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Can You Make Cornbread with Grits?

Can You Make Cornbread with Grits?

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Cornbread is likely something that you really love eating, and it’s considered to be comfort food by many.

You make it with many different types of meals. Sometimes it’s going to accompany a standard dinner, but it might also be served alongside BBQ dishes.

What about grits, though? Is it normal to make cornbread alongside them?

Keep reading to find out. You’ll also learn about whether or not cornbread can be made using grits.

Many People Enjoy Eating Cornbread with Grits

Cornbread With Shrimp On Grits

If you’re asking whether cornbread can be enjoyed with grits, the answer is yes. It’s pretty common for people to eat cornbread in the morning alongside grits.

For some, grits and cornbread will be a traditional breakfast.

In the American south, it’s standard for people to eat grits for breakfast. Some might eat grits alongside fried eggs, bacon, and other such breakfast staples.

Cornbread wouldn’t be out of place in such a meal. However, it might be slightly more common for people to eat biscuits with their breakfast.

Do Grits Taste Similar to Cornbread?

A Bowl Of Delicious Grits And Bread

Some people think that grits taste a little bit similar to cornbread. Cornbread is quite a bit different when you get down to it, though.

Generally, grits are going to have a very mild taste. Some might even describe grits as somewhat bland.

When grits turn out to perfection, they should be rather thick and very smooth. The flavor is going to be mild, but they’re meant to be mixed with other foods.

You mix grits with other breakfast foods that you enjoy. It helps to bring out the best aspects of them.

Of course, people also add butter, salt, and cheese to grits to improve the flavor. These additions can make a huge difference.

Grits can be described as a bit “gritty.” Cornbread has a texture that is somewhat similar.

So you could say that the texture of grits and cornbread have more in common than the taste.

Can You Use Grits to Make Cornbread?

Raw Grits In A Bowl

Yes, it is possible to use grits to make cornbread. It’s not going to taste the same if you go this route, though.

Some people use corn grits to make cornbread. This is used as a replacement for cornmeal.

Corn grits can be a great substitute when you’re in a pinch. It works so well because they’re both corn products.

Keep in mind that cornmeal and corn grits have a different consistency. Corn grits are coarser than cornmeal, and that means you’ll have to make some adjustments.

You should use less corn grits than you would cornmeal. This should allow you to make cornbread that will taste close enough to the way it usually turns out.

Don’t hesitate to make cornbread if you only have corn grits in stock. Things will turn out nicely if you’re careful not to use too much of the corn grits.

Other Substitute Options

A Mound Of Corn Flour

Are there other substitute options that will work out well? Yes, you can also use corn flour to make cornbread.

Since corn flour is another corn product, it’s going to work out okay to make cornbread. It’s going to taste different than standard cornbread, but it can still be satisfying.

The texture will be far different than usual, though. For some, it’s not going to be close enough to cornmeal to get the job done.

Polenta could be a more practical substitution choice. You can use polenta in cornbread recipes the same way you would cornmeal.

Knowing this, polenta might even be preferable to corn grits. At the end of the day, either option will work fine.

Cornmeal is Best

Cornmeal In A Bowl

Truly, it’s best to just use cornmeal to make cornbread. The vast majority of cornbread recipes out there call for you to use cornmeal.

It’s easy to find it, and it isn’t expensive either. You can run out to the grocery store and stock up on it right now.

This will ensure that you’re always able to make cornbread to go along with your morning grits. You’ll be glad that you’re able to enjoy the classic taste no matter when you choose to eat it.

The substitute options mentioned above are fine as well. They can help you to make cornbread if you are out of cornmeal and don’t want to make a trip to the store.

Generally, corn products will do a decent job of allowing you to make cornbread, and corn grits will make it taste somewhat close to the real thing.

Corn flour doesn’t do the job as well, but the cornbread will still be tasty. Polenta is pretty close to cornmeal in many ways and should be considered if you don’t want to use corn grits.

Is Cornbread Healthy?

Fresh Cornbread In A Cast Iron Pan

No, cornbread isn’t something that can be considered healthy. It’s high in carbs and is something you should enjoy in moderation.

This isn’t something that you want to eat every single day. Regardless, there are those who enjoy eating it every morning.

Just be sure to eat reasonable portions whenever you’re enjoying it. Try to avoid overeating and get plenty of exercise throughout the day.

This will ensure that you don’t have to worry quite so much. Of course, you should also follow the advice of your physician if you need to make any changes to your morning breakfast routine.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that you can eat cornbread with grits. It’s a pretty normal thing to do, and you’re going to love how cornbread complements grits in the morning.

If you’re trying to learn whether corn grits can be used to make cornbread, you’re in luck. Corn grits can indeed be used as a cornmeal substitute.

It won’t let you make cornbread that tastes exactly the same, but you can get pretty close. Other substitute options include corn flour and polenta.

Cornbread is something that you’re going to enjoy so many times in a calendar year. Do your best to keep cornmeal stocked in your pantry.

It’s good to have corn grits around for many reasons, and you might use them as a substitute for cornmeal from time to time.

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