How I Make Boxed Brownies Moist & Chewy

While homemade brownies are great, using a box mix is not only easy, but gives you consistent and delicious results.

Why Boxed Brownies?

If your boxed brownie mix leaves something to be desired, use these simple tips to make sure they're moist and chewy.

Tip #1

Less Eggs

If your mix calls for two eggs, use one instead. By using less eggs, your brownies will be denser and chewier. Omitting egg whites can also work.

Tip #2

Melted Butter

Instead of using oil, go with unsalted melted butter. Melted butter will produce a richer and chewier brownie.

Tip #3


For extra chewy brownies, under-bake them by about five minutes. Just a few minutes is enough to prevent your brownies from losing their chewiness.

Tip #4

The Right Pan

Over-baking in a darky, heavy pan is a surefire way to overcook your brownies. Instead, opt for a glass or light metal pan.