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The Best Cookie Press on the Market for Perfect Cookies, Every Time

The Best Cookie Press on the Market for Perfect Cookies, Every Time

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Cookie presses are a must have for kitchens that make big batches of cookies frequently. These are handheld gadgets that portion out soft cookie dough into an array of different shapes to give you more variety.

While there are many brands and models to choose from, every cookie press shares some basic features. This includes a tube which holds the dough with a perforated shaping disc at one end and a handle at the other.

Once the dough has been loaded, place the cookie press base on top of your baking sheet and squeeze the handle. If your press works well, you will instantly have an oven ready cookie all set to bake.

The biggest advantage when baking batches is that you get identical cookies every time.

What to look for in a good cookie press?

When it comes to getting a cookie press, look for more features. Typically these would include more design discs or offer more customization in terms of cookie sizes.

Some models also offer the option of using the cookie press for icing and decoration and come with icing nozzles. Plus, there are a few other considerations which we have summarized below:

Manual or electric?

Cookie presses are available in manual and electric models. While manual models require you to put some effort into pressing the dough out, electric ones are less fatiguing for the hand. They may also yield more uniformly sized cookies than manual models.

However, you need to be a little more careful when using an electric model as those that come with a cord may present problems with handling the cord and keeping it out of the way.

Others that are battery powered need some prep time to ensure that the battery is fully charged before you use the machine.

Material quality

Cookie presses come in stainless steel, aluminum and plastic varieties. A quality product will last you longer by being more durable and less prone to breaking or cracking under pressure.

You can find high end products in stainless steel or sturdy aluminum options. They are designed to handle heavy cookie dough well without caving in to pressure.

The plastic models also offer some durability and may actually be better for people who bake cookies occasionally or for kids who enjoy making their own cookies.

Construction and design

We recommend getting a cookie press that you find easy to handle. Since there are different sizes available, choose one that suits your needs best.

If you bake large batches, you will need a press with greater capacity. If you are getting one for a child, then a smaller model can suffice. Or if you have any issues with your hands and find it difficult to press manually, steer clear of the hand plunger type and opt for and an electric model.

Easy to handle also considers the wash-ability of the product and how easy or difficult it may be to clean it.

Rust resistant

Since the cookie press will need to be washed after every use, it is important to get one which is rust resistant.

Getting a model that does not counter rust well will reduce the longevity of the cookie press and you may need to get a second one sooner than you have planned.

Getting started with your cookie press

While it isn’t exactly rocket science, we do recommend that you keep a few important pointers in mind when using your cookie press. This will ensure that your press serves you longer with minimal inconvenience.

Here is what you need to know:

  • If you are using the press for the first time, do take some time to read the manual and familiarize yourself with the device.
  • Only use the cookie press for cookie dough so that it works perfectly and gives you the results that you want. The dough should be the right consistency so that it easily presses when used and avoid using recipes with raisins and nuts as these won’t press out through the disc.
  • Avoid overloading the cookie press tube as this may lead to cracking the device.
  • Give adequate time after pressing each cookie. Lifting the press too quickly may cause the dough to stick to the press and ruin the shape of the cookie.
  • Always hand wash your device after every use. It is important to clean out the cookie press thoroughly for optimal performance every time.

Once you have narrowed down the basics of what to look for in a cookie press, you can then take a look at our recommended products:

Best Cookie Press

1 – OXO Good Grips Cookie Press (Top Pick)

The OXO Good Grips Cookie Press is a popular choice among users and with good reason. This cookie press delivers perfectly shaped cookies every time using 12 stainless steel discs in fun shapes.

This model features a comfortably large lever to press the cookie dough. The cylinder on this model is transparent allowing you to see how much dough is still left to work with.

The top of the device is contoured to allow for comfortable gripping and a non-slip base that keeps the unit steady.

These features make this an easy to use unit that we would happily recommend to new and seasoned bakers, along with children. The non-skid base makes it safe to use for smaller hands as well.

This cookie press is easy to clean as well since all parts come apart and disassembling makes for both easy loading and cleaning.

This model comes with a convenient storage case to keep all your accessories in one place. It comes with the manufacturer’s promise that you get maximum results by making it easy to use and maintain.


  • 12 stainless steel discs
  • Large grip handle
  • Contoured top
  • Non-slip base
  • Delivers consistent cookies every time
  • Comes with storage
  • Lets you see how much dough is left


  • Not everyone found this product as sturdy as promised

2 – Wilton Preferred Cookie Press (Budget Pick)

This is a cookie press that gives you 12 shapes to work with and four mini cookie molds and is made by a trusted brand known for producing quality baking products.

The unit comes with an easy squeeze, soft grip lever that is super convenient to work with. The plastic barrel allows you to see what remains of the dough inside and the metal discs yield perfectly shaped cookies every time.

The hourglass shape of the barrel makes for a perfect and comfortable fit when you hold it. The non-skid base provides stability as you use the press to release the cookie. This way every cookie comes out perfect.

This is an easy to use and assemble unit that can work well for everyone in the kitchen. It is a cost effective option that you can use for your own baking needs, gift it to a friend or buy it for your kids to work with.


  • 16 patterns to choose from
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comes with a recipe book
  • Instructions for use included


  • Recommended for use with included recipes only- stiffer doughs may damage the unit

Other Cookie Presses Worth Considering

3 – Norpro Cookie Press

This is a cookie press that delivers professional results even though you may not be a professional chef yourself. Made from sturdy material, this Norpro cookie press will serve you well for a very long time.

This model features 21 attachments that come with the cookie press. Of these, 13 are aluminum discs and 8 are stainless steel tips.

The tube on this unit is a fair sized one so you can easily make a large batch of cookies with this press without having to load and reload the dough repeatedly. The barrel has a capacity of holding 1.25 cups of dough.

The different discs and tips with this unit allow for a lot of creativity. Use the larger discs to create your cookies and the smaller tips to decorate them with.

There is an accompanying manual guide to assist you with using this unit and to answer all your questions. There is also a recipe book included to give you ideas for your next baking project.

The cookie press comes packed in a case that makes for convenient storage of the main unit along with all its attachments. With this smart option, you won’t have to worry about keeping the smaller pieces together in one place.

Every piece has a slot where it goes in the case so you know exactly where to look for it the next time you need it.

This is a product that is well worth its price.


  • Easy to use, assemble and disassemble
  • Solid construction and durable unit
  • Disassembling allows for easy and thorough cleanup
  • 21 attachments to choose from
  • Convenient storage case to put everything in place


  • Slightly expensive product
  • There could have been a greater variety of discs

4 – Kuhn Rikon Clear Cookie Press

The Kuhn Rikon Clear Cookie Press is a handy cookie press that comes with 14 interchangeable discs. There are also 6 pastry nozzles included to custom decorate cookies and cakes.

This is a useful product for anyone who likes to bake cookies regularly and decorate them too. It is ideal for the grown up in the kitchen who enjoys getting creative with their baking as well as for little hands who are just starting out.

The Kuhn Rikon cookie press is an easy to use unit that is made from durable plastic. The barrel on the cookie press is clear plastic so you can monitor the contents inside. Manufacturers promise durability with this product so it won’t crack under pressure.

This is also an easy to clean piece with convenient disassembling and removing of all the pieces.

The unit offers versatility and creativity in one by including both discs and nozzles in one pack. Use the discs to create your cookies and the nozzles to decorate them.

You can also use the nozzles for piping mashed potatoes or filling in hors d’oeuvres making your culinary creations more attractive.

The barrel is large enough to hold dough for about 30 cookies and all parts are dishwasher safe. However handwashing is recommended to prevent corrosion.

The packing is useful for storage as every piece has its own slot. You need not worry about losing any attachments.

There is also a recipe book included to get you started.


  • Trigger handle allowing left and right handed individuals to use this product conveniently
  • Comes with storage case
  • 14 interchangeable discs
  • 6 pastry nozzles
  • Plastic barrel makes viewing easy
  • Dishwasher safe, though hand washing is highly recommended
  • Cost effective investment


  • Might be too light weight for some users

5 – Marcato Cookie Press

The Marcato cookie press features a stylish piece that only adds to your cookie making experience. Made from quality stainless steel, this cookie press offers durability and versatility at the same time.

This model comes with 20 discs to give you a lot of versatility when making your cookies. The discs features both traditional and unique designs with some occasion-specific options as well.

Another feature of this unit is the ability to adjust cookie sizes from small to large by turning the knob. Each batch can produce between 35 and 40 smaller cookies and between 20 and 25 larger cookies.

The design on this cookie press is an ergonomic one without straining the hands too much when in use.

The unit disassembles easily making for mess free and convenient clean up. The unit should be hand washed to maintain the integrity of its parts and using warm soapy water will give the best results.

This unit is slightly pricier than the competition but given its durability, is worth the price tag. Plus, the fact that it comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty leaves most customers satisfied with nothing much to complain about.

We recommend it for everyone who enjoys baking cookies on a frequent basis.


  • Made from stainless steel that is rust resistant
  • 20 shape discs
  • Ergonomic and sturdy design
  • Easy to assemble, use and store
  • Adjustable cookie sizes
  • 10 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Comes with recipe and instruction booklet


  • Pricey cookie press
  • Parts need to be hand washed only
  • Some customers found it hard to use

Depending on your cookie making skills and frequency, you can buy a cookie press that will take the work out of shaping cookies.

Our recommendations here cater to every skill level and based on your budget restrictions, you can go for a high end product that comes with additional features or choose something that is more basic.

Whether you bake often or only seasonally, there is a cookie press for you on this list.

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