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Replacement Bowls for a KitchenAid Mixer: Where to Buy?

Replacement Bowls for a KitchenAid Mixer: Where to Buy?

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For a home baker, using a stand mixer almost feels like magic. You simply throw your ingredients in the bowl, hit a button, and within a matter of minutes, or even seconds, you’ve got a perfectly smooth mixture!

This sure beats the good old days of mixing things by hand, am I right?

Now, all of this amazing wizardry can only happen if your stand mixer is in working order. That means the mixer has to have all of its parts, and those parts need to be functioning as expected.

One of these oh-so-important parts is your trusty mixing bowl. While it doesn’t have any mechanical parts, a mixing bowl can still fail you after extended use. Luckily, replacement bowls are readily available.

Where can I buy replacement bowls?

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Replacement bowls for KitchenAid stand mixers are relatively easy to find, if you know where to look.

The first place you should always consider when looking for replacement parts is the manufacturer itself. In this case, that would be KitchenAid.

If you head over to the parts section of their website, you’ll find all sorts of replacement parts for your stand mixer, including mixing bowls. Buying directly from the manufacturer often provides you with the best selection.

However, that selection sometimes comes at an additional cost. You can get many of these replacement parts at a lower cost by going through an online retailer.

A couple of online retailers that you should consider are Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Target. These retailers have a small selection of replacement bowls for KitchenAid mixers.

Unfortunately, neither store seems to carry these items in their physical stores, so you are only left with the option to order them online and wait for them to ship.

While we’re on the topic, you’re going to have a difficult time finding just about any replacement parts for a stand mixer at a local store. There simply isn’t enough demand for the stores to justify carrying the parts.

In my opinion, the best option for ordering replacement bowls is to go through (you can find links to specific bowls at the end of this article). has a good selection of bowls at a reasonable cost, and you have the option to expedite the shipping time if you need your bowl in a hurry.

Reasons to buy a replacement bowl

So, why would someone need to buy a replacement bowl in the first place? That’s a great question! Here are a few reasons why you might need one:

  1. You cracked or bent your bowl
    • As crazy as it sounds, mixing bowls can break. While most bowls are pretty sturdy, they’re only made to withstand general wear and tear. Also, keep in mind that not all bowls are made of the same material. Metal bowls can be bent, glass bowls can crack, and so on.
  2. Your bowl is missing a feature that you really need
    • As I just mentioned, not all bowls are the same. Some bowls have a pour spout, while others don’t. Some bowls have measuring markers. You might prefer a glass bowl over a metal one.
  3. You want options
    • Believe it or not, some of us like to have more than one bowl on hand. If you use your mixer a lot, it might be nice to have a backup, so you don’t have to constantly wash the one you have. You might also find that it’s beneficial to have multiple types of bowls on hand for different uses.
  4. You lost your bowl
    • How you lost a mixing bowl is beyond us, but it happens. We won’t judge you.

What should I consider when buying a mixing bowl?

Stand Mixer Bowl

Now that you’ve determined that you need to replace your mixing bowl (or buy an extra one), you need to make sure you choose the right one.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the things you should consider before making a purchase.

  1. Material
    • You don’t have to buy the exact same bowl that came with your mixer. In fact, now is a great time to try something new.
    • Most bowls that you’ll find are made of stainless steel. However, you now have the option of glass or ceramic as well.
    • Each material has its own benefits, so choose the one that makes the most sense for your situation.
  2. Features
    • Most stand mixers come with a standard, stainless steel bowl. While these work great, you might want more out of your mixing bowl.
    • Three features that are fairly common now are handles, pour spouts, and measurement markers. All of these features are designed to make life easier for you. If you’re buying a new bowl, now is the time to take advantage of them.
  3. Size
    • While most stand mixers come equipped with a 4.5 quart bowl, some mixers support larger bowls.
    • Replacement bowls can be found ranging from 3 quarts to 8 quarts.
    • Most replacement bowls between 3 quarts and 5 quarts will fit a standard 4.5 quart tilt-head mixer, but the larger bowls will only work on specific models.

Which bowl should I buy for my KitchenAid mixer?

There are a few main classes of KitchenAid stand mixers, and as we mentioned above, replacement bowls that are 6 quarts or higher will only fit specific models. The bowls listed below are made to fit most 4.5 quart KitchenAid tilt-head mixers.

Please check the specifications from your retailer to make sure the bowl is compatible with your specific mixer before making a purchase.

4.5 Quart K45SBWH Stainless Steel Bowl

This bowl should look familiar to you, as it is the standard, stainless steel bowl that comes with most mixers. The only exception is that this one has a handle.

As of this writing, it is compatible with models that begin with K45, KSM90, KSM103, KSM110, KSM150, KSM151, and KSM152, which should include every KitchenAid pivot-head mixer.

Buy this bowl if you simply want to replace a standard 4.5 quart bowl, or if you’d like to have an extra one on hand.

3 Quart KB3SS Stainless Steel Bowl

This bowl is similar to the 4.5 quart bowl above, except that it is smaller and does not have a handle. The smaller size provides you with some flexibility in your baking.

Like the bowl above, this one is made to work with all 4.5 quart KitchenAid pivot-head mixers.

Things do change, so be sure to check the specifications before ordering.

5 Quart K5GB Glass Bowl with Measurement Markers

This 5 quart bowl is made of glass, which not only provides you with some benefits, but is eye-catching sitting on your kitchen counter. Because glass allows you to see your mixture through the sides of the bowl, you’re able to take advantage of the measurement markers, like you would with a measuring cup.

This particular bowl also features a handle and pour spout, again making it similar to an over-sized measuring cup. This glass bowl is also microwave and freezer safe.

One thing to keep in mind is that a glass bowl is a bit on the heavy side. As of this writing, this bowl is compatible with all 4.5 and 5 quart KitchenAid tilt-head mixers, except for the Accolade model.

5 Quart KSMCB5 Ceramic Bowl

Last up is this 5 quart ceramic bowl, which is offered in five colors. Like a glass bowl, a ceramic bowl provides your stand mixer with a unique look.

This bowl is freezer, dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe. With its handle and pour spout, along with its unique design, this ceramic bowl is perfect to use for serving.

As of this writing, this bowl is compatible with all 4.5 and 5 quart KitchenAid tilt-head mixers, except the KN15E1X.

Now that you know what your options are and what you should look for in a replacement mixing bowl, take some time to find the bowl that’s perfect for you!

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Pamela Wallace

Sunday 2nd of July 2023

I would really like a smaller bowl for my mixer. It seems I place a small amount in my 4.5-quart mixing bowl and the beater barely reaches what I place in the bowl. Does Kitchenaid make smaller bowls?

Edythe Gath

Sunday 21st of November 2021

I am looking to get a stainless steel bowl for my mother. The ceramic bowl is just to heavy for her. Her KitchenAid model number is KF26M1QBZ. Please help me locate the correct bowl. We have tried a few from Bed Bath and Beyond but the button does not line up to sit correctly in the lift.


Friday 15th of October 2021

Looking for a replacement bowl, model #KF26m 1QGD. And can I use a 5qt stainless bowl. The glass bowl is great, but a metal would be much lighter. Would like to have 2 bowls.

Samantha Koen

Wednesday 30th of September 2020

One of the new girls in our smaller kitchen used the wrong attachment and broke the glass mixing bowl. Management is not wanting to pay for the original are there any suggestions on what they can use in the place of the 4.8L ?


Thursday 18th of June 2020

I have the accolade 400 (KN15E1XLC) and have bought several bowls, none of them fit into the base. I even went directly to the kitchen aid website and they did not have anything specific to it either. I would really like to be able use my mixer, does anyone know of what specifications I should be looking for? My stand mixer was a free second-hand gift, I never had the original bowl.

Jennifer Hamachek

Thursday 9th of September 2021

@R, I did just that. The screw holes didn’t quite line up, but I was able to get it plenty tight regardless with my electric screwdriver. I can now use the stainless artisan bowl. My paddle rubbed at first ( I had the scraper paddle) I cut down one side of the rubber scraper. Now it’s perfect.


Saturday 21st of November 2020

i picked up a second hand Accolade 400, I was thinking that you may be able to buy the screw cap from the Artisan and put it on the Accolade to fit the new bowls. Seems the only real difference is the screw in part at the bottom is wider on the accolade. I'm not sure if the screw holes are the same dimensions though. Part # WPW10191926