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Discover the Benefits of Iced Tea without the Ice Factor

Discover the Benefits of Iced Tea without the Ice Factor

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Iced tea is a refreshing drink commonly enjoyed by most families all year around. While some people choose to make iced tea with ice, there are a number of ways to make and enjoy iced tea without it.

Types of Iced Tea

Most articles suggest either using black loose-leaf tea or black tea bags to make iced tea.

While loose-leaf is a higher-quality tea and more fresh than tea bags, using loose leaves may require the use of a strainer. Tea bags usually do not need to be strained out at the end of the tea-making process.

Sun tea is a common way of making iced tea without using any ice. Most people choose to use a clear pitcher when making sun tea so the sun can aid in the steeping process. When your tea is steeping, the nutrients and flavor from the tea leaves are infusing into the water.

Once your pitcher is full of water and the proper amount of tea bags, you can set it outside in the sun to steep and enjoy a glass of iced tea in a few hours when it is done.

Many people enjoy making sun tea because it is so easy and doesn’t require a lot of effort. This makes sun tea the perfect everyday drink. Making iced sun tea can also be a great way to make a lot of tea for large groups and gatherings because it is so simple to make.

Another common method to make iced tea is cold brewing. According to an article, the process of cold brewing iced tea is relatively simple. All you have to do is add water and loose-leaf tea or tea bags to a pitcher and set it in the fridge to steep. Once it is done, you have iced tea.

The last common way to make iced tea without using any ice is with a clean French press. Using a French press can actually make the cold brewing process a little easier if you are using loose-leaf tea to make your iced tea.

Using a French press is another easy way to make iced tea because all you have to do is push the filter down to remove the tea leaves, which gives you an amazing cup of tea.

How to Make Good Iced Tea

Making iced tea is a little different from making hot tea because you have so many different ways to make it. No matter how you choose to make your iced tea, most articles suggest using black tea and filtered water.

Of course, whenever you make iced tea, you also can choose whether or not you want sweetened or unsweetened tea. Unsweetened iced tea doesn’t contain any sugar so it is even more easy to make than sweetened iced tea.

Sweetened iced tea can be a little more tricky. For example, in an article by Oh, How Civilized, it is recommended to use fine sugar to sweeten your tea. Fine sugar will end up dissolving more quickly in your tea because the granules are less big than other sugars, such as raw sugar.

It doesn’t matter what method you choose to make your iced tea without using ice as long as you pay attention to steeping time. How long you steep your tea can affect how light or strong your tea will taste.

For example, in a Simply Recipes article, it is recommended that sun tea should only be steeped for between three to five hours while cold-brew tea should be steeped in the refrigerator for eight to twelve hours.

While most articles recommend using black tea to make iced tea, some suggest that green tea should be steeped for significantly less time than black tea. Most green tea blends will only need to be steeped in the refrigerator for six to eight hours.

When making iced tea, it is also important to use the correct amount of tea. It is recommended to add in four tea bags for every two quarts of water to allow your tea to steep properly.

Health Benefits of Iced Tea

While sweet tea is delicious, there are many different benefits to drinking iced tea more regularly than sweet tea or soda. The first and most obvious one is consuming less sugar.

Consuming a lot of sugar can actually make you consume too many calories for your recommended caloric intake.

If you find that drinking unsweetened iced tea is too bland, there are several different calorie-free artificial sweeteners that you may consider trying in the place of sugar. To make unsweetened tea even more healthy and flavorful, you can add in lemon or lime juice.

In an article by My Southern Health, it is suggested that switching to iced tea without ice and sugar may actually prevent more bacteria growth on gums and tooth decay and loss.

Another important health benefit to drinking iced tea is that it is packed with antioxidants, which makes it a perfect drink to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

There are also some lesser-known health benefits to consuming iced tea, such as lowering your blood sugar, increasing bone density, and even preventing some cancers. If you want to drink the most healthy iced tea, it is recommended in an article to drink unsweetened black iced tea.

In general, iced tea without ice is a healthy drink that is easy to make at home. Since there are many different methods to making iced tea, you can experiment with a lot of different tea blends and recipes to find the perfect drink to enjoy throughout the year.

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