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Can I Just Use Waffle Mix to Make Pancakes?

Can I Just Use Waffle Mix to Make Pancakes?

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Waffles and pancakes are both considered to be tasty breakfast treats. Some people might prefer one or the other, but they both occupy a similar space when people think about breakfast foods.

If you’re craving pancakes, it might be a bit sad to see that you don’t have any pancake mix to utilize. When you don’t want to make pancake batter from scratch, it might mean that a trip to the grocery store will be necessary.

What if you have some waffle mix that you could use, though? Is it possible to use waffle mix to make pancakes?

Waffles and pancakes are sort of similar in certain ways. Is waffle batter close enough to pancake batter that you’ll be able to use the two mixes interchangeably?

Continue reading to find out what to expect.

You Can Use Waffle Mix to Make Pancakes

Bowl Of Batter

Before reading any further, you’ll want to know that you can indeed use waffle mix to make pancakes. However, it’s a bit more complicated than just using the waffle mix normally.

You won’t be able to just use the waffle mix without making alterations. Waffles are different enough from pancakes that you’ll have to make adjustments or things won’t turn out right.

Keep reading to learn what you need to do to to get good results. It isn’t that tough, but you do need to understand how to approach things.

First, it’ll be good to understand the difference between waffles and pancakes. This will make it clearer why you need to make changes.

How Waffles and Pancakes Differ

Pancakes And Waffles On A Plate

You have almost surely had both waffles and pancakes in your life. Most are familiar with how the two breakfast treats taste.

They have similarities, but there are key differences that you must pay attention to. The texture of the two food types differs greatly, and so does the appearance.

Pancakes have a texture that is similar to that of a cake. They’re light in color and sort of spongy.

Waffles are crispy and they have a nice golden-brown color. They’re crispy on the outside while being soft on the inside.

When you take a look at the ingredients on the back of a waffle mix box and a pancake mix box, you’ll discover that they’re pretty much identical. So why are these two foods so different despite using the same base ingredients?

Simply put, the cooking method is completely different. You make pancakes on the stove or by using a griddle while waffles are made in a waffle maker.

The second thing that you need to know is that waffle mixes call for more sugar and fat to be added to the recipe. This extra sugar and fat allow the waffles to get the crispy outsides that you know and love so well.

Those are the basic differences between waffles and pancakes. You’ll be able to alter the waffle mix by changing the amount of fat and sugar so that you can make pancakes.

Reducing the Fat

Whipping Pancake Batter

Reducing the fat is the first thing that you need to do so that you can make pancakes. If you fail to do this, they won’t turn out properly.

Pancakes are meant to be light and fluffy. If you have too much fat in the mix, then the outside of the pancakes will become crispy like a waffle.

The high concentration of fat is something that you need to change. Reducing the fat is simpler than you might realize, and this means that this shouldn’t be a big deal.

Simply add a little bit of water to the mixture, and you’ll effectively dilute the extra fat. The amount will depend on how much is called for in the original recipe or mix, how much oil is called for, and how thick the batter is.

You’ll need to be sure that you don’t add any extra fat, which means omitting or drastically reducing the oil the mix calls for. Instead, you could add a similar amount of water and look for how thick the batter is. It should end up around the consistency of a normal pancake batter.

You also won’t be able to add oil or butter to the pan because that would add fat content. Instead, you should spray the griddle or pan using a non-stick cooking spray.

So long as you take the time to reduce the fat, the pancakes should turn out normally. You won’t have to worry about making crispy pancakes, and you’ll be happy with the results.

Don’t Add More Sugar

Reduce The Amount Of Sugar

Being sure that you don’t add any more sugar is imperative as well. Sugar content also contributes to making the surface crispy, and this means that you must be careful.

Extra sugar makes waffles sweeter and richer overall. This isn’t how you want your pancakes to turn out.

Also, too much sugar will make the pancakes darker than usual. You want that classic light brown color when you’re making them, and it’ll be necessary to use just the right amount of sugar.

Reducing the sugar is just as easy as reducing the fat. A little bit of water added to the mix dilutes the sugar content enough to keep it from being too much.

The box might tell you to add more sugar to the mix, but you have to ignore that. Remember that the box is giving you instructions to make waffles and you’re trying to make pancakes instead.

Don’t add anything sugary to the mix or you’ll throw the batter off. If you wish to make traditional pancakes, you must avoid adding extra sugar to the batter.

Make Pancakes Normally

Pouring Pancake Batter Onto A Pan

Remember to avoid using the instructions on the waffle mix box. These instructions are for how to make waffles, but you’re making pancakes.

To make them properly, it’s going to be necessary to use the same methods that you would when making them using standard pancake mix. This means making them in a pan on the stove or using a griddle.

Only add what you usually add to your pancake batter. Just make sure that you aren’t adding extra fat or sugar content due to the fact that you’re using waffle mix.

When all is said and done, you should be able to make pancakes that turn out normally. They should be light, fluffy, light brown, and a little bit spongy.

Pour some maple syrup on them and start serving them to your loved ones. If you followed the advice above, everyone should be quite happy with the results.

You can indeed use waffle mix to make good pancakes, but you just have to keep your wits about you. So long as you’re paying attention and understand what you need to do, it’s easy enough to make tasty pancakes.

You Don’t Need a Mix to Make Pancakes

Checking The Pantry For Ingredients

It should be noted that you don’t need either pancake mix or waffle mix to make pancakes. In fact, many pancake connoisseurs think that making pancakes from scratch is the right way to go.

As long as you have simple ingredients stocked in your pantry and your refrigerator, it’s going to be easy to make pancake batter yourself. You just need to have eggs, white sugar, milk, baking powder, all-purpose flour, butter, and salt.

If you have these standard ingredients, you’re going to be able to make your own pancake batter. It won’t take too long to get this done either since the process is very straightforward.

Once you’ve gotten used to making it from scratch, you might simply stop buying pancake mix from the store. While pancake mix can save you a little bit of time, it’s not all that necessary.

If you’re someone who likes to bake things, you will surely have everything that you need in the kitchen to make pancakes. You’ll just have to take the time to do it.

There are also other pancake recipes out there that might call for other ingredients. If you only have the standard ingredients mentioned above, just look for a simple pancake recipe.

Tips to Make Great Pancakes

Stack Of Fresh Pancakes Topped With Butter

Now that you know that you can make pancakes for breakfast, it’s going to be time to consider how to make them turn out as deliciously as possible. If you read the tips below, you’re going to have the best pancakes you’ve ever tasted.

Remembering to do a few things differently can make all the difference in the world when you’re making them from scratch. Sometimes just substituting an ingredient or being sure to use a particular method will have a positive impact on the end result.

Make Pancakes Using Real Buttermilk

Buttermilk pancakes are among the most popular types of pancakes that people love to eat for breakfast. Often, people don’t keep buttermilk in stock, and this causes them to substitute the buttermilk in the recipe for something else.

You’ll see people using normal milk along with vinegar as a buttermilk substitute. While this is fine, it should be noted that this won’t be as good as using real buttermilk.

It’d be worth it to go to the store to get what you need. Milk mixed with vinegar or lemon juice won’t compare to real buttermilk because the consistency just won’t be right.

If you’re worried about not being able to use up all of the buttermilk, you have options. You could try to make more pancakes and invite someone over to help you enjoy them.

Conversely, you could just buy a smaller container of buttermilk. It’s easy to purchase it by the quart, and that should be pretty much just enough to make a standard batch of buttermilk pancakes.

It’s Fine for the Batter to Be Lumpy

Lumpy Pancake Batter

Note that it’s perfectly fine for the batter to be a bit lumpy. Some people make the mistake of mixing the batter and trying to get it to be completely smooth.

Doing this would actually be a detriment to the pancakes. They might turn out wrong if you mix them too much.

When you stop seeing flour streaks in the batter, it’s going to be time to stop mixing. Don’t mix more than you have to because you’re not going to be making things better.

As you gain experience, you get used to how long you have to mix pancake batter. This is mostly good advice for those who are just starting to make pancakes for the first time.

Flip Your Pancakes When the Bubbles Start to Pop

Knowing when to flip the pancakes is tough for some people. If you aren’t sure how long to cook each side of the pancake, you should pay attention to the bubbles.

Flip when the bubbles start to pop. This should be when the bottom is golden and the sides have started to set.

After flipping, it should only take a few minutes for the other side to cook. You want to pay attention so that you don’t cook one side for too long since no one likes burned pancakes.

Using a Griddle Is Great

Blueberry Pancakes On Griddle

Using a griddle to make pancakes is great because it makes everything easier. Sometimes making them on the stove will be a bit cumbersome.

This is especially true if you’re trying to make lots of pancakes. When you want to feed many different people, it’s going to be hard to get the job done in a timely fashion on the stove.

If you buy a griddle, you’ll be able to make many more pancakes at once. You have plenty of space to utilize, and flipping them should be easier too.

It’s also notable that using a griddle reduces the cooking time slightly. You’ll save yourself time and you can sit down to enjoy pancakes that much sooner.

If you don’t have a griddle, be sure that you’re using a non-stick saute pan of some sort. It’s a pain when the pancakes stick to the pan because it can make flipping them in time become a nightmare.

This is also why it’s important to use some type of non-stick cooking spray to grease the pan. Some people use butter or oil to do this, but remember not to add fats to the mix if you’re using waffle mix to make pancakes.

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Wednesday 8th of February 2023

Your instructions are great. Just way too wordy. All you had to say was to add a little water to change from waffle to pancake mix and you never explained what "a little water" means. Most people want the abbreviated version....then you can add the longer one if you prefer.....thanks for letting me know about the water trick:)

Sarah Bridenstine

Tuesday 14th of February 2023

Hi Cheryl!

I'm glad I could help! Thanks for pointing out that I didn't explain. I went back and edited the article to be more clear.