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Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake? (What to Expect)

Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake? (What to Expect)

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Angel food cake is scrumptious, and you might make it fairly often. For many, this is a great weekend treat that satiates cravings for sweets.

You might even make it for special occasions. This can be a lot of fun, but what happens when you make too much?

It’d be a shame to waste your tasty dessert. If you can’t eat all of the angel food cake, freezing it will likely seem like a great option.

Can angel food cake be frozen, though? Keep reading to learn about what you need to do to freeze this type of cake safely.

You Can Freeze Angel Food Cake

It is possible to freeze angel food cake, but you need to approach things the right way. If you try to freeze it without doing things right, you’ll find that it won’t taste so good once you thaw it out.

This is a delicate type of cake that you have to be gentle with when eating it. It makes sense that you’d want to be careful while handling it when preparing to freeze it.

Freezing it will be easier if you cut it into slices. It’s harder to freeze an entire cake or half of a cake.

Take the time to cut the cake into individual slices. Each slice of the cake should be wrapped in plastic.

Next, you place individual slices of cake inside freezer bags. This is how the cake should be stored in the freezer.

Doing things this way will ensure that the cake stays good. When you thaw the cake out, it should still be moist and fresh for you to enjoy.

An optional step that can help to protect the cake further involves putting the freezer bags inside hard plastic containers. You’ll need plastic containers that are airtight and safe to use in the freezer.

The hard plastic containers will protect the slices of cake from being squished by other things. If you don’t have much else in your freezer, it might be fine to just use the freezer bags.

How Long Will Angel Food Cake Stay Good in the Freezer?

Of course, you can’t freeze the cake forever and expect it to stay fresh. At some point, the taste and texture will start to degrade.

Most agree that angel food cake will stay good for four to six months in the freezer. This is assuming that you’re storing the cake properly, and the freezer is set to the appropriate temperature.

Some do think that it’s best to try to eat the cake within three months to get the best taste possible. Remember to try to eat it before it gets too old so that it still tastes good when you thaw it out.

Angel food cake freezes really well when you take the time to wrap it and put it in a freezer bag. Cutting the cake into individual slices will also make it more likely that things will turn out perfectly.

The way you wrap the angel food cake plays a huge role in how well the texture will hold up. If you wrap the slices in plastic and put them in freezer bags, you should enjoy the cake to the fullest once you’re ready to thaw it out and eat it.

To keep things simple, it’s recommended to write the date that you froze the cake somewhere on the freezer bags. Most freezer bags have convenient spots where you’re meant to write dates.

This allows you to glance at the cake and determine how long it has been in the freezer. It should keep you from keeping old cake in the freezer too long.

How to Defrost the Cake Slices

Defrosting the cake slices needs to be done the right way, too. You don’t want to try to rush things even if you’re impatient and want to eat some angel food cake.

Carefully remove the cake slices from the freezer bags. Keep the plastic on the cake slices for now.

Place the slices directly in the refrigerator. This is a better option than allowing the cake to thaw on the counter.

Depending on the size of the cake, it might take several hours for it to thaw. Be patient and plan to eat the cake later in the day.

Once the slices have thawed, you can enjoy eating them. Unwrap the slices of cake while trying your best not to break things apart.

The cake should taste really good. Since you took the time to wrap it well, it’ll still be moist and fresh.

What Should You Do with Leftover Angel Food Cake?

Of course, you might not want to freeze the angel food cake. Perhaps you’d rather try to use it up because you worry that you’ll just forget about the cake if it goes in the freezer.

Have you thought about giving some of it away to friends or family members? You could invite a few people to your home to try to help you finish the leftovers.

This could be a good opportunity to chat and have snacks with the people you love. If you only have part of a cake left, this might seem preferable to freezing the cake for a later day.

In the future, you might want to try making a smaller cake. If you have trouble finishing it before it gets stale, it’s better to bake a smaller cake so you won’t waste anything.

Final Thoughts

You can freeze angel food cake, but it won’t go well if you don’t wrap it properly. To get good results, it’s important to wrap the cake in plastic.

Ideally, you should cut the cake into slices and then wrap it in plastic. After this, you should put the slices into freezer bags.

Protect the cake slices by placing them in hard plastic containers that are freezer-safe. If you do this, you’ll be able to keep the cake fresh.

The angel food cake should stay good for at least four months. It might stay good for as long as six months in the freezer depending on a number of different factors, but it’d be better to eat it before the four-month mark to be safe.

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