This Is How I Hack a Box Cake Mix

Boxed cake mixes make it super simple to make a cake. But did you know you can easily improve your mix to make it more flavorful and unique?

Why Use a Cake Mix?

By altering or adding some simple ingredients, you can make your boxed cake mix taste homemade. Your guests won't know the difference!

Hack #1


Replace your water with coffee to enhance the chocolate flavor. Surprisingly, you shouldn't taste the coffee at all! Use an equal amount of coffee as a water replacement.

Hack #2

More Eggs

Try adding an egg to make your cake more moist and dense. Adding just one egg will thicken you cake, giving it more of a made-from-scratch flavor.

Hack #3

Slow Cooker

Ditch your oven and use your slow cooker instead. Baking a cake in your slow cooker will help seal in the moisture, giving you a soft and gooey cake.

Hack #4

Vanilla Extract

Adding just a splash of vanilla extract can significantly enhance the flavors of your box mix. Try maple, almond, or mint extract for even more options.

Hack #5

Mix Ins

To truly spruce up your box mix, just add some mix-ins. Mix-ins can be anything you have on hand, from chocolate chips to frozen berries or more.