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How to Slice a Bundt Cake for the Best Results

How to Slice a Bundt Cake for the Best Results

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How do you slice a Bundt cake?

A Bundt cake is known for its distinctive doughnut shape. There are many ways to cut it, but only one is perfect for a delicious, evenly shaped slice.

So here you go! We’ve prepared a guide to help you cut the best Bundt cake slices you can serve.

What Is a Bundt Cake?

A Bundt cake is an Eastern European-inspired cake baked from the Bundt pan. With its unique shape, the cake is dense, thick, and moist.

What’s the Best Way to Slice a Bundt Cake?

A Bundt cake is shaped like a round cake, except it has fluted sides and a hollow ring in the middle.

To properly cut a round cake, avoid slicing its pieces one by one. Unless you have flawless hand-eye coordination, you’ll only end up with unevenly shaped big and small cake pieces.

How to Slice a Bundt Cake Evenly

Here are some of our tricks and techniques for an evenly sliced Bundt cake:

1 – Use a Tomato Knife

Instead of the general-purpose chef’s knife, use a tomato knife to slice your Bundt cake.

A tomato knife has the suitable shape, width, depth, and surface area to cut through a cake without too much pressure. With this, your cake won’t break apart.

If you can’t get a hold of a tomato knife, you can use another serrated knife instead. For the best results, it should have a 5 to 8 inches blade.

2 – Chill the Cake Before Slicing

Refrigerate your Bundt cake for 10-15 minutes before slicing. This will chill the cake’s frosting and ensure it won’t smear when cut.

If you want to eat a room-temperature cake, wait around for five minutes after slicing it before finally serving it.

3 – Use Hot Water

Use hot water on the knife before slicing the cake.

You can run the knife under hot water or dip it in a container filled with warm water. Make sure that it’s carefully wiped dry before finally using it.

The knife’s warm temperature will help keep the frosting in place, making the slices neat and clean.

4 – Pretend It’s a Clock

Instead of slicing the Bundt cake pieces one by one, envision the cake as a large clock. Then, divide it equally into quarters, from vertical 12 to 6 and horizontal 3 to 9.

5 – Hold the Knife Properly

To properly hold the serrated knife, you should handle it at an angle that’s perpendicular to your body. At the same time, it should also be parallel to the cake.

With the proper knife position, begin slicing vertically from 12 to 6. Then, depending if you’re left or right-handed, slice horizontally from 9 to 3 or 3 to 9.

6 – Slice Evenly

Keep diving and slicing the quarters in the same manner. Do this until you have the preferred size of your Bundt cake slices.

Overall, just make sure you divide the cake evenly into quarters and half-quarters before beginning to slice.

7 – Wipe the Knife

Between each slice, wipe the knife with a clean kitchen towel or a sponge.

This will ensure that the bits of cake pieces that got stuck on the knife are removed. A clean knife means a smoother and neater slicing motion as well.

8 – Use a Fishing Line or Dental Floss

You can use a strong and thin dental floss, or even a fishing line, to cut your Bundt cake evenly.

Make sure that it has at least the same length as the cake’s diameter, plus an extra length of about 4″.

Before slicing, divide the Bundt cake into quarters as indicated above. Then, be sure to make light marks on the frosting.

Slice by applying light, downward pressure on the cake using the dental floss or the fishing line. If the line collects crumbs or frosting, wipe it first before making the next slice.

9 – Use Tweezers

If you’re going for an unblemished, camera-ready Bundt cake slice, you can use a clean pair of kitchen tweezers.

With the tweezers, pluck any bits of messy crumbs or frosting from a sliced piece.

Final Thoughts

There are several tips, tricks, and techniques to slice a Bundt cake.

Most importantly, remember not to cut the cake piece by piece. Before slicing, imagine that the cake is a clock, then divide it equally into quarters.

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