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12 Simple Ways to Safely Transport Cupcakes

12 Simple Ways to Safely Transport Cupcakes

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Have you ever spent hours decorating your cupcakes to perfection, only to panic about how to transport them in one piece? Been there, done that! 

Cupcakes are delicious, look pretty, and are always a hit, no matter the occasion, flavor, or how you’ve decorated them.

Yet, you don’t want to risk dropping or ruining even one of those beauties! Especially after spending hours working on every little detail. 

So, how do you safely transport cupcakes so they arrive in the same condition they left your kitchen?

You’ve come to the right place! Let me show you the best ways to carry and transport your cupcakes without risk. 

12 Amazing Ways To Safely Transport Cupcakes

Trying to balance a towering tray of perfectly swirled cupcakes isn’t easy. 

Now, add the nightmare of navigating public transport or shoving them into your car trunk and it gets even scarier. 

The sheer memory made me anxious, as I know, just like you, nothing is more devastating to a keen baker than tipped frosting. 

Luckily, with a few simple tips, some planning, and several tools, you’ll be able to successfully and safely deliver your cupcakes to their destination. 

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Buy a Cupcake Carrier

If you bake regularly, go for a cupcake carrier. This is, by far, the most stress-free way to get your cupcakes to where you need them to be. 

I find those carriers quite versatile, as you can also use them to display your cupcakes.

Types of Cupcake Carriers

Cupcake carriers come in different sizes and styles. Some are flat, carrying all your cupcakes in a single layer. Others are like small caddies, with each layer stacked on top of the other. 

I hear you asking about which type is better—excellent question! 

There’s no correct answer here; just choose one that’s not too cumbersome and bulky to carry around. Picking one that complements your cupcakes’ style is also a big plus. 

Where to Buy Cupcake Carriers

Try online retailers like Amazon, which I use, or search for nearby stores. For example, you can try this one, which I use. 

You can find inexpensive carriers in the kitchen section at dollar stores or high-quality ones at the craft and kitchen utensils stores. 

2. Use a Cupcake Box

Cupcake Box

While Cupcake carriers are cool, there’s another tool that offers a similar look: A cupcake box!

Cupcake boxes are a budget-friendly option that you can find readily available online or at your local gourmet baking shop. Some craft stores may also carry a small selection. 

The difference between carriers and boxes isn’t that staggering—in my opinion—but having both as an option gives you a broader list to choose from.

Some cupcakes look better next to their carrier, while others are complimented inside their boxes. 

Boxes come in different sizes and are designed to hold six or a dozen cupcakes securely.

3. Put the Cupcakes in a Tupperware or Plastic Container

You don’t have to head to the store if you have small cupcakes with minimal frosting. 

A 9×13-inch Tupperware or plastic container can work well, as long as the frosting doesn’t touch the lid after arranging the cupcakes inside. 

You should also keep the container in a horizontal position as you travel to your destination.

One thing to note, this method only works if you have a few cupcakes to transport. Any more than that, and you’ll have to carry more than one Tupperware and risk damaging the cupcakes on accident.

4. Make a DIY Non-Skid Box

Roll Of Black Shelf Liner

One trick that professional bakers at bakeries use to secure the food is placing a non-skid shelf lining underneath the food. When I tried it, it was a huge success! 

You can find this liner at most hardware or kitchen stores, and the method is relatively easy. 

Just find a box that’s not too big for your cupcakes, and line it with the non-skid liner. Then, arrange the cupcakes inside so that they’re close but not touching, and the liner will keep them from moving. 

Pro Tip: Ensure the box is strong enough to hold your cupcakes. Boxes that bend and sag will damage your cupcakes!

5. Add a Dot of Icing or Chocolate

Another way to transport cupcakes without a carrier is to use icing or melted chocolate. How to do that, you wonder?

Well, fit a lining of parchment paper into a shallow box and ensure it doesn’t slip around.

Next, whip up a batch of icing and pipe a small amount onto the paper. Then, place the cupcake onto the icing. 

Once it dries, the icing will securely hold the cupcakes in place. Don’t want to use icing? Melted chocolate will also work. 

However, make sure to offer the cupcake with a tissue or another holder at the bottom to keep all hands clean! 

6. Grab an Apparel Box

Clothing Box

Head to the nearest dollar store or buy an apparel box online. These boxes often come in sets of ten, so you’ll have plenty for your next cupcake batch or general use.

Now, all you have to do is measure the length and width of the box to safely fit the cupcakes without them touching.

Then, cut X’s into the top of the box, carefully nesting each cupcake into the space you’ve created.

7. Repurpose a Muffin Tin

Just because they’re out of the oven doesn’t mean their job is over!

A muffin tin will keep your cupcakes in place and guarantee that the icing won’t become messy. Just line each slot with parchment paper and place cupcakes into the lined cup. 

This method, however, won’t work if you use frosting or icing on the sides of your cupcakes. I usually use it for minimalist cupcakes with light frosting and some sprinkles on top.

Moreover, if you have more than a dozen cupcakes, make sure you have a large muffin tin with 24 cavities, similar to this one.

8. Put them in a Baking Dish

Have a large baking dish lying around? Forget about spending money to transport your cupcakes! 

This is a great way to transport cupcakes without a carrier or a box and in style. Once you’ve frosted and decorated your cupcakes, clean the cupcake pan you baked them in and set the cupcakes back into the tin.

Then, place the tin carefully inside a large baking dish. Cover your dish with tin foil or its lid, and you’ll be ready to go.

Again, this method will work if your cupcakes have minimal frosting, so keep that in mind. 

How to Transport Cupcakes in Hot Weather

As if transporting your cupcakes isn’t tricky enough, sometimes you have to do it while it’s hot! And, as we all know, hot weather is the number one enemy of frosting.

Thankfully, some tricks can help you transport your cupcakes in hot weather without risking their look, such as:

9. Refrigerate Your Cupcakes

Here’s the deal: the icing or frosting and hot weather don’t mix. This is why frosting or icing your cupcakes before they’re cool is a big no-no. 

So, after you’ve added your decorations, keep the cupcakes in the fridge for as long as you can. The colder they are, the easier and better it’ll be!

The low temperature will keep your frosting intact, and there will be a smaller chance of everything becoming too messy. 

Just before you get dressed to leave, take your cupcakes out, place them in your favorite transportation method, and hope the cold keeps them intact! 

10. Use Dry Ice

Dry Ice

Dry ice evaporates rather than melt, but it does so slowly. As a result, you can use it to keep your cupcakes cool for a few hours. 

Take a quick look online to see where you can get dry ice. You’d probably spend less than $15 for the right amount.

Place the dry ice in a box with a layer of towels on top. Then, add your cupcake carrier or box on top, ensuring the box doesn’t touch the dry ice. 

Your cupcakes will arrive undamaged and cool, regardless of the weather. 

11. Turn on the Air Conditioning Beforehand

While this may seem silly, turn on the air conditioning for a while before loading the cupcakes into your vehicle. 

The cold air will help the frosting on the cupcakes to stay intact, and they’ll, hopefully, arrive undamaged at their destination.

However, make sure you’ve turned on the air conditioning for at least a couple of minutes before hopping into the car to guarantee crisp coldness.

12. Decorate When You Arrive

Decorating Cupcakes With Frosting

If you’re decorating and transporting cupcakes on a scorching day, I’d consider decorating them after arriving at my destination. 

Pack and store the frosting and decorations in appropriate containers. Always use a cooler to carry everything, with the cupcakes also packed in small containers.

Don’t forget to add one or two ice packs to the cooler to keep the temperature low. Once you get where you’re going, unpack, let everything warm a little bit, and start decorating.

Of course, the success of this method depends on the time you have before the event, the complexity of the design, and whether you’ll have to host or prepare other snacks and desserts.

Tips For Transporting Cupcakes Safely

Here are some of my favorite tricks for a safe journey:

  • Freshly decorated cupcakes can be easily damaged, so try to frost and decorate a few hours before you need to transport them. Keep them in a cool place until you’re ready to go.
  • If you need to transport your cupcakes shortly after frosting them, place them in the fridge for five to ten minutes. This gives the icing time to set. 
  • Try not to transport cupcakes in a container that’s too large. Too much space between the cupcakes makes it easier for them to slip around and get damaged—the icing method works wonders here.
  • If you’ll cover the cupcakes, use foil and not plastic wrap. No matter how carefully you place a plastic wrap or prop it up with supporting toothpicks, it will start to droop and fall onto the cupcakes.
  • Use the flat strawberry boxes from the grocery store to carry your cupcakes. You can also carry them in the ones used to carry soda pops. 

With these tips and tricks, you can avoid a frosting disaster while keeping every cupcake in place.

After all, one of the great things about sharing your cupcakes is the smile on everyone’s face when they see how cute and pretty they look…and how sweet and delicious they taste!

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