How I Bake Cookies with No Parchment Paper

Bakers sure love their parchment paper, and for good reason. Parchment paper is great for a quick release of your baked goods, as well as easy clean up.

Why Parchment Paper?

While parchment paper comes in handy for baking, there are plenty of good alternatives you can put your cookies on in your oven.

Option #1

Silicone Mat

Silicone mats typically provide the same easy release as parchment paper, and clean up quickly as well. However, your cookies will not form crusts like with parchment paper.

Option #2


Placing foil on top of a baking sheet provides the same easy cleanup as parchment paper. However, you may want to apply grease to the foil for a better release.

Option #3

DIY Spread

Create your own anti-stick spread out of equal parts oil, shortening, and flour that can be spread onto your baking sheet with a paper towel or pastry brush.

Option #4

Use Nothing

Some recipes actually specify that you don't use parchment paper or grease, as a non-stick surface can prevent your cookies or other baked goods from properly rising.