The Best and Worst Ways to Store Pizza Dough

It takes time and effort to prep your pizza dough, so why not make extra to save time next time? After all, who doesn't want pizza more often?

Why Store?

Making your own dough isn't difficult, but does take time. Follow your favorite recipe, then store the dough using one of the following methods after it has had time to rise.

Method #1

The Fridge

After your dough is done rising, create balls and wrap them or seal them in air-tight containers. Your dough should last for about 2 weeks.

Method #2

The Freezer

Use the same steps as when storing in your fridge, and your dough will last for up to 3 months. To thaw, move your dough to the fridge overnight.

Method #3

Your Countertop

Storing your pizza dough on the countertop isn't a good idea. Without being chilled, your dough will over-ferment or become tough and chewy, based on whether or not it has active yeast in it.