How I Turn Brownie Mix Into Cake

While brownies are delicious, sometimes you simply crave cake. Before you head to the store, can you turn your brownie mix into a cake?

No Cake Mix?

Believe it or not, it's not difficult to turn your brownie mix into cake. You simply need to adjust the balance of fat, eggs, and leavener in your mix.

Adjustment #1

The Fat

Brownie mix contains a lot more fat than cake mix, so to convert your brownie mix to cake, replace or cut down your oil or butter with applesauce.

Adjustment #2

The Eggs

Adding an extra egg to your brownie mix will make your mix less chewy and more cake like. If your mix calls for one, add two.

Adjustment #3

The Leavener

To make your brownie mix rise more like a cake, add about a teaspoon of baking powder. Baking powder will make your brownie mix fluffier, just like a cake.