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How to Package Christmas Cookies (7 Creative Ideas)

How to Package Christmas Cookies (7 Creative Ideas)

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‘Tis the season to be baking, and what better way to spread holiday cheer than with a gift bag of toothsome Christmas cookies?

I’ve rounded up a jolly bunch of ideas to package Christmas cookies for gift-giving. I’m also throwing in some tips on storing these festive treats, so they stay fresh for extended cookie parties!

How to Wrap Christmas Cookies (For Storing or Gifting)

Scroll down if you’re looking for fun and imaginative ways to share home-baked Christmas cookies with your nearest and dearest. Ditch the ribbons and gift tags, and these ideas can double as storage for your treats.

Idea 1: Window Bakery Box

A window bakery box is one of my go-to choices for packaging home-baked treats in style. The transparent square on the lid offers a tempting display of the delicious Christmas cookies inside.

Now, let’s start packing some Christmas cookies!

  1. Line the insides of your box with parchment or tissue paper to prevent it from getting greasy. That way, the box can be repurposed after the cookies are gone.
  2. Arrange your cookies in the box.
  3. Use cupcake liners to group cookies together. Or, place a sheet of parchment paper cut to the size of the box to separate layers of cookies.
  4. Do not overcrowd the cookies. Leave room on top to prevent the icing from touching the lid.
  5. Cover the box, then secure the lid using short strips of Scotch tape or holiday-themed stickers.
  6. Take a festive ribbon or simple twine and wrap it around the box.
  7. Top the box with an oversized bow. Attach a gift tag with a handwritten note or a list of cookies inside.

Idea 2: Glass Jar

Apothecary and mason jars make for charming containers when packaging Christmas cookies. You can also repurpose empty glass jars from your cupboard for an eco-friendly alternative.

The best types of cookies to put in a jar are those that hold up well, such as blondies, shortbread, and spritz cookies.

Gooey and frosted cookies tend to end up in clumps. However, you can wrap them individually in wax paper to preserve their presentation.

Here’s how to package cookies in a jar:

  1. Ensure the glass jar is clean and dry. Remove any labels or sticky residue if you’re reusing jam jars.
  2. Fill the jar with cookies. Leave some space at the top to close the jar without pressing down on the cookies.
  3. Seal the jar tightly to maintain the cookies’ freshness.
  4. Tie a ribbon or paper twine around the jar’s neck, and add your personal touches.
  5. Wipe any smudges or fingerprints off the glass for a polished look.

Idea 3: Cookie Tin

A cookie tin is a classic way of presenting cookies with diverse flavors, shapes, textures, and colors. Here’s my guide on how to create a delectable assortment of Christmas cookies in a tin:

  1. Line the bottom and sides of your tin container with tissue or parchment paper. Or, use a single-faced corrugated sheet as a liner, as well as dividers to make tiny compartments for your cookies.
  2. Arrange the cookies by type. Place the decorated ones on top to showcase them. Place stacks of round, crisp cookies in muffin liners.
  3. Place another piece of parchment or tissue paper over the top layer of cookies before securing the lid.
  4. Wrap the package with a beautiful satin ribbon and tie a festive bow, holiday bauble, or sprig of fresh pine or holly.

Idea 4: Gift Basket

A gift basket is your best option if you have a big batch of Christmas cookies to give to a VIP on your Christmas list. Here’s how to assemble a thoughtful cookie basket:

  1. Select a suitable container for your cookies. It can be a traditional wicker basket, a miniature wooden crate, or a round cardboard box.
  2. Line the inside of the basket with decorative tissue paper, shredded paper, or a tea towel in holiday colors.
  3. Since the top of a gift basket is exposed, it’s important to wrap the cookies to keep them clean and fresh.
  4. Put groups of crisp cookies in cello bags and tie them with colorful ribbons.
  5. Consider using cookie sleeves or individual treat bags to wrap more delicate cookies.
  6. Arrange the small cookie packages artfully in the basket.
  7. Fill any gaps or spaces with paper filler or holiday ornaments, like pine cones, candy canes, or Christmas figurines.

Idea 5: Kraft Paper Bag

Kraft paper bags are rustic and eco-friendly. Here’s how to use them to pack Christmas cookies:

  1. Select appropriately sized kraft paper bags. You can find them in various sizes and styles, from plain to decorated ones with holiday motifs.
  2. Enlist your kids to personalize plain paper bags. Decorate with Christmas-themed stamps or hand-drawn designs.
  3. Fill each bag with cookies.
  4. Fold the top down and secure it with colorful washi tape or sticker.

Idea 6: Coffee Mug

Dunking cookies in milk is one of life’s simple joys and the inspiration behind this next concept. You can transform a humble coffee mug into a delightful Christmas surprise that’s sure to bring smiles and warm feelings.

  1. Select mugs that scream “Christmas!” Look for those with classic holiday colors or designs—the more festive, the better!
  2. Pick cookies that will perfectly fit the mug. If you have different-sized cookies, stack them neatly inside, with the larger ones at the bottom.
  3. Layer each cookie with a round piece of parchment paper to keep them from sticking together.
  4. Why stop at cookies? Add a little extra sweetness on top, such as a sachet of cocoa mix, candy cane, or teardrop-shaped chocolate—your choice!
  5. Once your cookies are snug in the mug, wrap the entire bundle in clear cellophane or festive paper.
  6. Gather the edges of the wrap and secure it with colorful ribbon or twine.

Idea 7: Holiday-Themed Platter

Collecting holiday-themed platters or trays can be a lovely tradition, but investing in them solely for occasional use might not always be practical.

If you have a few pieces you’re willing to part with, you can fill them with various cookies for a thoughtful holiday gift or a cookie swap party. You’re giving away cookies they can munch on right away and a ceramic plate they can use for years.

You can buy these platters in bulk at a discount or for just a couple of bucks apiece at dollar stores.

Once you’ve arranged your holiday goodies on the platter, wrap the whole package in clear cellophane and tie it with a ribbon.

If you’re on a budget, colorful Christmas paper plates can do the trick.

Tips on Packaging Christmas Cookies for Storage

Here are some tips for storing Christmas cookies:

  • Allow your freshly baked cookies to cool completely on wire racks before packaging.
  • Store cookies in airtight containers to keep them fresh throughout the holiday season.
  • Add a piece of bread to the container to prevent moist cookies from becoming stale or soft.
  • Never mix soft and hard cookies in the same container. The moisture from the soft cookies will make the crisp ones soggy.
  • If you’re storing different cookies in the same container, wrap them individually in wax paper to avoid flavor transfer.
  • Avoid overfilling containers with too many cookies to avoid or reduce breakage.

Final Thoughts

The joy of giving comes not only from the delicious cookies you’ve baked but also from the thought and care you put into presenting them.

So, give your homemade treats the special treatment with these beautiful ideas for packaging Christmas cookies.

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