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Unique Ways to Make a Healthy Green Tea Latte Without Matcha

Unique Ways to Make a Healthy Green Tea Latte Without Matcha

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The green tea latte is an inexpensive and healthy drink that has become very popular over the past few years, primarily because of the “healthy” connotations attached to it.

Many coffeehouses, local cafes, and other establishments have begun offering their own variant of the green tea latte, and several of these do not even use any matcha. If you were going to make one without matcha, there are a number of different ways to do so.

First of all, you should know that the original green tea latte is made using matcha. Matcha, for those who don’t know, is finely ground powder of green tea leaves that are specially processed and grown in parts of Japan.

Matcha has become incredibly popular across the globe, and is a traditional green tea flavor out of East Asia.

Matcha is one of the oldest types of green tea leaves, dating as far back as the Tang dynasty, and in many parts of Japan, matcha is heavily featured in traditional tea ceremonies.

Now, if you were going to consume matcha, you can easily buy a packet or a jar from your local store, but there are more artisanal products available as well.

But, what if you didn’t want to use matcha at all in your green tea latte? What if you wanted to use something more traditional or take a straightforward approach that didn’t involve as many complications?

If you want to make a traditional green tea latte that is healthy and doesn’t include matcha, there are a number of recipes that you can try out. Let’s talk about some of the best ways to make a green tea latte without using matcha.

A Simple Recipe

You are going to need a few ingredients for this one: a cup of soy milk, one cup of water, one tablespoon of green tea powder (can be any flavor), and white sugar as needed.

Matcha green tea powder is available, but many companies now offer a wide range of options when it comes to green tea flavors. So, there’s no shortage of choices available to you when making a selection.

Making the Drink

You are going to need a small saucepan for this. Once you have that, pour in the soy milk, the sugar, and the green tea powder. You need to make sure that the saucepan is kept over medium heat, and let it froth. Within a few minutes, the mixture is going to turn hot and get all foamy.

Once you are done, you can just pour the drink in your mugs, and enjoy a fantastic home-brewed green tea latte!


There are several ways to make green tea latte. The basic ingredients that are needed to make the latte include brewed tea, milk, and a sweetener.

You can serve the drink warm or you can also serve it as an iced latte. You can also create a blended drink if you want, though you are going to have to blend the drink with a cup of ice.

One of the most popular variants of the tea latte is the chai latte. This is a Western version of the masala chai that became popular in India, and can be served either hot or blended with ice.

If you are going to make a green tea latte without matcha, you can choose whatever flavor you want to make. Here are a few tips on how to do it.

Simmering the Milk

The first step is to simmer the milk in a saucepan. Put the saucepan on medium heat, and pour in the milk. It will take a bit of time before the milk will begin to simmer. You will notice bubbles forming on the side of the saucepan.

Remember, for one drink, you will have to put in at least five ounces of water and three tablespoons of milk. If you only use milk, your drink is likely to get thicker and frothier.

Once you are done, you will want to steep the warm liquid for a specific period of time as required. Usually, it’s best to check the back of the tea bag or the box in which it came to determine how long you have to steep it.

Ideally, you should consider steeping the tea for around four to six minutes. This is going to ensure that the tea will give a strong flavor.

If you want, you can also use sweetener as per your taste requirements. Some people like to avoid the sugar altogether, while others prefer adding a bit of sweetener.

To create a good froth, it is important that you stir it well. You can also use a frothing device or a small whisk to add some air and bring the froth up.

Then, you are done! You can either serve the drink warm or you can let it rest for a bit, and then pour it into a glass full of ice. This tea latte is incredibly versatile, and the flavors will primarily depend on the kind of tea bags or tea leaves you use.

Thankfully, there’s an extensive variety of flavors and options available in the market, making it easy for you to choose one that best fits your requirements.

Are They Healthy?

You might have read quite a few tall claims about green tea lattes. Thankfully, most of them are true. Green tea lattes are generally healthy drinks, and they are also quite easy to make. However, you might want to avoid tea lattes that are made using premixed tea leaves and flavors.

Those contain a massive amount of sugar, such as those found at Starbucks and other common coffeehouses. They also contain a bunch of additives that you might want to avoid.

Remember, the aim is to have natural and healthy drinks that are made using quality, artisanal ingredients. Going for mainstream options isn’t a wise idea, and will have a negative impact on your health.

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