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A Guide to Packaging and Shipping Cake Pops Without the Mess

A Guide to Packaging and Shipping Cake Pops Without the Mess

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You and I both know how much everyone loves cake pops, and their popularity gave me a brilliant idea. A cake pop delivery business!

Not only will you make buttloads of cash by slinging cake pops, but you’ll also help a lot of people satisfy their sweet tooth cravings.

When launching your cake pop business, it’s important to know how to package cake pops. Read on to find out more about packaging and shipping cake pops. I’ve also included valuable information on how to store your cake pops either for a few days or a few months.

Can Cake Pops Be Shipped?

Although they seem fragile, you can definitely ship cake pops all over the place.

The key is to know how to do so without ruining your cake pops’ texture or having them turn into a gooey mess altogether.

How to Ship Cake Pops

There are many ways to package and ship your cake pops to have them arrive at their destination in perfect shape.

My favorite method is to use cake pop inserts.

These are pieces of cardboard you can position inside your shipping box such that each cake pop has its own compartment. This is a great way to ship your cake pops because it minimizes the chance of them shifting and moving around on their journey to the recipient.

Here are the steps you should follow when you use cake pop inserts for packaging:

  1. Grab your shipping box and put a cake pop insert in there. The insert will divide the box into compartments.
  2. Next, place one cake pop into each compartment.
  3. Place a layer of cardboard or candy pads on top of the insert.
  4. Grab another cake pop insert and place it in the box facing the opposite direction as the first insert. This is to ensure that the weight distribution of your package is even.
  5. Place another layer of candy pads or cardboard, and repeat step 4.
  6. Keep doing this until the box is full, and then add one final layer of cardboard for extra cushioning.
  7. Put the lid on your box and wrap it with a ribbon for decoration if you wish.

Cake pops are often covered in chocolate and sprinkles, so you should take into account the weather if you don’t want them to reach their destination a gooey mess.

If you live in a hot area, I recommend wrapping your shipping box in thermal bubble wrap. For those like me who live in the Midwest, regular bubble wrap will do just fine.

How to Store Cake Pops

When you make cake pops, you may not want to eat them or ship them right away. In that case, you should know how to store your cake pops correctly so they’re at peak freshness when they’re ready to go.

Here are some tips from my experience that’ll come in handy:

At Room Temperature

If you only plan to store your cake pops for a week or less, keeping them on the kitchen counter at room temperature is a viable option.

That doesn’t mean you should leave them lying around uncovered, though. I recommend covering your cake pops in wax paper or clingfilm. Doing so protects your cake pops from any dust or pesky insects lurking around your kitchen.

In the Fridge

Are you planning on storing your cake pops for a bit longer, your fridge is the best option. If you pack them correctly in an airtight container, you can keep them in tip-top shape for anywhere between two and four weeks.

Grab a clean Tupperware container that’s big enough for all the cake pops you want to refrigerate. I like to line my container with paper tissues to soak up any extra moisture that may make the cake pops soggy.

If you want to be extra careful, you can cover the cake pops with an additional paper tissue to further shelter them from moisture.

In the Freezer

For long-term storage, the freezer is the best place for your cake pops. All you have to do is wrap them in wax paper to protect them from condensation and maintain their texture.

Throw your wax paper-covered cake pops in a plastic bag, and they’ll stay good for three months.

How to Tell When Your Cake Pops Have Gone Bad

As expected, your cake pops will spoil if you don’t store them correctly.

How do you tell if they’ve gone bad, though?

The first clue to look out for is the smell. When cake pops spoil, they give off an unsavory odor.

Another sign to keep an eye out for is mold. If you find any green or blue discolorations on your cake pops, throw them out immediately.

No matter how much your sweet tooth is craving a treat, don’t risk eating moldy cake pops. If you do, you put yourself at risk of a lot of unpleasant symptoms, such as diarrhea, vomiting, and even respiratory problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a couple of questions people often have about cake pops:

How many days in advance should you make cake pops?

If you have guests coming over and want to treat them to a batch of delicious cake pops, I recommend making them no earlier than two days in advance. This ensures that the cake pops are as fresh and tasty as possible.

If you have no other choice than to make the cake pops earlier, make sure to refrigerate or freeze them.

Do cake pops travel well?

Whether you’re shipping your delicious cake pops all over the city to make some extra cash or sending some to a loved one, you’ll be happy to know that cake pops travel really well.

Your cake pops will retain their texture en route to their destination for up to four days. Not only that, but they won’t spoil for up to a week.

Final Thoughts

Are you wondering how to package cake pops? Luckily, my experience in shipping cake pops all over the city has taught me how to package these delicious treats perfectly.

The best way to do it is to use cake pop inserts to keep your cake pops from squishing together in the box. Make sure to cover the package in thermal bubble wrap too if you live in a particularly hot area.

Also, if you’re making the cake pops in advance, you should store them the right way. Depending on how early you make your cake pops, refrigerating or freezing them is going to be your best option.

There you have it, packaging your cake pops is now a breeze!

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