This Is How I Substitute for Pie Weights

If your recipe calls for blind baking, your crust needs to be baked longer than the filling. Pie weights help to keep the crust in place when pre-baking your crust.

Why Pie Weights?

If you don't own pie weights, don't worry! Use the following simple substitutions instead, using items you already have at home.

Sub #1

Dried Beans

Using dried beans in place of traditional pie weights works well because the beans fill out the open space. Dried rice or popcorn are good options as well.

Sub #2

Steel Balls

Steel balls have the same advantage as dried beans, but in addition, they can hold and radiate heat to the crust, providing a more even bake. Just make sure they're clean and safe for the oven.

Sub #3


Most of us have a bag of sugar in our pantry, so it's a great alternative to use for blind baking. Just create a pie mold out of foil, then simply fill the mold with sugar.

Sub #4

A Second Pie Form

One of the best pie weight substitutes to use is simply another pie form. Just place a second, smaller pie plate on top of either parchment paper or foil and on top of your crust.