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My Top 9 Sources of Baking Inspiration

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I’m a firm believer that if you want to be great at something, you have to always be learning. Baking is no exception.

While hands-on experimenting is probably the best way to learn and grow, you still need a starting point for those experiments. That’s why it’s so important to find inspiration from others.

On this page, I list a handful of the things that have inspired me the most in my baking journey. Whether something helped me improve a technique or got me looking at things in a different way, all of the shows, books, etc. below have helped me take my baking to the next level.

I hope you find some inspiration in these as well!


It wasn’t long ago when books were just about your only option for expanding your knowledge on a topic. It turns out they’re still perfect for this!

Here are a few that I recommend:

1 – The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs

Baking isn’t only for grownups; kids love it too!

While you might think a kids’ baking book wouldn’t have much to offer for an adult, you’d be surprised by how much you can learn while watching your child work their way through a recipe.

This is all about learning to look at things from a new perspective, which kids are exceptional at.

View on Amazon: The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs

2 – Beginner’s Baking Bible

For a more traditional source of learning, not much beats a good recipe book!

Following other people’s recipes is a great way to learn the ropes. You’ll get a good feel for ingredients, ratios, etc.

Once you’ve mastered a recipe, take it to the next level by making it your own! Make some simple changes to see how it affects the final result.

At the end of the day, experimenting is the best way to learn!

This book in particular dives into technique as well, so you can get a bit more out of it than a typical recipe book.

View on Amazon: Beginner’s Baking Bible

3 – The Baking Answer Book

The last book recommendation is more of a how-to book. While recipe books are great, it’s always good to get some clear steps on how to do something and why it makes sense.

Knowing the “why” goes a long way toward becoming a better baking. It gives you the ability to experiment in a more meaningful way, where you’re not taking random shots in the dark.

View on Amazon: The Baking Answer Book


After pen and paper came the keyboard and mouse, and along with that came blogs!

Blogs, like this one, can be one of the best sources of inspiration, no matter what topic you’re learning about. They’re written by people in all walks of life, and you’ll often pick up ideas that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Bloggers often have YouTube channels as well, so make sure to check those out for more inspiration.

Here are a few blogs that I try to check out regularly:

1 – Minimalist Baker

First up is Minimalist Baker. The great thing about this blog is that it keeps things simple, which is especially great when you’re learning.

Each recipe is kept to a minimum, either by limiting ingredients or prep time. This means the learning curve is a bit lower, so it’s easier to jump right in.

While following recipes that are a bit more straightforward not only makes things a bit easier, it’s also great for learning how each ingredient affects the outcome.

Visit blog: Minimalist Baker

2 – King Arthur Baking

You might already be familiar with King Arthur Baking from their flour that you’ve likely seen at your local grocery store.

What many don’t realize is that they also have a website jam packed with useful information.

Yes, they have recipes like many other baking sites, but they really go deep into technique as well. You can easily get sucked in and learn a ton on their site.

Visit blog: King Arthur Baking

3 – Chocolate Covered Katie

Last up for blogs is Chocolate Covered Katie, which is more focused on producing healthy, baking recipes.

While learning how to convert some of your favorite desserts into a healthier version allows you to indulge a bit more, that’s not the only benefit. You also learn about the purpose of various ingredients and how to swap them out in a pinch.

This skill comes in really handy when you’re running low on something or need to bake some goodies for someone on a special diet.

Visit blog: Chocolate Covered Katie

TV Shows

Last, but not least, are TV shows. TV shows can be a great source of inspiration because you can visually see things that you might not pick up on from reading a book or blog.

What’s also great about these shows is that they often involve competitions where creativity is key. You basically get an inside peak on how others solve their baking problems, which can get the creative juices flowing for you as well.

A few of my favorites are below:

1 – Kids Baking Championship

While it can be a bit intimidating watching young children that can bake better than you, just like with the first book recommendation above, it’s a great way to learn.

Kids are really great at thinking outside of the box, and they’re not afraid to take chances. That’s what makes this show such a fun way to learn new techniques!

View show page: Kids Baking Championship

2 – Holiday Baking Championship

While the challenges in this show might seem a bit unrealistic, you can learn a lot from watching the contestants work through them.

When it comes to baking for the holidays, knowing how to adjust on the fly and work with different ingredients can go a long way toward a successful get together.

Sit back and watch the bakers sweat it out, then thank them later as you use their tricks in your own kitchen.

View show page: Holiday Baking Championship

3 – Christmas Cookie Challenge

I’ve always been a sucker for a good Christmas cookie, so it’s not surprising that I am a fan of this show. Between the delicious cookies and the amazing decorating skills, it makes me want to improve my own skills and flavors!

Both professional bakers and amateurs take on the challenges of this show, and watching their technique can prove to be enlightening and really help you to unlock some of your own creativity!

View show page: Christmas Cookie Challenge

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Those are just a handful of my sources of inspiration.

I hope some of these inspire you, but always be on the lookout for some unique sources of inspiration of your own.

Happy baking!