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Don’t Let a Missing Oven Stop Your Pizza Party: 5 Oven-Free Baking Ideas

Don’t Let a Missing Oven Stop Your Pizza Party: 5 Oven-Free Baking Ideas

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Pizza is undeniably one of the most popular types of food on the planet, and many people love it so much that they consider it to be their favorite thing to eat.

You might be one of those people, or you might simply like it enough that you want to be able to enjoy it fairly often. Ordering pizza from a restaurant or a pizza delivery chain can be a good time, but making your own might hit the spot even better.

Homemade pizza is great because it allows you to figure out which ingredients will appeal to you the most. You can make the perfect pizza pie that will make your family happy and full.

Typically, people will make homemade pizzas by baking them in ovens. If you don’t have one that you can utilize, you might think that you’re simply out of luck.

This doesn’t have to be the case, though. It is indeed possible to make a pizza when you don’t have an oven.

Keep reading for a few great methods to try the next time a craving hits.

1 – Making a Pizza on the Stove

Stovetop pizza is going to be a little bit different than the type of pizza that you would bake in an oven. You’re going to need to pay more attention to what you’re doing to ensure that you don’t mess anything up.

If you want to get the best results, it’s recommended to use a cast-iron skillet. You can start the process by drizzling some olive oil or vegetable oil in the pan for lubrication.

Next, stretch out your dough so that it will fit in the pan. You want the dough to fit the cast-iron skillet that you’re using very well, and it should be easy enough to form the dough accordingly.

Now you can focus on making your sauce and preparing the cheese that you would like to use. You can use whatever type of pizza sauce and cheese that you think will taste good.

Preparing the toppings comes next, and you’ll want to slice them up and get them ready to be used. Everything will now be ready and waiting for when you can add it to the dough.

Put your dough in the cast-iron skillet and start cooking it. It should take approximately three minutes for the dough to brown on the bottom properly.

When this is done, you’re going to flip the dough and then place the sauce on the cooked side. After this, you’ll put the pizza sauce and the toppings on the dough so that you can continue making your pizza.

Keep on cooking the pizza for around three or four minutes. Sometimes it might be necessary to cover the pan to help the cheese melt properly while doing this on the stove.

If all goes as planned, you should now have a delicious pizza that you made on top of the stove. Doing this isn’t difficult, but it does involve paying attention to ensure that you don’t burn anything.

There are some people who feel that pizza that’s made on the stove is even better than pizza made in an oven. You’ll be able to try this out for yourself so that you can formulate your own opinion.

2 – Making a Pizza on the Grill

Of course, you might not even have a stove that you can use if you don’t have an oven. Some people do go out and purchase portable stoves, but if you don’t have one, you might feel out of luck.

Luckily, there is another good option that will allow you to make tasty homemade pizzas. You can simply make them on a grill of some sort.

Yes, it’s possible to make a pizza on a standard backyard grill if you want to go that route. Granted, this process is going to be significantly messier than other methods of making homemade pizzas.

In fact, many people have a problem getting this to work well. When the pizza dough gets too soft, it’s going to be easy for it to drip down past the grates.

You don’t want to waste the dough, and this means that you really have to pay attention if you’re going to do this right. Otherwise, nothing is going to turn out well at all.

The good news is that grilled pizza can taste incredibly good if you know what you’re doing. Some people compare the taste of grilled pizza to pizza that is made using brick ovens.

If you’re worried about being able to keep the dough in place, you can go out and buy a pizza grill pan. It’s just something that makes it easier to keep the dough from falling between the grates.

Although you can grill a pizza without using a pan, it’s going to be easier to just go buy one. They don’t cost a lot of money, and they’ll save you from having to deal with many problems.

Once you’re ready, it’s going to be time to start your grill up. If you’re using propane, you should try to set the grill at 600 degrees Fahrenheit, but you can just get things evenly burning if you’re using a charcoal grill.

Prepare your dough and ensure that you coat the sides with olive oil. Put your dough on the pizza grill pan so that you can cook it for three minutes.

Don’t close the lid at this point because you want to watch out to ensure that the pizza doesn’t get charred. After three minutes have passed, you can flip the dough and then apply your sauce, cheese, and toppings to the cooked side.

Close the grill now and then allow the pizza to cook for around three minutes. Open the grill up to check to see if it’s done cooking or not.

This method should allow you to make a delicious pizza that the whole family can enjoy. You will need to be careful not to burn things, but it’ll be easy enough to pay attention while grilling your pie.

3 – Making a Frozen Pizza Using a Microwave

Are you simply trying to bake a frozen pizza so that you can eat something for dinner? Many people buy frozen pizzas from the grocery store because they’re affordable and it’s an easy way to feed multiple people.

If you don’t have an oven, you might not be sure how to bake a frozen pizza. You won’t be able to bake it how you normally would, but it is possible to get the job done so long as you have a microwave.

Some frozen pizzas are going to come with instructions on the back that show that you’re supposed to be able to bake them in a microwave. Others might not be able to be baked in one.

One limitation is the size of the pizza. Some frozen pizzas are quite large and they likely won’t be able to fit inside of an average microwave.

Others might be able to fit just fine, though. For example, you can buy small frozen pizzas that are made to be enjoyed by one person instead of feeding an entire family.

So it’s going to be important to ensure that you have a frozen pizza that you can make in the microwave. Once you’ve confirmed this, you’ll be able to move forward.

Making a pizza in the microwave does have its setbacks. For instance, sometimes the pizza crust will get a bit soggy when it comes into contact with the plate.

This happens because the steam that is created during the microwaving process isn’t able to escape normally. You can mitigate this issue by suspending the pizza over the plate using some type of microwave-safe object.

You should be able to get decent results if you do things this way. How long it will take to microwave the pizza will depend on the size of the pie.

A large pie that is eleven to twelve inches will take around 10 minutes to fully bake using a high-power setting. Microwaves can vary a lot, though, and it’s best to keep checking so that you don’t burn the pizza or make it turn out rubbery.

Admittedly, making a frozen pizza in the microwave isn’t going to be the best. If you want to have a better experience, you should look into the next option.

4 – You Could Buy a Toaster Oven

What if the ideas above simply don’t appeal to you? You don’t have a traditional oven that you can use, but you’d still like to be able to make a pizza in the same way that you would if you had an oven.

The best option at this point is going to be to purchase a toaster oven. Toaster ovens are convenient because they don’t cost that much money at all.

It’s also great that you don’t need to have a lot of space to be able to own one. If counter space is limited in your home, it’ll still be fairly simple to find enough room to place a toaster oven.

You can plug it into an electrical outlet and it’ll be good to go. It isn’t necessary to have a gas line connection or anything such as that.

The good thing about this is that there isn’t a whole lot that you need to know to get started. Essentially, you’ll be able to prepare a pizza as you would if you were baking it in a normal oven.

Just slide the pizza into the toaster oven and then bake it. You might need to keep an eye on things so that you can determine exactly when it has finished baking, but that shouldn’t be difficult.

If you’re low on cash or if you’re living in a small studio apartment, this is a very good option. It’ll be easy to buy a toaster oven even when you don’t have a lot of cash, and it’ll help you to be able to make many different types of meals.

5 – You Could Build Your Own Pizza Oven

Have you thought about building your own pizza oven? This might sound like a crazy idea depending on how much you know about making pizzas.

You see, many of the best pizza makers in the world use special outdoor ovens to make their pizzas. It’s possible to make an oven that you can use to bake delicious pizzas if you want to go to the trouble.

To do this, you’ll need to find a spot that is at least three feet away from your home. You have to build a base for the oven to get things going.

A simple way to go would be to make a base that is three feet by three feet. You’re going to be laying down rows of blocks and then linking them together by applying adhesive to them.

You then create a dome shape at the top that will act as the oven area. Lay bricks once you have the support for the dome in place and you’ll be applying mortar to the bricks.

This can be a bit of an involved and time-consuming process. If you’re passionate about making pizzas, it might be worthwhile despite the amount of effort that it takes.

Building a pizza oven will cost a bit of money since you’ll have to buy the necessary materials. You’ll also need to have space outdoors where you can safely keep it.

For many, this idea is not going to be a practical one at all. If you don’t have a normal oven, there’s a good chance that you also don’t have space outdoors to place a pizza oven.

Regardless, it’s good to know that this is an option. If you do happen to have the space and you want to go to the effort, you can indeed make your own pizza oven.

Consider Buying an Oven

It is going to be worthwhile to think about buying a standard oven if you’re able to. Unless there’s a good reason why you can’t have a normal oven in your home, it’d be better to have one.

There are several types of ovens that you can buy, too. If you don’t have a gas line, you can still buy an electric oven that will work just as well.

Ovens are a bit expensive by some metrics, but they’re affordable enough that an average person will be able to buy one without it being a big problem. If you can’t afford to buy an oven all at once, you can look into payment options or try to buy one using credit.

If this simply isn’t possible in your case, you at least have the other options above available to you. Using a toaster oven will be a very easy alternative, but you still won’t be able to make as many things using a toaster oven as you could if you had a standard oven.

Order Some Pizza

If all else fails, then you could always call a local pizza place and have them deliver a fresh pizza pie to your address. Sometimes it just isn’t going to be practical to make a pizza for dinner when you don’t have the necessary ingredients or tools to get the job done.

Those who don’t have a stove or a grill simply won’t be able to make a homemade pizza the right way. This means that they will have to turn to other options.

If you don’t want to make a frozen pizza, the next best thing that you can do is call a pizza delivery place. There are tons of different options in just about every city in America and Canada.

Usually, these pizza companies will deliver pizzas right to your doorstep. If you live in a rural area, it’s possible that delivery might not be an option and you’ll just have to go pick up a pie yourself.

Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy a tasty pizza for dinner if nothing else will do. You don’t necessarily have to make one yourself just to get your pizza fix.

Final Thoughts

There are quite a few ways that you can go about making a pizza without having an oven. If you don’t own an oven right now, you can try to make a homemade pizza using a stove or a grill.

Making one on the stove can actually be a great option whether you have an oven or not. Pizza made on the stove turns out very nicely so long as you do things the right way.

The same thing can be said for grilled pizza. You’ll need to buy a pizza grill pan to be able to do things easily, but the taste of a grilled pizza will be truly remarkable.

Buying a toaster oven will allow you to make a pizza as well. You can go about making one in the exact same way that you would in a normal oven.

The only difference is that you might need to consider how big you’re making your pie. So long as you keep these things in mind, it shouldn’t be difficult to get good results.

You can even potentially make a frozen pizza in the microwave. It might not turn out fantastically, but you can do it so long as it’ll fit.

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