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How to Make Scones Without Heavy Cream

How to Make Scones Without Heavy Cream

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Scones are so tasty that you might want to eat them every single day, and it’s pretty common for people to enjoy them multiple times per week.

Many choose to eat them while drinking coffee or tea in the morning or afternoon. They’re a perfect accompaniment to these popular drinks.

The problem with this is that scones aren’t necessarily the healthiest things that you can eat. They often use heavy cream and that helps to make them high in calories.

If you want to enjoy scones without using heavy cream, what can you do? Keep reading to learn about some of the alternative options that you have available to you.

Heavy Cream vs. Butter

Piece Of Butter

Typically, scones are going to use either heavy cream or butter as the main ingredient. The results will be quite different depending on what you choose.

Heavy cream scones are going to turn out a lot softer than normal. The scones will be almost cake-like and they’ll have a tender quality to them.

Many people find heavy cream scones to be perfect for drinking coffee in the morning. They taste amazing when topped with fruit as well.

Butter scones are quite a bit different. These types of scones are the classic ones that most people eat alongside afternoon tea.

The butter scones will be a bit dry by comparison, but they do have a sturdier texture overall. It’s common for people to top them with butter, various types of cream, or even jam.

So if you don’t want to eat heavy cream scones, you could simply seek out a butter scone recipe. Butter scones don’t utilize heavy cream, but they aren’t necessarily healthier.

How to Replace Heavy Cream

Heavy cream can easily be replaced in a recipe. You just need to use a certain amount of butter and milk as a replacement.

The accepted ratio is to use ½ of a cup of butter and ½ of a cup of milk to replace 1 cup of heavy cream. Doing this will make it easy to make scones using recipes that call for heavy cream.

Of course, you could simply seek out a butter scone recipe instead. Knowing the correct replacement ratio is still beneficial in case you want to follow a favorite heavy cream-based scone recipe.

This is good for when you run out of heavy cream, too. You can simply replace the heavy cream with the butter and milk that you likely have on hand.

Use Evaporated Skim Milk

Bowl Of Evaporated Milk

Replacing heavy cream is going to be tough in many ways. When you replace the heavy cream, the scone isn’t going to turn out the same.

So most replacements will simply feel a bit off. This is the case when using evaporated skim milk as an ingredient.

However, it’s going to make the scones turn out pretty good still. They won’t be anywhere close to what they would be if you use heavy cream, but they’ll be a lot healthier.

Using evaporated skim milk will allow you to reduce the fat and cholesterol content of the scones. So it’ll be a win if you’re looking for a healthier scone option.

Yogurt Might Work

Plain Yogurt

Yogurt isn’t going to be the same as heavy cream either. However, there are a number of yogurt scone recipes out there that you can try.

Many people think that yogurt scones are tasty. So this is something that you should try for yourself to see how you like it.

It could be a good alternative to the heavy cream option. If you’re interested in trying something different, this could be a good way to go.

Understand that it’s best to look for a specific yogurt scone recipe rather than substituting yogurt for heavy cream in a normal recipe. This will ensure that you get better results.

Since yogurt scones are fairly popular, finding a good recipe won’t be hard. You can try this one if you’d like to give it a go yourself.

Just Eat Scones in Moderation

Of course, you could choose to simply enjoy scones that use heavy cream as the main ingredient. The fact that scones aren’t super healthy shouldn’t deter you from enjoying them.

Most types of pastries aren’t considered to be healthy foods. Scones are no different.

This doesn’t mean that it’s responsible to eat as many scones as you want, though. It’s wise to exercise moderation whenever you’re enjoying them.

Be sure that you don’t go overboard when eating this tasty dessert. Only eat one or two so that you don’t consume too many calories.

If you keep yourself in check, it won’t matter that much whether the scones contain heavy cream or not. You can simply work the calories into the daily limit that you’ve set for yourself.

This is something that many people do. You can enjoy the same food and treats that you normally do, but you simply won’t be able to eat too much.

It might be best to only eat scones on certain days of the week, too. For example, you could enjoy them with your coffee or tea only on the weekend.

Enjoy Your Scones

Fresh Tray Of Strawberry Chocolate Chip Scones

Scones are meant to be enjoyed with friends and family. Now that you know about some new ways to enjoy them, you should be sure to have guests over to try them out with you.

You can make some butter scones if you’re interested in trying them out. They’re excellent when you put a bit of jam on them, but they won’t be quite as cake-like as heavy cream scones.

Yogurt scones can also be worthwhile. Many people think that they’re just as good as heavy cream scones, but they aren’t as rich.

Even canned evaporated milk can be used as a substitute ingredient. It’s worth trying this out if you want to reduce the fat and cholesterol content of the recipe.

Otherwise, you might just want to stick to enjoying normal heavy cream scones. Just be sure not to eat too many if you go this route.

Final Thoughts

You can make scones that don’t contain heavy cream if you want to. It’s common for people to make them without using this common ingredient.

Butter scones don’t contain any heavy cream at all. They are somewhat dry and taste different than heavy cream scones.

People consider butter scones to be the traditional type that are eaten with tea and coffee. Some people have simply taken a liking to heavy cream scones.

In many ways, heavy cream scones are similar to cake. They aren’t exactly the same as cakes, but they do have a cake-like texture.

If you need to replace heavy cream in a recipe, this can be done by using butter and milk. For every 1 cup of heavy cream that the recipe calls for, you’ll need to use ½ of a cup of butter and ½ of a cup of milk.

Now that you know this, it should be easy enough to move forward. You can replace the heavy cream if you want to, but you don’t necessarily need to do this.

If you have health concerns, it’s possible to simply enjoy scones in moderation. Even ones made with the healthiest ingredients still might not be particularly healthy.

So you need to make sure that you don’t eat too many of them at once. Only enjoy one or two at the most.

Practice moderation and be sure to count calories daily. This will help to keep you from going overboard.

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Sunday 26th of February 2023

Thanks for the information and clarification on ingredients. Should I melt the butter when adding it to the milk?

Sarah Bridenstine

Friday 17th of March 2023

Hi Missie!

I would melt the butter and let it cool before adding it to the milk. You'll want the milk to be room temperature or close to as well.