipes you try.

Having a hand written recipe is so much nicer than having to pull it up online anytime you want to bake. It also guarantees that you will have the recipe for life!

Any baker should have a nice recipe book to easily store all of their favorites in one place.

28 – Tablet Docking StationIr?T=Bakingknead03 20&Amp;L=Li2&Amp;O=1&Amp;A=B00N1Vdcgo

While real cookbooks are still a favorite of mine, many people now find recipes online and will need to read them off of a tablet.

A tablet docking station is like the modern day cook book holder. It will keep the tablet upright and out of the way so you can easily read a recipe while you are baking in the kitchen.

It is also great to hold a tablet and allow you to watch Netflix while whipping up a batch of cookies!

29 – Cake Stencils

Want to know the fastest way to decorate a cake? Place a cake stencil on top, dust with a little powdered sugar, remove the cake stencil and voila! A perfect design right on top of the cake in under 5 seconds.

Find a fun pattern cake stencil to give as a gift this year.

30 – Nesting Bowls and Measuring Cups

A sense of order is great in any kitchen and when you’re a baker, you will accumulate a lot of tools that can cause clutter. Give any baker the gift of organization by getting them a set of nesting bowls and measuring cups.

With a set that all snaps together, a baker will always know exactly where their tools are and be able to keep the kitchen clean and orderly with no effort at all.

Plus, many nesting bowl and measuring cup sets come in fun bright, colors!

31 – Baked With Love Stamp

Once the perfect cookies are baked and the beautiful bread is out of the oven, a true baker will want to package and present their masterpiece in style.

Pick up a nice rubber stamp which says “Baked With Love”- any baker would love this gift (and most likely not already have it!) as it will really add that great finishing touch to their foods.

Don’t all bakers cook with love?!

32 – Complete Candy Making Kit

Baking and candy making are very different processes yet any dessert loving baker may also want to venture into candy making as well.

Pick up a candy making kit to help encourage your baker friend’s dessert ambitions and provide them with all the tools they need to begin making candy.

Hopefully this gift will make sure there are chocolate lollipops in your future as well!

33 – Ceramic Knife Set

While not typically thought of as a baking item, a nice set of knives is nice to have on hand for anyone that spends time in the kitchen.

Ceramic knives in particular are getting more and more popular these days. Because they easily rinse off and don’t absorb food particles like other materials typically used for knives, they’re ideal for bakers who like to quickly chop up various ingredients, such as fruits and vegetables, to add to their baked goods.

The blades stay sharper much longer than steel knives as well. I have a couple sets of ceramic knives, which I absolutely love.

34 – Alphabet Cake PanIr?T=Bakingknead03 20&Amp;L=Li2&Amp;O=1&Amp;A=B00Mhs2Sa8

If you know someone who bakes a lot of custom cakes, then this pan is for them. Any cake baker has had their fair share of carving out cakes to look like numbers or letters.

With this innovative pan, cake bakers can ditch the knife and simply bake the cake into the letter they need in the first place!

Trust me, all cake bakers will appreciate this gift!

35 – Red and White Kitchen Twine

While this gift may seem silly, it is a classic baking symbol which any baker will appreciate. There is just something special and comforting about baked goods that are wrapped in red and white twine and every baker will love to be able to pass that feeling along with their goodies.

A simple yet much appreciated gift (and it’s great for those on a budget!). You should be able to find this at a local arts and crafts store.

36 – Baking Jewelry

Maybe a measuring cup charm? Possibly a miniature cake? What about a locket with a favorite recipe inside?

Jewelry that embodies someone’s love for baking is a great gift that will be personal and treasured by the receiver.

There are so many options of jewelry that represents baking literally or symbolically so you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect gift!

37 – Junior Baking Set

It’s never too early to get your kids interested in baking, especially if it’s something they’ve shown some interest in.

If you or your relatives have children, what better way to get them started on their baking career than a starter baking set? Just make sure to get them a set with real tools, not ones that look the part but don’t actually work.

With all these cool gift ideas for bakers, you’re well-prepared for your next birthday or holiday. Instead of spending your time worrying about what you’re going to get for someone, work on baking a delicious treat to bring with your gift!

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