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Fun and Delicious Ways to Serve Fruit Cake

Fun and Delicious Ways to Serve Fruit Cake

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I often hear people bad-rapping fruitcakes for their densely sweet and fruity flavors. But I’ll go out on a limb and say they simply haven’t tried a good one.

These tasty treats can be as magical as the holidays if you give them a chance. But of course, you should learn how to prepare and serve them first.

So, have you had the fortune of receiving a fruitcake as a gift recently? Or have you tried making one yourself and are now thinking about the best ways to serve it?

Either way, I’ve got you covered. I’ve compiled some of the best fruitcake serving methods and tips you and your family will definitely enjoy.

Fruitcake Serving Ideas

Sometimes it only takes a little effort to level up any meal. So, here are some simple yet delicious fruitcake serving ideas I use to transform this classic recipe into a new gourmet experience.

1 – Traditional Style

Fruitcakes are delicious as they are. So, you don’t need fancy preparations to enjoy the densely fruity experience of these treats.

Still, there’s no law against adding your own little spin to the recipe.

Try slicing the cake block into thin slices. Arrange the cuts on a plate and lather them generously with fruitcake sauce or brandy caramel sauce.

Take the time to notice the flavors at every bite. Enjoy the dried fruits, the soft nuts, the tasty sauce, and the boozy sensation!

Don’t have sauce? Cut the fruitcake into cubes and throw some slices of sharp cheddar cheese or softened brie instead.

2 – Toasted Fruitcake Slice

If your fruitcake block holds up to slicing, you can make yourself a toast out of it. Here’s how I prepare a toasted fruitcake:

  1. First, get a serrated knife and cut the fruity block into ½ inch slices.
  2. Then, toast the slices until the edges turn crunchy and the fruits melt slightly.
  3. Serve it with plain or honey walnut cream cheese.

I usually prepare fruitcakes this way in the morning—a simple meal to kickstart the day.

After all, if there’s one thing these densely rich snacks shine at, it’s replenishing energy. And I’m not the only one to think that either, as hikers and athletes are nuts about fruitcakes!

3 – Fruitcake Ice Cream

Is it your first time hearing about mixing fruitcake and ice cream? Then you’re missing out—as these two make the most delicious combination.

You can do it as you like, from simply adding a scoop of ice cream to a slice of fruitcake to making ice cream parfait mixed with fruitcake slices.

Either way, you’ll definitely appreciate the chewy bites of the cake paired with the melty deliciousness of ice cream.

Here’s a tip: simple flavored ice creams like chocolate and vanilla best complement the heavy texture of the confection. But if you have a spicy fruitcake, lemon-flavored ice cream should do the trick.

What Pairs Well With Fruitcake?

Fruitcake is undeniably tasty by itself. But you can also mix things up to add fun to its flavor.

1 – Coffee or Tea

Did you know that in old times, people prepared fruitcakes to sustain themselves through winter? And what goes well with cold weather better than coffee?

Coffee and fruitcake are a classic pair that I’m a fan of. Just imagine this, a rich aromatic coffee mixing with the dense fruity flavor of a fruitcake.

I can almost taste it!

2 – Slice of Cheese

Cheese is another contender for the best fruitcake partner. The tart creaminess of cheese mixed with the densely rich taste of fruitcakes is to die for.

But don’t just throw in some random cheese brand and call it a day. Go with Wensleydale cheese or the sharpest cheddar cheese you can get.

3 – Cup of Wine

A cup of fizzy wine can make a fruitcake ten times better. The sweetness and acidity of a fruity wine blend well with the complex flavor of these cakes.

But don’t limit yourself to wine, either. Anything fizzy, like champagne and brandy, should enhance the delicious taste of fruitcakes.

Final Thoughts

Fruitcake is a traditional holiday meal we can all love. And with the serving tips above, I’m sure you can bring your fruitcake recipe to a new level of deliciousness.

Enjoy these unique fruity servings with your family and friends. Bon appetit!

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Jillian Greenidge

Monday 4th of December 2023

Can I make a decent fruit cake with left over mince pie fruit? It's fruit I have made myself.

Thanks Jill