Creative Things to Do with Leftover Cookies

It's not often that you're left with extra cookies after baking a batch, but in the rare instances when it happens, don't throw them away!

Leftover Cookies?

Whether you're left with full or crumbled cookies, put them to good use with these delicious ideas that give your cookies a new life.

Idea #1

Cookie Butter

While nut butters are tasty, why not mix it up with something even more creative? Whip up a batch of cookie butter using your leftover cookie crumbs, heavy cream, brown sugar, and butter.

Idea #2

Ice Cream Topper

Ice cream is already pretty good on its own, but that doesn't mean you can't make it better! Simply break up and sprinkle some small pieces of cookie on top of your dessert.

Idea #3

Pie Crust

Whether you have leftover cookies or cookie dough, you have the beginnings of a delicious pie crust that will give your pie a unique spin.

Idea #4

Cookie Brownies

If your cookies are starting to go stale, it's time to move to plan B. Small cookie chunks make for a great compliment to your already-delicious brownie recipe.