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Does Bread Keep Cookies Fresh? (How Much Bread to Use)

Does Bread Keep Cookies Fresh? (How Much Bread to Use)

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No matter what type of cookies you make, you know they’re going to be better when they’re fresh. No one wants to eat cookies that have started to go stale.

Perhaps you’ve heard someone talking about using bread to keep cookies fresh recently. Does this actually work, and how, if so?

Let’s find out!

Bread Can Help Keep Cookies Fresh

When cookies start to become stale, they’re going to get hard. For most, hard cookies are simply not that fun to eat.

You can keep cookies fresh for longer periods of time if you use bread. Bread can be put in a container alongside the cookies to help keep them fresh.

Why does bread help to do this, though? The cookies are actually able to absorb the moisture from the bread.

You can store cookies in some type of airtight container, then place a piece of bread in the container with them.

The cookies will absorb the moisture from the bread and this will help to keep them soft and fresh. It can help them to stay fresh for a bit longer than they otherwise would.

This is a simple way to extend the amount of time the cookies will stay good. Since you almost surely have bread in your pantry, this is something you should always remember to do.

Don’t Use Too Much Bread

You don’t want to put more bread in with the cookies than is necessary. If you put too much bread in a container with the cookies, it’ll make them mushy.

Simply put, the cookies will absorb more moisture than they should. This makes the cookies mushy and it’s harder to enjoy them this way.

So how much bread should you use for this method? It’s said that using just half of a slice of bread will be sufficient.

Many people have also had perfect results when putting one slice of bread in the container. It should be fine so long as you’re not using more than one standard slice of bread.

It’s also notable that you need to use a neutral type of bread. If you use a type of flavored bread, it’ll have an impact on the taste of the cookies.

Use white bread or another type of neutral bread to get good results. This should make it easy enough to keep the cookies fresh.

How Long Do Cookies Stay Good?

Usually, cookies are going to stay good for up to three days. This is assuming that you’re storing them properly.

Cookies will start to go stale faster than this if you just leave them out on the counter. It’s best to put them in some type of airtight container.

You can put them in a cookie jar and they should be fine for several days. It’s great to have airtight containers with lids that you can use for cookie storage.

Of course, you can choose to freeze your cookies if you don’t think you’ll finish them all in time. Freezing them will allow them to stay good for longer periods of time.

You can keep cookies fresh for up to six months if you put them in the freezer, and they can be placed in freezer-safe containers rather easily.

It’s likely a good idea to write the date on the container somewhere if you choose to go this route. This will ensure that you’ll know how long the cookies have been in the freezer so you can pull them out and eat them before it’s too late.

Always Store Different Types of Cookies Separately

Often, people will make different types of cookies when they’re baking. You might bake several different types at once so you will have a variety of options.

This is great, but you need to be sure to store these cookies separately. For example, you shouldn’t store peanut butter cookies alongside a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies.

If you keep them in the same storage container, the flavor profiles will begin to blend. You’ll wind up with a mishmash of flavors that won’t quite taste right.

Put the different cookies in their own storage containers. This ensures that you’ll get the best results.

Remember to Store Cookies in Layers

Another good idea is to store your cookies in layers. When you put them in the storage container, you should put one layer on the bottom and then place parchment paper on top of the bottom layer.

Next, lay the other layer on top of the parchment paper. Keep doing this for all of the layers of cookies that you can fit in the container.

The reason you do this is to keep the cookies from sticking together. It makes it so much easier to pull them out and eat them when they aren’t sticking together.

Having parchment paper that you can utilize makes things much simpler. You should always have some on hand when you’re baking things.

Where Should You Put the Cookies?

You should put the cookies somewhere safe where they can stay cool. If you put them somewhere that gets too hot, they aren’t going to stay good for nearly as long.

A cool and dry place is optimal for cookie storage. Place the airtight container in your pantry and you should get good results.

Keeping them on the counter is fine as well so long as the temperature is okay in your home. It’s also best not to let the kitchen get too much sun exposure if you plan to keep the cookie container on the counter.

Final Thoughts

You’ve learned that you can use bread to make cookies stay fresh longer. It’s a handy trick that can work wonders if you do things right.

To accomplish this, you want to put a slice of bread alongside your cookies in a container. Put the cookies in some type of airtight container and then put a piece of bread in there with them.

Ensure that you’re using a neutral type of bread such as white bread. You don’t want to use flavored bread since that will alter the flavor profile of the cookies.

The cookies will be able to absorb the moisture from the bread to stay soft. This is useful and keeps them fresh for quite some time.

Using too much bread will make the cookies mushy. Remember this and you can avoid encountering problems.

Your cookies should be stored in a cool and dark place. Putting them in the pantry will be a good choice.

Enjoy your cookies with your family. You should have an easy time keeping them soft and fresh long enough to finish them.

If you make too many, you can always freeze them. Freezing cookies should allow them to stay good for up to six months.

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