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How to Package and Ship Banana Bread

How to Package and Ship Banana Bread

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According to Gary Chapman’s love languages theory, gifts are one of the most common love languages.

With holidays around the corner, we want to show our love by sending thoughtful gifts to the people we care about. What can be more thoughtful than hand-made banana bread?

Whether you have a start-up bakery that wants to tap into the remotely fresh goods market or you just want to ship banana bread to your loved ones, we have your back!

This article will quickly go through what it takes, how much it costs, and how to ship banana bread to your loved ones or customers by mail.

How to Package Banana Bread

Ensuring that your tasty treats travel, arrive in the same delicious condition, and are safe to consume can become an issue, but not if you take care of the packaging!

Banana bread, on the contrary to other types of bread, is hardier and fares better over time.

So, if you decide you’ll send love in the form of banana bread, follow these guidelines for packaging.

1 – Don’t Pack If It’s Warm

Let your banana bread cool down completely, as the cooling stage is essential for the baking process to complete.

Also, if your bread is warm, condensation will happen inside the pack, increasing the chance of bacterial growth. It’ll lead to soggy bread, too, which is definitely what you don’t want!

2 – Pack Every Loaf on Its Own

Wrapping each loaf of banana bread on its own is always the top choice to prevent the loaves from sticking to each other.

The US Postal Services recommends wrapping banana bread twice in plastic, then aluminum foil.

To get the best results, choose a medium-sized box as the big one will make your banana bread shift and move around, messing up its form. On the other hand, a smaller box will scrunch it.

3 – Keep in Mind That Packing Materials Are Your Besties

Foam, bubble wrap paper, newspaper, and packing peanuts are so important when shipping things that easily can be squashed by the surroundings.

Choose a sturdy cardboard box to put the banana bread loaves in and start placing packing peanuts at the bottom of the box, then arrange the wraps of your banana bread over the packing peanuts neatly.

Fill any voids with foam or newspaper until your package has no empty spaces. It’s better if you don’t leave much space in your box for your package to jiggle around while transporting.

To make sure the box doesn’t open with movement, use the heavy sealing tape all over the sides of the box, and your banana bread should be good to go.

Packaging Done. Now What?

Think back to when you were a kid on Christmas day. Remember how amazed you were with the boxes’ color and packaging patterns?

The same should happen to your loved ones, even if they’re adults, when they see the package on their doorstep. So, follow these few steps to create an exciting experience when they open up the gift.

  1. Use custom-made boxes so that every recipient feels extra special
  2. Include fancy prints inside the box for a lovely surprise
  3. Add a simple handwritten note to personalize your gift

I mean, who would resist falling in love with you or your brand when they find your gift so amusing?

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Banana Bread?

To answer this, you must know that many factors come into play.

Box Size

The bigger the box, the higher shipping will cost. Try to economize the spaces in your pack or cut the loaf into pieces to use smaller boxes, as there’s a factor called Dimensional Weight (DIM).

DIM is taken into consideration when calculating the shipping cost. It’s calculated by multiplying the box’s width, length, and height divided by the Standard DIM divisor.

USPS uses this equation to calculate which number is higher, the actual package weight or its DIM weight, and you’ll be charged for whichever is greater.

Package Weight

Make sure to weigh the whole package before you ship it. Not only the weight of the product is counted.

Package Weight < One Pound

If your package weighs less than one pound, the best idea is to go with USPS First-Class Package Service. It delivers the package within one to three days, and door-to-door tracking is allowed and free.

It might cost around $4/package overall. But keep in mind that this service doesn’t offer insurance, which explains the reduced price.

Package Weight > One Pound

USPS Priority Mail helps most when trying to ship many loaves of banana bread in one package, which will often leave you with a package weight that’s greater than a pound.

You can also order free boxes from their website, which will be delivered to your doorstep. Make sure that the overall weight doesn’t exceed 20 lbs.


Shipping the same banana bread package inside the U.S. will cost differently from shipping it to Europe.

If you go with First-Class Package mail, the prices will start at $3.01 for commercial shipments. Deliveries happen within one to three days inside the U.S. and three to five days internationally.

Priority Mail Express offers a next-day to 2-day guarantee. Their commercial rates start at $22.75 /package, plus providing $100 product insurance.

This service ships to about 180 countries. You can ship using their free Flat Rate for boxes up to four pounds or by weight for packages up to 70 pounds. Prices vary by destination, starting at $47.95.

Tips to Enhance Your Banana Bread Shipping Experience

You definitely want your banana bread to arrive fresh, so you’d better go the extra mile while preparing and baking it.

  1. Bake it right before you ship it
  2. Use high-quality ingredients when making your banana bread
  3. To avoid the delay of the shipments on the weekends, ship your package at the beginning of the week
  4. Create a shipping timeline
  5. Mark your shipment perishable to make it a priority

Final Thoughts

Sending gifts to your loved ones or samples to your loyal customers can be a hassle. However, the impact you will leave on them afterward is worth the effort.

USPS, UPS, and FedEx provide day-to-day delivery around the country. They make shipping banana bread an easy mission.

If you’re unsure about costs, you can always use a rate calculator to estimate how much you’ll spend on shipping.

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