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How to Cool Pumpkin Pie (And Why It’s Important)

How to Cool Pumpkin Pie (And Why It’s Important)

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Enjoying a nice slice of pumpkin pie with your loved ones feels special. Some people eat it often while others save it as a special dessert for the holidays.

Whatever your stance on pumpkin pie is, it’s easy to see why it’s so loved. When baking them at home, you want to make sure that you allow the pies to cool before cutting into them.

It takes a bit of patience, but you’ll be better off allowing the pies to properly cool. Is there a specific process you should be following, though?

Continue reading to learn about the best methods. This will make it easier to cool your homemade pies so you can enjoy them with your family and friends.

Why Do You Have to Let Pumpkin Pie Cool?

You need to give your pumpkin pie a bit of time to set. If you try to eat it while it’s too warm, you’re not going to have a good experience.

Generally, it’s best to take your pumpkin pie out of the oven and cool it at room temperature for two hours. It should only cool at room temperature for two hours because keeping it on the counter for longer than that can lead to bacteria issues.

You’re not supposed to leave pumpkin pie on the counter or a cooling rack for storage. Instead, you’re supposed to put it in the fridge after two hours have passed.

This allows the pie to cool the rest of the way. Wrap the pie loosely using plastic and then stick it in the fridge for a few hours.

The pie will be ready to serve once a few hours have passed. This is the best way to cool down your pumpkin pie and ensure that it will be ready to eat.

If you don’t allow the pumpkin pie to cool, it won’t be set up properly. It might be slightly runny and it generally isn’t enjoyable to try to eat it like that. So it’s best to exercise patience and allow the pie to cool for several hours.

How Long to Cool Pumpkin Pie

It takes several hours to cool pumpkin pie so that it can be eaten. You need to factor this time in when you’re planning on serving pumpkin pie at a family gathering.

Don’t start baking the pie too late in the day since it might not have enough time to cool. You need to let it cool for two hours at room temperature before allowing it to cool for another hour or so in the fridge.

It’s not a process that you should try to rush. Also, remember that you can’t allow the pumpkin pie to sit out on the counter for longer than two hours.

You need to approach this situation carefully to avoid issues with bacteria. Make sure that you store your pumpkin pie properly after it has been cooled for a few hours at room temperature.

Does Pumpkin Pie Set as It Cools?

Yes, pumpkin pie sets as it cools. So you need to let the pie set for the right amount of time before eating it.

Trying to eat the pie too soon leads to the pie not being so great. You’ll not enjoy the pie as much if you don’t allow it to set properly.

It should take around four hours for the pie to set. You’ll cool the pie for two hours at room temperature and then keep it in the fridge for one to two more hours.

After a few hours have passed you can cut into the pie and serve it. Make sure that you bake your pie early enough in the day so you won’t be prevented from serving it during your party or gathering.

Can Pumpkin Pie Cool in the Fridge?

It’s normal to cool pumpkin pie in the fridge, but you shouldn’t put it in the fridge right away. You need to wait for a few hours before putting it in the refrigerator.

Allow the pie to cool for two hours at room temperature before moving forward. Place it on a counter or a cooling rack so that it can cool naturally at room temperature for two hours.

Once two hours have passed, it’ll be time to transfer the pie to the fridge. It’s best to loosely wrap the pie in plastic and then place it in the refrigerator so it can cool the rest of the way.

The rest of the cooling process will take a couple of hours. So two hours of cooling at room temperature and two hours of cooling in the fridge are necessary.

You’ll also need to store the pie in the fridge to keep it safe. Keep this in mind and it’ll allow you to enjoy pumpkin pie to the fullest.

Can Pumpkin Pie Cool Overnight?

You can’t cool pumpkin pie overnight at room temperature. This would expose the pie to harmful bacteria.

To do things safely, you must cool the pie for two hours at room temperature and then put it in the fridge. Once the pie has been loosely wrapped in plastic and placed in the fridge it’ll be safe.

At this point, you can allow the pie to cool overnight in the refrigerator. It’s fine to cut into the pie and enjoy it the next day.

It’s common for people to bake pies for the holidays the day before the holiday. This allows them to wake up and enjoy a nice slice of pie for breakfast.

Just be sure to do things the right way so you don’t accidentally expose yourself to bacteria. Storing pumpkin pie properly is of the utmost importance.

How Long Can You Store Pumpkin Pie?

Pumpkin pie can be stored in a refrigerator for up to four days. Once it has been wrapped in plastic, it should stay good for around four days in the fridge.

This should give you enough time to eat the pie. You can also choose to freeze a pumpkin pie if you need longer to eat it.

For example, you might bake a few too many pies. If you have an entire leftover pie, you can wrap it in plastic or aluminum foil and then place it in the freezer.

This pie should stay good for up to a month in the freezer. So you can wait until another weekend when you want a treat and then thaw the pie out so it can be enjoyed.

Don’t try to eat pumpkin pie that is too old since it won’t be good any longer. If the pie has been stored in the fridge, it’ll not be good to eat it when it is more than four days old.

Can You Eat Pumpkin Pie Warm?

Some people enjoy eating warm pumpkin pie. However, you shouldn’t take this to mean that you can cut into pumpkin pie when it’s fresh out of the oven.

The pie still needs time to set up when it comes out of the oven. You need to let it cool for four hours before it’ll be truly ready.

After the pie has cooled properly and been allowed to set up, it’ll be fine to enjoy it however you want to. Some people might choose to warm the pie in the microwave if they enjoy it that way.

Others will not like eating warm pumpkin pie. It seems to be more common to eat pumpkin pie cold, but it can be enjoyed both ways.

Is Pumpkin Pie Better Warm or Cold?

The question of whether pumpkin pie is better warm or cold is not possible to definitively answer. Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference.

Of course, many people have strong feelings on the topic. There are many who think that cold pumpkin pie is truly the best.

It seems to be true that most people like eating pumpkin pie cold. Also, it’s very common for people to eat this type of pie with heaping amounts of whipped cream.

If you love warm pumpkin pie, it’s totally fine to keep enjoying it that way. Pumpkin pie is a tasty treat that should be enjoyed however it is you like to enjoy it.

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