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7 Great Ways to Toast English Muffins (Without a Toaster)

7 Great Ways to Toast English Muffins (Without a Toaster)

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There are certain circumstances that can lead to an individual lacking a toaster. Perhaps their old one recently broke, or maybe they lost it or accidentally left it behind while moving to a new place of residence.

Whatever is the case, if you find yourself without a toaster, you might be under the false impression that you’re not going to be able to toast anything, particularly those English muffins that you just bought, until you pick up a new toaster from the store.

However, this is simply not true. The fact of the matter is that you can use an array of different methods for achieving the same or a very similar effect as a toaster would give you.

Toasting Without a Toaster

From an oven to an open fire, check out these ways you can still toast your English muffins even though you do not have a toaster at your disposal.

1 – Oven

Opening Oven Door

Most people have access to an oven, which can help you easily toast your English muffins. This is a quick trick to get your muffins nice and crispy without a toaster.

Simply place them on the top rack of your oven after letting it preheat to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. After five minutes, flip them over so you can toast both sides evenly.

After another five minutes, you can remove your muffins and add whatever spreadable you wish.

You can also spread butter on your English muffins prior to popping them in the oven to result in a crispier texture, as well as some browning.

2 – Toaster Oven

If you live in a very small apartment or dorm that does not have an oven, or if for some other reason you can’t use one, and you have a toaster oven in your possession, it can easily be used in the same way.

Plug your toaster oven in, place your English muffins onto the rack, and set the temperature for 350 degrees Fahrenheit, just as you would if you were using an oven. Let them toast for five minutes on each side.

Similar to using the oven, you can spread butter or any form of fat onto your English muffins before placing them into the toaster oven to achieve a crispier result.

3 – Stovetop

Melting Butter In A Pan

One way that you can make your English muffins extra crispy is by frying them over medium heat on your stove. It should only take about a minute or two for each side to get toasted adequately.

You can use a bit of oil or butter to make them extra crispy and buttery. However, be careful not to use too much or your English muffins could end up super greasy and soggy.

4 – Microwave

A trick for using the microwave involves lifting your English muffins up to allow for a crispier effect, similar to how a toaster would make them turn out.

You can raise your English muffins up from the plate they are on by using toothpicks laying flat on the plate. Try microwaving the muffins for about 45 seconds before removing them.

Although they will not change color at all as they would if toasted in a toaster, they should have a crispy texture. If you microwave them for too long, they will become rock hard, so make sure that you avoid doing this by regularly checking how toasted they are.

5 – Panini Maker

Panini Press

One very effective way to toast your English muffins without a toaster is by using a panini maker.

If this is the only thing you have at your disposal that can provide a heat source, just place your muffins inside the panini maker as you would a sandwich, close it, and let them toast to perfection.

6 – Open Fire

If you are camping, an open fire is a wonderful way to enjoy toasted English muffins. It might even be yummier than using a toaster to crisp them.

First, start a fire and get it going to a steady burn. Put a cast iron pan over the flames once they are ready, or simply pierce your English muffins with a poker or stick.

If you are using a cast iron pan to fry your muffins to toaster perfection, you can add some butter or oil to the pan, and flip them over once one side is browned and crispy.

If you decide to pierce your muffins, hold the poker far enough away from the flames to keep each muffin from catching on fire or burning. Rotate each muffin slowly to evenly toast them until they are browned.

7 – Oven Broiler

Oven Broiler

This is another way that you can use an oven to toast your English muffins. Put your oven on its broiler setting, let it heat up, and pop the muffins in the oven.

Make sure that you flip them over halfway through baking them, and avoid doing it for too long, or they might end up very hard.

This is a super-quick way to toast your English muffins with an oven.

Ways to Enjoy Your Muffins

After your English muffins are toasted to a crisp, delicious finish, there are a variety of ways to enhance their taste. Take a look at these toppings that you can try out on your English muffins.


You just can’t go wrong with some butter. If you have simple tastes, you can always opt for only butter on your toasted English muffin.

Almond Butter

Almond butter is all the rage these days, and for good as it tastes amazing. Spread some of this onto your English muffins while they are still toasty warm.

Raspberry and Cream Cheese

Raspberry and cream cheese make the perfect combination for an English muffin spread. After all, who doesn’t love fruit and cream together?


English Muffin With Peanut Butter

Peanut butter and jelly of any variety is many people’s favorite, so why not try it out on an English muffin? Spread them on after you have finished roasting the muffins.


Nutella makes everything better. Put some on your warm, toasted English muffin to fulfill that chocolate craving you have.

Ham, Swiss, and Egg

If you are eating your English muffins in the morning, you can make a breakfast sandwich with your muffins. Stack a couple of slices of ham, a slice of Swiss cheese, and an egg (or egg white, if you are looking out for your health) on your muffins.

You can toast your muffins before putting the ingredients onto them, or simply wait until you heat up your sandwich to melt the cheese.

Peanut Butter and Honey

Another ingredient that goes well with peanut butter, aside from jelly, is honey. Spread these two ingredients onto your English muffin for a deliciously sweet, nutty taste that has a soft texture.

Final Thoughts

You should now know exactly how to get your English muffins perfectly toasted without having a toaster. Along with this, you should be equipped with some great topping ideas to use after you have successfully crisped your English muffins.

As long as you remember to flip your English muffins when using an oven, toaster oven, or the stovetop and you don’t accidentally heat them for too long, they should turn out crispy and delicious.

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