3 Easy Ways I Frost Cupcakes Without a Tip

A frosting tip makes it easy to create a clean and smooth look. However, they are hard to clean and most of us don't own them.

Why Use a Tip?

Even without a tip, you can easily apply a great looking frosting to your cupcakes. Here are just a few ways to frost your cupcakes without a tip.

Method #1

Cookie Dough Scooper

While this approach will require some fine tuning with a knife, it's too fun to ignore. Simply scoop and release the frosting onto your cupcakes, them smooth with a knife.

Method #2

Use a Knife

The benefits of using a knife are that it's easy, we all have them on hand, and it doesn't take much time. With a little practice, your cupcakes will look great!

Method #3

Dip Them

If you're using a ganache frosting, this is probably the easiest way to coat your cupcakes. Simply turn them upside down and dip them into your frosting.